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Rapic Responder - Intro Powerpoint

  1. 1. Guaranteed !<br />“It’s like having a sales assistant,<br />working 24 hours a day, sending <br />more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  2. 2. Embedded Email<br />Web Traffic<br />Social Media<br />Integration<br />Promotion<br />INsite<br />Position<br />Who do you sell to and what need do you meet?<br />3<br />Components<br />Respond: A critical step<br />When selling a product or service, there is roughly 5 steps in the process. Leave out any one of those steps and you weaken your sales effectiveness long term. <br />The Rapid Responder increases sales effectiveness.<br />Market<br />What is your message and how do you initiate interest?<br />Critically<br />Positioned<br />Respond<br />How do you move prospects into the sales funnel?<br />Capture<br />How do you close the sale and transact your business?<br />Deliver<br />What is your method of fulfillment of your promise?<br />
  3. 3. Embedded Email<br />Web Traffic<br />Social Media<br />Integration<br />Promotion<br />INsite<br />The Good News<br />When someone inquires about your product:<br />- 20% buy within 6 mo. <br /><ul><li> 45% buy within 12 mo.</li></ul>The Bad News<br />These stats include those who buy from your competition, as well as from you.<br />
  4. 4. Embedded Email<br />Web Traffic<br />Social Media<br />Integration<br />Promotion<br />INsite<br />Are you responding <br />Quickly<br />And consistently enough?<br />www.<br />.com<br />
  5. 5. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> Enhanced Messaging
  6. 6. Consistent Branding
  7. 7. Click Alerts
  8. 8. Higher Conversion Rates
  9. 9. Tracking on Every Email</li></ul>“It’s like having a sales assistant, working 24 hours a day, <br />sending more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  10. 10. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />85%<br />of business communication<br />occurs via email<br />Prospects spend <br />87% of their online time <br />reading email.<br /> - Jupiter Research -<br />
  11. 11. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />How well do you use this marketing tool which permeates 85% of client interactions?<br />
  12. 12. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Getting Stripped<br />“Download Pictures”<br /> Most email programs “strip” content that is “attached.” It rarely gets seen, because who out there really takes the time, in all of the emails sent to us, to “Download Pictures”?<br />HTML email with<br />“attached” images.<br />
  13. 13. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Most people shopwith their eyes.<br />Words just aren’t <br />as effective.<br />
  14. 14. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />The Rapid Responder will embed pictures, logos, and promotional content.<br /> So one-to-one emails have promotional content and do not get stripped.<br />Compatibility<br />
  15. 15. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Employees average7,800 -12,480<br />individual outbound emails per year. <br />- Jupiter Research<br />Example<br />Small Company outbound email estimate<br />(based on 20 office or sales staff at 200 emails/wk)<br /><ul><li> 4,000 emails per week
  16. 16. 16,000+ emails per month
  17. 17. 190,000+ emails per annum</li></li></ul><li>Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Without Embedded Email Promotion, <br />A 20 person company can lose<br />1,000,000<br />Branding & Promotion opportunities over 5-years.<br />A 100 person company loses <br />nearly 5,000,000 in that time.<br />How can that affect overall sales ?<br />
  18. 18. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />With the right technology, email can improve:<br /><ul><li> Branding
  19. 19. Sales and Marketing
  20. 20. Customer Service
  21. 21. Message Consistency
  22. 22. Corporate Compliance</li></li></ul><li>Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Better Conversion Rates<br />Embedded Emails work because people EXPECT you to market products or services that they know you provide.<br />Emails embedded with promotional content produce 2-3 times higher conversion rates. <br /> Conversion = Income<br />
  23. 23. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Active Lead Alerts<br />Email Notification<br />Immediate<br />
  24. 24. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Reputation<br />Key Clients <br />Protect your reputation with preselected messages that are segmentedby database groups and/or department.<br />Local-Broadcast Email<br />Marketing<br />Control<br />Reporting<br />Get reports on EVERY email that your staff send. Know the volume, click-through rates, and conversion on all one-to-one emails for your company.<br />Regional Employee<br />
  25. 25. Embedded Email<br />Promotion<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> Enhanced Messaging
  26. 26. Consistent Branding
  27. 27. Click Alerts
