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Freeways of the_future


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This presentation covers how fast, pervasive and most of all reliable broadband Internet access transforms communities.

The original presentation was given to the AMP Social Media Cafe in September 2010 and also contains some observations on the Australian National Broadband Network.

Published in: Business
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Freeways of the_future

  1. 1. Freeways of the Future
  2. 2. Circular Quay 1900
  3. 3. Circular Quay 1920
  4. 4. today's economy flickr/laihiu
  5. 5. a touch point issue
  6. 6. roads, not cars
  7. 7. The NBN structure
  8. 8. what you'll get
  9. 9. are we overbuilding?
  10. 10. Australian Internet growth ABS 8153.0, December 2009
  11. 11. Where next?