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The #StartupStack Slide 1 The #StartupStack Slide 2 The #StartupStack Slide 3 The #StartupStack Slide 4 The #StartupStack Slide 5 The #StartupStack Slide 6 The #StartupStack Slide 7 The #StartupStack Slide 8 The #StartupStack Slide 9 The #StartupStack Slide 10 The #StartupStack Slide 11 The #StartupStack Slide 12 The #StartupStack Slide 13 The #StartupStack Slide 14 The #StartupStack Slide 15 The #StartupStack Slide 16 The #StartupStack Slide 17 The #StartupStack Slide 18 The #StartupStack Slide 19
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The #StartupStack

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We worked with Tech City UK to uncover the new #StartupStack, the tools powering the startup economy.

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The #StartupStack

  1. 1. The #StartupStack In partnership withFrom
  2. 2. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Itusedtocost£3.3mtolaunchatechstartup. 2000 £3.3m 2005 £275,000 2009 £32,000 2011 £3,200 Source:CB Insights, 2015
  3. 3. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Itusedtotakestartupstwiceaslong togrowandgoglobal. Source:Atomico, 2015 72 months 25 months Founded 2003 - 2008 Founded 2009+ Time taken to reach 100m users 41 months 22 months Founded 2003 - 2008 Founded 2009+ Time taken to internationalise from year of founding
  4. 4. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Whythechange? Asuiteofcloud-basedtoolsdesignedtohelp entrepreneurseasilyoutsourceandautomatethe fundamentalsofrunningabusiness,suchasdata storage,acceptingpaymentsorteamcollaboration. The #StartupStack
  5. 5. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 TheUK#StartupStack 190+toolsnamesacross13businessfunctions Legal &ComplianceLegal &Compliance Database ManagementDatabase Management Human ResourcesHuman Resources AccountingAccountingCode repositoriesCode repositories CybersecurityCybersecurity CustomerSupportCustomerSupportRecruitmentRecruitment Hosting & DataStorageHosting & DataStorage TeamCollaboration &CommunicationTeamCollaboration &Communication Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management AnalyticsAnalytics PaymentsPayments
  6. 6. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Thesetoolsaremakingiteasierand cheapertostartatechbusinesstoday. 70% believe someUK startups would not be able to exist without the stack of tools they use. 6 - 15 tools used by typical tech startup today, according to majority of respondents. 85% agree that tools have made it cheaper to start a tech business. 89% agree that tools have made it easier to start a tech business. Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016
  7. 7. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Today,startupsdon’treinventthewheel. Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 Less than 10%build their own payments infrastructure Less than 12%build their ownCRM system “TheDIY-approachtosetting upyourowninfrastructure nolongermakessensefor today’sstartups,whenthey caninstantlyintegratewith StartupStacktoolsthatdo alltheheavylifting.Italso future-proofsbusinessesand acceleratesgrowthbybaking intheabilitytoscale.” —JamesAllgrove HeadofUKGrowthatStripe Less than 14%build their own servers or data storage
  8. 8. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack 1in4ofthetoolsnamedinthesurvey werelaunchedwithinthepastfiveyears. Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 “Manyofthesebusinessesarealso startupsthatdidn'texistafewyearsago, andsotheyhaveadeepunderstanding ofourmentalityandourdesiretofocus onwhatwedobestandongrowing reallyquicklywhilemakingourcustomer propositionbetterandbetter.” —AronGelbard CEO,Bloom&Wild 2011-2015
  9. 9. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Wherearetoolshavingthebiggestimpact? Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016. Multiple answers possible. Analytics TeamCollaboration &Communication Hosting & DataStorage Payments Customer Relationship Management Code Repositories CustomerSupport Accounting Database Management Cybersecurity Recruitment Human Resources Legal &Compliance 0% 10% 20% 30% Percentage of startups which rated tool group as most impactful
