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Building Digital Communities


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How will our communities change in the digital century? Just as the steam changed 19th Century society and the motor car changed the 20th, the connected, globalised economy will shape our lives in the 21st Century.

This is a presentation given to a Western Sydney community group on how pervasive broadband and mobile computing is going to change our lifestyles and economy.

Published in: Technology, Business
  • Thanks Paul for your very interesting talk to our members at Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors on Friday.
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Building Digital Communities

  1. 1. building digital communities
  2. 2. Circular Quay 1900
  3. 3. Circular Quay 1920
  4. 4. today's economy flickr/laihiu
  5. 5. falling barriers
  6. 6. roads, not cars
  7. 7. are we overbuilding?
  8. 8. Australian Internet growth ABS 8153.0, December 2009
  9. 9. Where next?