Hard Electric Tour 2010


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To promote our upcoming event Hard Electric Tour 2010, which would later become the first-of-its-kind annual international winter music festival tour in India under the rock umbrella of Alternative, Rock, Pop, Punk genres.
The traveling outdoor festival tour would also see many international, national and local bands on board and would cover at least four cities in the country.
HET Pre-Hangover, the series of gigs is also a part of HET 2010 advance promotional chapter. And will visit only some selected indian metro cities in February 2010. Armed with live bands and also to pre-sale HET merchandise.
The leading brain behind the promotional concept is to widespread about the upcoming HET 2010 fever in everyone and invite the interest to all the alternative music lovers in the country
so rock with re invent clock..

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Hard Electric Tour 2010

  1. 1. HARD Electric TOUR PRE-HET HANGOVER 2010 A Series Of Promo Gigs www.reinventclock.com STARTING MARCH ONWARDS
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION We are extremely pleased to announce to you HARD ELECTRIC TOUR 2010, the first-of-its-kind annual winter alternative music festival tour in India, which would become an annual event going forward. The music festival tour spanning from 4th to 11th December will cover New Delhi, Shillong, Dimapur and Bangalore in association with National Aids Control Organisation (NACO), NSACO and Unseen Underground etc. The international, national and local bands will not only provide heart-pounding entertainment but will also engage in spreading socially-relevant messages. We have identified the HIV/AIDS campaign as a core issue that needs to be supported and strengthened. We are driven by a strong belief that music is the best tool to reach the young people with the message telling them to be on the safe side. The tour 2010 is poised to be the most spectacular event of the year and will see about 15 bands on board, including international popular acts like Simple Plan (Canada), MxPx (USA), Breathe Carolina (USA), and Shadows Chasing Ghosts (UK) etc. We are convinced that working with us will help further strengthen and cement your company dominant position more firmly as a youth brand. We request you to get involved and join hands with us in this upcoming tour which promises to be a great experience. We hope this will generate sufficient interest in you to help us work for a good cause to save thousands of lives as well as promote your company. www.reinventclock.com
  3. 3. PRE-HET HANGOVER To promote the upcoming travelling music festival event Hard Electric Tour 2010 achieve more mileage. PRE-HET HANGOVER is a series of advance promotional gigs that will visit all the HET 2010 host cities namely New Delhi, Bangalore, Shillong and Dimapur armed with live bands to create a mass awareness and publicity campaigns. CONCEPT Each Pre-HET Hangover gig will see 4-5 bands belting energetic performances (30 minutes per band) and the headlining act to perform a non-stop 45 minutes full set. The event promises to be a high profiled event which will attract premium media attention on Rolling Stone Magazine, TOI, North East Sun Magazine, Morung Express, DNA, Indiecision.com, TNT Magazine to name a few. www.reinventclock.com
  4. 4. NEW DELHI SHOW To promote the upcoming travelling music festival event Hard Electric Tour 2010 achieve more mileage. PRE-HET HANGOVER is a series of advance promotional gigs that will visit all the HET 2010 host cities namely New Delhi, Bangalore, Shillong and Dimapur armed with live bands to create a mass awareness and publicity campaigns. DATE: 7th March SUNDAY 2010 VENUE: Hard Rock Café, DLF Saket, New Delhi SHOW START: 7:00 PM CLOSING: 11:00 PM ENTRY: FREE ATTENDANCE: 600 -700 people (Confirmed) COVERAGE: Print/ Web Media/ Word of Mouth PROMOTIONAL BENEFITS Apart from maximum visibility, your company will also receive the following benefits: • Display of company’s brand and logo will grace the pages of all promotional flyers, tour brochures, banners, Leaflets, posters and websites. • We shall work with your company to maximize on every level to get you the best results in terms of exposure. www.reinventclock.com
  5. 5. CONFIRMED ACTS (New Delhi) R AMPAZZE (HEADLINING ARTIST) Location: New Delhi/ Guwhati Genres: Hardcore/ Classic Rock Rampazze is commonly regarded to be the loudest classic rock and roll band in the country. In 2007, Rampazze opened for the internationally acclaimed rock band POETS OF THE FALL at IIT KANPUR. Cheap Liquor...Wicked Hangover won the best original composition at SYNCHRONICITY 2007, IIT KANPUR which is hand picked by MTV NORDIC HEAD. In 2008, the band also got to performed at Jack Daniel's Legendary Mash Annual Rock Awards. In the spam of three years, The band has already won multiple music awards and titles including CAMPUS ROCK IDOLS 2007 (Delhi Regional Finalist), IIT Allahabad (Best Guitarist Award), ROCKTAVES 2007- BITS Pilani (Best Vocalist Award), SYNCHRONICITY 2007- IIT KANPUR (Best Drummer Award) etc. Website: www.myspace.com/rampazze PIP OF THE FOURTH MOTHER Location: Shillong Genres: Punk/ Powerpop The Band is also commonly known as Pot FM. Their last single "Shillong" got released under the music label Quickstar Records (USA) in a CD compilation Vs. The World. Their song “I thought I was a protege” will be featured in the next 2010 edition of the popular video game ROCK BAND. Website: www.myspace.com/potfmshillong www.reinventclock.com
  6. 6. BAREFACED LIARS Location: New Delhi Genres: Alternative/ Rock Formed in 2002, Barefaced Liar is an amalgamation of the distinct and eclectic musical taste of its members. The band won IIT Roorkee Wargasm ’08 and B.I.T.S Searock '08 Pilani Goa Campus. The band then went ahead to played Great Indian Rock (GIR) 2008, Jack Daniels Rock Awards (Jan '08) and Eastwind Festival 2008 among many others. Based out of a country and culture that is still embracing the concept of rock n roll and live music , BFL has worked passionately on honing their craft in terms of combining technical skill and quality song writing and believe that their hard work is ready to be recognized on a global scale. The combination of influences backed by a loaded blues rock driven guitar style that developed over the years, led to a unique east-west dynamic that has translated into complete and relevant songwriting. Website: www.myspace.com/barefacedlia A4APPLE Location: Manipur Genres: Punk/ Alternative Most probably the only trio sibling rock act in the country. The band released their first EP “Nowhere is Here” in 2005. Pre-HET Hangover will also see as their comeback gig since 2006. Their myspace page already got over 8, 00,000 hits! This is by far the highest number of visitors at an Indian artist site on Myspace.com Website: www.myspace.com/a4apple www.reinventclock.com
  7. 7. CONTACT US RE-INVENT CLOCK Group Contact Person: John T.A/Parmeet Kaur Address: 62 E/1, 2nd Floor Sajdarjung Enclave Humayumpur New Delhi - 110029 Email: Parmeetkaur.bhatia@gmail.com Ph: 9989859997