  10. 10. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack #1Analytics Toolstohelpgatherandanalysebusinessdata, fromsocialmediaengagementtoconversionratesonmobile. Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 54% QUICKER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 42% BOOSTING PRODUCTIVITY 38% GETTINGTO MARKET MOREQUICKLY “determinewhat partsoftheproduct workorneedchange” “usercentricdesign anddatadriven development” “betterreturnonmarketing investmentanddatawithwhich toinformstrategydevelopment” “understandingofwhat ishappeningtomy businessandcustomers” “Yougrow whatyou measure” “ActionableData” ”BetterROI” Biggest benefits What startups say
  11. 11. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack #2TeamCollaboration &Communication Toolstohelpwithremoteworking, file-sharing,issuetracking,project managementandcommunication. Sources:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 | g2crowd, 2016 “Ideas easierto implement” “Better customer service” “Keeping informationall inoneplace” “Gettinginputfromothers, orsharingideaswithteams becomeseasier” “itinfluencesand maintainscompany culture” “takingprojectcommunications,issue tracking,andtasktracking,assignment andmanagementoutofemail” 89% EASIERTOWORK REMOTELY 80% BOOSTING PRODUCTIVITY 52% QUICKER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Biggest benefits What startups say
  12. 12. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack #3Hosting&DataStorage Toolstohelpwithmanagingcloudstorage, applicationplatformsandwebhosting. Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 “Simplicity-contracting outthisservice” “Easierscalability andflexibility” “Reducedcost” “Scalability” 74% REDUCEDOPERATINGCOSTS 46% GETTINGTO MARKET MOREQUICKLY 45% QUICKER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Biggest benefits What startups say
  13. 13. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack #4Payments Toolstohelpwithacceptingpayments andautomatingfinancialoperations. Sources:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 | g2crowd, 2016 “Bettercashflowand paymentsexperience” “Easiertointegrate ApplePay” "Decreaseddevelopertime forconcepttocompletion" “Efficiency” “Bettermonetisation” "Developersdon'thavetoworry aboutsecurityandPCIcompliance" "Getanideatomarket asquicklyaspossible" 58% GETTINGTO MARKET MOREQUICKLY 58% EASIERTOEXPANDINTERNATIONALLY 51% REDUCEDOPERATINGCOSTS Biggest benefits What startups say
  14. 14. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 Casestudy:UnbundlingBloom&Wild’sStartupStack “We'veusedahuge numberoftoolsto accelerateour growth…Allthe areasthatweuse thirdpartytoolsfor arebigsourcesof complexityand wouldhavetakena hugeamountof time,effort,staff andcosttocreate ourselves.” — AronGelbard CEO,Bloom&Wild AnalyticsAnalytics CollaborationCollaborationPaymentsPaymentsCybersecurityCybersecurity AccountingAccounting Hosting & DataStorageHosting & DataStorage CustomerCommunicationCustomerCommunication Code RepositoriesCode Repositories DeliveryDeliveryCustomer supportCustomer support
  15. 15. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Whereistheredemandformoretools? think more tools in cybersecurity could help startups grow faster 2 in 5 think that more tools in legal & compliance could help startups grow faster Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 “...inkeyareas,suchaslegalfunction,HRfunctions,andcybersecurity,thereisstillmoretolookforwardto.At Seedcamp,we’reactivelyinvestingintocompaniesthatwillplugtheselastremaininginfrastructuregaps,including CharlieHR,afreetouseautomatedHRplatform,andcybersecuritystartup,Rawstream,whichhelpsemployeesstay safeandproductive.ThisyearwepartneredwithNextLawLabstoinvestevenmoreintothelegaltechspace,and havealreadybackedcompaniesincludingJurotoautomatelegalcontracts.” — CarlosEspinal,Partner,Seedcamp emerging examples emerging examples 1 in 5
  16. 16. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Whatdostartupslookforintools? Cost-efficiencyisimportant,butcertainlynottheonlydecidingfactor. Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 “...theresearchalsohighlightstheimportanceoffactorssuchascost,easeofintegrationandstability,all threeofwhichringtrue.I’dalsoadduserexperienceandglobalperformancetothelist–foraglobal businesssuchasours,cloudbasedtoolsmustworkaswellforourcolleaguesinourAPACofficesasthey doinourEuropeanones…” — MichaelHall,EmployeeEnablementTechManager,Skyscanner Cost SimpleIntegration Stability/Reliability UX/Interface InteroperabilityBetweenTools Scalability SupportandDocumentation Other 72% COST-EFFICIENCY 59% EASEOF INTEGRATION 56% STABILITY
