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Social Media On A Budget was presented for Media 140 in Perth. We looked at how businesses, not for profit groups and community organisations can create an effective social media presence without spending money.

We also looked at integrating local search into social media along with some basic SEO strategies and tactics to improve the performance of a social media presence.

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  • Great for driving traffic to your site Remember social media platforms are other people’s sites.
  • Essential to your business, you need to have the right words. SEO is a black art. Don’t stress too much and remember it’s a moving feast. Look at competitor’s sites. What are the keywords they are using? Don’t assume anything about your customers.
  • is a great tool. While most businesses can’t afford the full subscription, the free service offers some useful information. In searching for keywords, enter the web addresses for the industry leaders both here and overseas and have a look at the top search terms for each site. This will give you some ideas on the terms to use.
  • Look at competitor’s sites. What are the keywords they are using? Look at the meta data. Do a search for the best performing sites on the queries customers might use and the popular products you sell. Have a look at both the text of those leading pages and the underlying metadata.
  • Register domains with search engines They’ll eventually find you but you can speed it up Make sure your keywords appear in Google’s Submit Content page.
  • Local search is changing the way we do business. Consumers using local as they abandon phone directories and classified ads as the net is a quicker more effective way of searching. These local search results not only appear at the top of the page but they also feed into the popular social media services. All businesses, local or otherwise should be listing on these not just to improve their search results but to also appear on other services and on devices like GPS systems.
  • Essential to be listed here, regardless of your website Upload ten product images, five best sellers and five high margin Define your areas; it is possible to cover the entire world Use the custom fields to improve your keywords
  • Plugs into Cumberland press publications Some expensive add-ins Can add pdf and word files which is useful for SEO
  • Very basic Gives a Yellow Pages print and online listing Still useful but declining Category creep You’ll get a phone call
  • One of the big ideas is the coupon space High risk Setup your own coupon campaign Reward existing customers as well as old Integrate with newsletters, etc.
  • Change is happening It’s a great time of opportunity for nimble businesses Having a professional and easy to modify website allows us to respond to opportunities
  • Social media on a budget

    1. 1. Social Media on a Budget
    2. 2. What is Social Media?
    3. 3. part of the . business puzzle .
    4. 4. . Marketing
    5. 5. Branding
    6. 6. Customer service
    7. 7. Thought leadership
    8. 8. Social Media Tools
    9. 9. Facebook
    10. 10. Facebook Pages
    11. 11. LinkedIn
    12. 12. LinkedIn business page
    13. 13. Linkedin product page
    14. 14. Twitter
    15. 15. Twitter for business
    16. 16. Google Circles
    17. 17. Keywords & SEO
    18. 18. Google search Organic Results Search Engine Optimisation Or SEO Google AdWords Google AdWords © CleverClicks Pty Ltd 16-18 Grosvenor Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000
    19. 19. Typical SEO optimised page © CleverClicks Pty Ltd 16-18 Grosvenor Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000
    20. 20. Metadata
    21. 21. Meta Data
    22. 22. Alt tags
    23. 23. Google keyword tool .
    24. 24. Compete
    25. 25. Competitors keywords
    26. 26. Search Engine Registration .
    27. 27. Local Search
    28. 28. Google Places
    29. 29. True Local
    30. 30. Sensis
    31. 31. Selling the dream: Coupons
    32. 32. A wealth of opportunities .
    33. 33. Paul Wallbank <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>Twitter: @paulwallbank </li></ul>