  28. 28. Higher Conversion Rates
  29. 29. Tracking on Every Email</li></ul>“It’s like having a sales assistant, working 24 hours a day, <br />sending more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  30. 30. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> Visitor Identity Technology
  31. 31. Fraud Protection
  32. 32. Better Prospecting
  33. 33. SalesTools – with Staff Access
  34. 34. Competitor Strategy Insight</li></ul>“It’s like having a sales assistant, working 24 hours a day, <br />sending more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  35. 35. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Website Visitor Identity Technology<br />Nameless visitor clicks <br />become live leads with <br />The Rapid Responder!<br />
  36. 36. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Identity Technology<br />PPC Fraud Protection<br />By knowing visitor identities, you can better track if competitors are clicking your PPC ads and costing you money. <br />Protect your ad budget.<br />
  37. 37. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Identity Technology<br />Home-Grown Prospecting<br />You can find good prospects right on your own site. Reach out to them proactively.<br />Great for B2B selling.<br />
  38. 38. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Basic Analytics is “so 2007” <br />Who’s HOT?<br />Sort by the number of page views. This tells you who has REALLY taken a focused interest in your products or services.<br />
  39. 39. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />&quot;Caller ID&quot; on Your Website<br />Return Visitor Alerts<br />Making the salerequires timing.<br />With The Rapid Responder’sVisitor Alerts, you know when they are active and call them at just the right time.<br />Imagine the coolness that comes with calling your Website visitors within moments of them browsing your website.<br />
  40. 40. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Staff Access<br />For all online prospect tracking and identity spy capabilities, you can set staff access based on content, region, and reports, on an employee-by-employee basis. <br />This gives your staff the power to get website browsing information without putting your protected information at risk of security breach.<br />
  41. 41. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Get to know them<br />Instantly find out more about these business prospects by utilizing LeadCaster*: Address, Phone, Web Site, Annual Revenue, # of Employees, and Directory of Contacts. <br />* LeadCaster is a premium service. It’s price is well worth the extra information you will have at your fingertips.<br />
  42. 42. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Database Partners<br />By working with LinkedIn® and JigSaw®, two of today&apos;s most used and respected contact database sources, LeadCaster® can provide an incredible amount of reliable information. <br />
  43. 43. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Web Spy Report<br />Receive a quarterly report that shows search engine strategies used by your competition. <br />Use your Web Spy Report to see shifts in competitor ways of getting leads to visit their site. <br />
  44. 44. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Web Spy Report<br />Pinpointcompetitors profitable keywords and ad-copy without the hassle of compiling it one-by-one.<br />Copy success, avoid mistakes, and have more Web Traffic IN-site.<br />
  45. 45. Web Traffic<br />IN-site<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> Visitor Identity Technology
  46. 46. Fraud Protection
  47. 47. Better Prospecting
  48. 48. SalesTools – with Staff Access
  49. 49. Competitor Strategy Insight</li></ul>“It’s like having a sales assistant, working 24 hours a day, <br />sending more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  50. 50. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> Growth of Organic Traffic
  51. 51. Improve Buyer Experience
  52. 52. Increased Internet Branding
  53. 53. Product Target Improvement
  54. 54. Positive Effect on Marketing </li></ul>“It’s like having a sales assistant, working 24 hours a day, <br />sending more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  55. 55. Integration<br />Social Media<br />The New “Town Square”<br />People used to congregate on the town square, at the city parks, and in Diners & Cafés. Today, those locations are on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and similar web spaces that normally would not seem interconnected. But they are!<br />To be truly successful on the internet,You must enter the Internet &quot;town square&quot; (Social Media Space) and talk to people about what they want and who you are. <br />
  56. 56. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Is the 2nd Largest search engine in the world today.<br />Over 300,000 Businesses have a presence in Facebook.<br />25% of search engine results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to User-Generated content. <br />