  17. 17. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Getintouchandshareyourthoughts. #StartupStack AboutTechCityUK TechCityUK’smissionistoacceleratethegrowthofLondonandtheUK’sdigitaleconomy. Itfocussesonareaslikedigitalskills,smartcapitalinvestment,infrastructure,international developmentandleadership. ItstartedlifeinShoreditchin2010,launchedbytheUKPrimeMinisterDavidCamerontosupport theEastLondontechclusterknownasLondonTechCityorSiliconRoundabout.Sincethenithas grownitssupporttoGreaterLondon,ManchesterandothermajorcitiesaroundtheUK. AboutStripe Stripeisatechnologyplatformthatdevelopersandentrepreneursusetobuildinternet businesses.Thousandsofbusinesses—rangingfromstartupstolistedcompanies—relyon Stripe’ssoftwaretoolstoacceptpaymentsandexpandglobally.Sinceitwasfoundedin2010, Stripehasbeenattheforefrontofexpandinginternetcommerce,supportingentirelynew businessmodelsandpoweringpaymentsfortheworld’smostinnovativecompanies,suchas Deliveroo,Mondo,Kickstarter,Shopify,SalesforceandTwitter. @Stripe @TechCityUK
  18. 18. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Appendix Source:TechCityUK -StripeStartupStackSurvey, 2016 Researchbackground TechCityUKandStripe conductedasurveyinJune2016 onhowstartupsusetools. 311responses,andmorethan halfofthesecamefrom founders&entrepreneurs. Focusonearly-stagestartups- halfofrespondentsworkedin companieswith5orfewerstaff. Founder/entrepreneur Softwareengineer Salesmanager Productmanager Operationsmanager Designer Marketing/PRmanager Investor Other
  19. 19. @TechCityUK @stripe In partnership withFrom The #StartupStack Appendix Toolsasnamedandcategorisedbysurveyrespondents Analytics 4qbyIperceptions Adobe Alexa Alteryx Amazon Appsflyer AtlasbyQuartz BIME Bingwebmastertools Brandwatch Buffer Canddi Clicky ConstantContact Crazyegg DeltaDNA E-Tracker Fabric FacebookInsights Fivetran Flurry Gecko GoogleAnalytics GoSquared Hadoop Heroku Hootsuite HotJar Hubspot IBM Intercom KeenIO Keywordxp Kissmetrics Looker Microsoft Mixpanel MonsterInsights Moz OpenWebAnalytics Optimizely Oracle Periscopedata Piwik pulsar Rateaco RJMetrics Salesforce SAP Segment Sendible similarweb SiteCatalyst Snowplow Solver sproutsocial SPSS Suade Tableau UXCam WolframAlpha Wordpress Yahoo Accounting FinancialForce FreeAgent FreshBooks Kashflow QuickBooks Quicken Sage Wave Xero Coderepositories Bitbucket GitHub gitlab GoogleCode Jira SourceForge SourceTree Stash Waffle CRM Agile Base Capsule Dynamics Google Hubspot Insightly Leadscore MailChimp Odoo OnePageCRM Oracle Pipedrive Sage Salesforce Zoho Customersupport Asana Conversocial desk facebook GitHub Intercom InvoiceNinja Linkedin MailChimp MicrosoftDynamicCRM Olark PipeDrive Slack smp Stripe TeamInbox TeamSupport Trello uservoice Zendesk Cybersecurity Avast Cisco Kaspersky Verizon Humanresources CharlieHR Hired Simplydocs Workable Databasemanagement Access Amazon Google IBM MicrosoftAzure MicrosoftSQLServer ManagementStudio MySQL Oracle Salesforce SQLyog Squel.js Hosting&datastorage AmazonS3 AmazonWebServices Bitbucket Box Cisco DigitalOcean Dropbox EngineYard Godaddy GoogleCloud GoogleDrive Hadoop Heroku Hostgator IBM Juniper MicrosoftAzure MicrosoftOneDrive OVH Rackspace Strikingly Talend UKfast Legal&compliance DocuSign Payments Adyen ApplePay Avangate Braintree Chargify CurrencyCloud Datacash GoCardless Google Harvest Ingenico Instamojo iZettle Mangopay Payoneer PayPal Quaderno Realex Sagepay shopify Skrill Square Stripe Transferwise Worldpay Recruitment Entelo Greenhouse Lever LinkedIn TalentRocket Workshape Workable Teamcollaboration &communication Asana Atlassian Basecamp CiscoWebex Confluence Dropbox Evernote Facebook Flowdock GitHub Gmail GoogleApps GoogleCalendar GoogleDrive GoogleHangouts Hipchat Huddle iMindmap inMotion Intercom JIRA MicrosoftOffice365 Outlook Ryver Salesforce Samepage Skype Slack Smartsheet Trello Waffle Whatsapp Yammer
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We worked with Tech City UK to uncover the new #StartupStack, the tools powering the startup economy. Building a startup? Check out to start accepting payments instantly


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