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Amarrass proposal-2013j


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ABOUT AMARRASS - Founded in 2009, Amarrass Records is a muti-faceted independent record label, artist management company, event production and music promotions company. We are committed to the production of quality music in a sustainable way. Built on a shared vision, passion, and love for music, and guided by the principles of fair trade, Amarrass strives to create an environment that encourages and nourishes the creative spirit of musicians and music lovers. We also work with artisans to revive the traditional art of instrument making. With two major festivals (The Amarrass Desert Music Festival), and eight albums released, the label, and artists we represent, have featured prominently in international and national media including The New York Times, NPR, Rolling Stone India, BBC Radio. More information at

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Amarrass proposal-2013j

  2. 2. Amarrass Society for Performing Arts ABOUT US Amarrass  Records  was  established  in  2009  with  the  aim  to   deliver  world-­class  music  experiences.  Guided  by  the  principles   of  fair  trade,  we  are  committed  to  the  production  of  quality  music  in  a   sustainable  way  and  to  create  an  environment  that  encourages  and   nourishes  the  creative  spirit  of  musicians  and  music  lovers.   We  reinvigorate  traditional  forms  of  expression  in  music  and  the  arts by  staging  world-­class  by  staging  world-­class  music  events,  music  production  &  distribution,   and  education.  The  label  launched  with  the  spectacular  production  of   The  Manganiyar  Seduction,  held  at  Purana  Qila  in  New  Delhi,  India  on   November  27,  2010.  Over  3,500  people  attended!  It  also  marked  the   release  of  the  first  album  on  the  Amarrass  label.   The  label,  and  our  work,  has  captured  the  eye  of  media  worldwide   with  outstanding  features  and  reviews  in  The  New  York  Times,  NPR,   BBC,  NBC,  Rolling  Stone  India,  The  Hindustan  Times,  TimeOut,BBC,  NBC,  Rolling  Stone  India,  The  Hindustan  Times,  TimeOut, The  Wall  Street  Journal  and
  3. 3. Amarrass Society for Performing Arts EVENTS Vieux  Farka  Toure,  Madou  Sidiki  Diabate,  Lakha  Khan,   Nihal  Khan,  Barmer  Boys  at  Siri  Fort  Auditorium  in  2011 Bombino,  BaBa  ZuLa,  Sakar  Khan,  GFD,  The  Siddis  of Kutch,  Barmer  Boys  -­  over  40  artists  at  the  2012 Amarrass  Desert  Music  Festival  held  at  Zorba Now  in  its  third  year,  this  annual  gathering  of  artists  from  desert  communities  around  the world  is  one  of  India’s  newest  and  most  innovative  platforms  to  showcase  and  celebrate   music  traditions  and  folk  culture.  The  Amarrass  Desert  Music  Festival  creates  an   environment  that  encourages  collaboration  between  artists,  interaction  with  the  audience, with  fabulous  jams,  late  night  sessions  and  workshops  -­  shared  experiences  that  remain   forever  etched  in  the  memories  of  audiences  and  artists. The  festival  has  grown  to  showcase  emerging  talent  from  a  wide  range  of  music  genres  -­  The  festival  has  grown  to  showcase  emerging  talent  from  a  wide  range  of  music  genres  -­   from  Ghazals,  to  Jazz  and  Blues,  Rock,  Urban  Folk,  Sufi  and  Qawwali.  Also  featured  are folk  instruments  and  their  creators,  workshops  with  artists,  and  exhibits  to  promote   awareness  and  learning.   Each  winter,  thousands  of  music  lovers  from  India  and  around  the  world  attend  the   two-­day  event  held  at  prestigious  venues  in  and  around  New  Delhi,  India.  The  Festival draws  corporate  executives,  young  professionals,  media  and  key  opinion  leaders. THE AMARRASS DESERT MUSIC FESTIVAL Call 011-­46661200 to askabout Festival and artistShowcase Sponsorships
  4. 4. Amarrass Society for Performing Arts EVENTS In  the  heart  of  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  sprawling  Delhi  is  the   cooling  green  belt  that  is  Lodi  Gardens  -­  the  setting  for   Amarrass  Nights  at  Lodi  -­  The  Garden  Restaurant.  The  first   week  of  each  month,  there  is  music  in  the  garden  with  an  open-­ air  stage,  and  a  sampling  of  world-­class  food  and  beverages. Amarrass  Nights  at  Lodi  has  been  host  to  both  international  and   nationally  renowned  artists  including  Lakha  Khan,  Barmer  Boys,  nationally  renowned  artists  including  Lakha  Khan,  Barmer  Boys,   Madou  Sidiki  Diabate,  Tri-­P,  and  Kendraka. Amarrass  artists  have  transformed  corporate   gatherings  into  memorable  events.  We  provide   turn-­key  music  entertainment  services  for  your   company  event  that  include  world-­class  performers,   A/V,  stage  and  lighting.  Our  clients  have  included   PepsiCo,  PwC,  and  The  Elders  Conference. Call 011-­46661200 or email us at to ask about Artists for a show at your next office party or to sponsor an event at Lodi! AMARRASS NIGHTS at LODI -­ THE GARDEN RESTAURANT (A)  Barmer  Boys  perform  at  Amarrass  Nights   at  Lodi-­The  Garden  Restaurant,  review  in   The  Indian  Express,  Nov  2012 (L)  Lakha  Khan  show  at   Amarrass  Nights  at  Lodi is  Editor’s  Pick  in   TimeOUT  Delhi,  April  2013 SPECIAL EVENTS/CORPORATE EVENTS/ CONFERENCES