  57. 57. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Radio<br />38 years<br />Years to reach <br />50 Million Users<br />Television<br />13 years<br />Internet<br />4 years<br />iPod<br />3 years<br />
  58. 58. Integration<br />Social Media<br />100 Million Users <br />in less than 9 months<br />1 Billion Applications downloaded in 9 months<br />
  59. 59. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Blogonomics<br />34% of blogs post opinions about products and services.<br />78% of people trust peer recommendations. <br />Only 14% trust advertisements.<br />
  60. 60. Integration<br />Social Media<br />The OLD Media<br />Only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI.<br />24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing RECORD declines in circulation.<br />
  61. 61. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Respond to actual needs<br />Successful companies in Social Media:<br />Listen First & Sell Second<br />They act more like a party planner, aggregator, and content provider than traditional advertisers. <br />(Socialnomics)<br />
  62. 62. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Outposts<br />Social Development<br />The New Frontier<br />A company can’t rely on SEO & PPC for their Website. A Website is just a “Home Base” for web interactions.<br />A company must have ongoing presence in other areas of the internet (“Outposts”) where active social interactions take place. <br />Integration<br />Social Media<br />Home<br />Blog &/or <br />Website<br />Outposts<br />Business Productivity<br />Outposts<br />Business Interaction<br />Outposts<br />Teach & Educate<br />Diagram Inspired by <br />Chris Brogan & Darren Rowse<br />
  63. 63. Integration<br />Social Media<br />The Rapid Responder<br />We will show you how to use your existing marketing to grow your branding and presence in social media. <br />This provides opportunity to increase your response time and interact with prospects, bloggers, and cloud conversations & education. <br />Integration<br />Social Media<br />
  64. 64. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Don’t Spend a Penny More<br />Our clients are encouraged to divert existing ad budget allocations, rather than spend additional capital in developing and improving their Social Media Integration. <br />Keep in mind that effectiveness in Social Media is about ACTIVELY RESPONDING and contributing to “The Conversation” and only partially about buying placement. <br />
  65. 65. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Get Results Fast<br />The Rapid Responder clients are guaranteed 200% higher Social Media Presence following the first quarter of using The Rapid Responder strategies and tools. <br />There after, they will receive 50% increase, over their base year, every quarter for the next two years.<br />Total = 550% increase in 2-years <br />
  66. 66. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Our Process for Success<br />Identify Best “Outposts” to saturate and design response methods.<br /> Meet Monthly to review results, and enhance and add response methods.<br /> Provide Insights into blog & outpost methods. Regularly improve company’s internet conversations.<br /> Track & Report onactivity levels various Social Media outpost categories to find the “white hot centers” of traffic.<br /> Select effective media buying options to coincide with Social Media initiatives<br />
  67. 67. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Sales Increase<br />Social Proof<br />Wetpaint/Altimeter found that companies who widely engaged in Social Media surpass their peers in both Revenues & Profits.<br />+ 18%<br />Companies’ sales with the <br />Highest Social Media activity<br />Companies’ sales with the <br />least Social Media activity<br />- 6%<br />Sales Decrease<br />
  68. 68. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Specific Examples<br />Intuit started Social Media for Turbo Tax 2-years ago. Unit sales are:<br /> +30% each year. <br />Web host provider MoonFruit turned a $15,000 Social Media investment into:<br /> +300% Website Traffic<br /> + 20% Sales<br />25% of Ford’s marketing spend is in Social Media. They are the only US automaker to not take a government bail-out loan.<br />Note: 37% of Generation Y were aware of Ford Fiesta via Social Media before its launch in the US.<br />
  69. 69. Integration<br />Social Media<br />Overview<br /><ul><li> Growth of Organic Traffic
  70. 70. Improve Buyer Experience
  71. 71. Increased Internet Branding
  72. 72. Product Target Improvement
  73. 73. Positive Effect on Marketing </li></ul>“It’s like having a sales assistant, working 24 hours a day, <br />sending more leads into the sales funnel.” <br />
  74. 74. Embedded Email<br />Web Traffic<br />Social Media<br />Integration<br />Promotion<br />INsite<br />Are you responding <br />Quickly<br />And consistently enough?<br />Call Today to Get<br />More Sales More Quickly<br />512.487.6872<br />www.<br />.com<br />