  5. 5. Living legends featured on NPR, BBC Radio, NBC, The New York Times, The Independent... Folk with ATTITUDE.. 21st century folk 2013 US TOUR! MITHA BOL KICKSTARTER funded! THE MANGANIYAR SEDUCTION “A singular Sufi Seduction” on CDBaby album charts - BANKO GHODO AT HOME: SAKAR KHAN AT HOME: BARMER BOYS AT HOME: LAKHA KHAN MADOU SIDIKI DIABATÉ LIVE IN INDIA LIVE AT AMARRASS DESERT MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011 - VARIOUS ARTISTS Toumani Diabaté’s brother, a 71st generation kora master features Vieux Farka Touré, Lakha Khan Madou Sidiki Diabaté, Barmer Boys, Nihal Khan nominated for Folk Album of the Year 1/2 - Hindustan Times “an album for any season of the year, for any time of the day” 2012 GiMA Awards “like a whiff of fresh air" - Indian Express “Mangey’s voice needs to be heard to be believed" - Hindustan Times Amarrass Society for Performing Arts MUSIC PRODUCTION Since  its  first  album  release  in  November  2010,  the  Amarrass  catalogue  has   steadily  grown  to  include  eight  full-­length  albums.  Inspired  in  part  by  the  work   of  pioneering  ethno-­musicologist  and  American  folklorist  Alan  Lomax,  we  have   made  several  forays  into  the  field  to  search  for  music  in  its  purest  form,  and  to   record  in  settings  where  musicians  are  most  comfortable  and  free.  The  artists featured  have  included  international  superstars  such  as  Vieux  Farka  Toure  and Bombino,  and  living  legends  Sakar  Khan  (Padma  Shri  2012)  and  Lakha  Khan.Bombino,  and  living  legends  Sakar  Khan  (Padma  Shri  2012)  and  Lakha  Khan. The  label  employs  a  DIY  (Do-­It-­Yourself)  aesthetic  and  manages  all  aspects of  production  -­  scouting,  recording,  engineering,  post-­production,  and  design.       Eight albums released featuring world, folk, roots music
  6. 6. “an album for any season of the year, for any time of the day” 2012 GiMA Awards “like a whiff of fresh air" - Indian Express “Mangey’s voice needs to be heard to be believed" - Hindustan Times SALES & DISTRIBUTION Amarrass  implements  a  multitude  of  sales  strategies  to  tap  into  a  global  marketplace. These  include  direct  customer  sales  through  its  website  and  at  events,   direct-­to-­retail  sales  in  India,  and  through  distributors  in  the  US  and  Europe. In  April  2013,  Amarrass  signed  a  deal  with  eOne,  the  #1  major  independent  label  distributor   for  the  North  American  market.  We  also  gained  a  foothold  in  the  Europe-­Benelux  region  with   a  distribution  deal  with  Xango  Music.  The  label  continues  to  expand  its  reach  into  new   markets,  with  ongoing  efforts  to  develop  distribution  and  sales  channels  in  UK,  Europe,  markets,  with  ongoing  efforts  to  develop  distribution  and  sales  channels  in  UK,  Europe,   Japan,  Australia  and  Asia. Music  on  the  label  catalogue  has  been  purchased  by  customers  in  over  25  countries,   with  over  10,000  albums/songs  sold  to  date.  CD’s,  LP’s  and  mp3  downloads  are  now   available  through  major  retail  outlets  and  online  channels  such  as  iTunes,,  and  leading  independent  record  stores  in  India  and  the  United  States.     Global footprint with local reach Amarrass Society for Performing Arts
  7. 7. Amarrass Society for Performing Arts CRAFTING MUSIC Mohan  Lal  Lohar (left)  with  his  wife Gigibai,  hand  forging a  morchang. REVIVING THE ART OF INSTRUMENT MAKING
  8. 8. Business Standard Dainik Bhaskar ELLE Magazine (India) Femina Hindustan Times Brunch HT City Indian ExpressIndian Express Motherland Magazine Rolling Stone India Soundbox Magazine TimeOut Delhi The Asian Age The Bengal Post The Deccan ChronicleThe Deccan Chronicle The Sunday Guardian The Times of India WSJ's The New York Times NPR (National Public Radio) BBC Radio 4 The Guardian (UK) MSNBC The Independent (UK)The Independent (UK) India Ink (The NYT Blog) Chicago Tribune NBC15 IANS Khaleej Times Times of Oman Austin StatesmanAustin Statesman Indian Link Satellite Radio (Australia) WORT 89.9FM The MIC 92.1FM WSUM 91.7FM Daily Mail (UK) MEDIA Amarrass,  and  its  artists,  have  received  unprecedented  coverage  in   leading  publications  and  news  channels  around  the  world.  The  visibility   and  exposure  have  been  instrumental  in  helping  shape  the  Amarrass   brand  into  a  multi-­faceted,  dynamic  music  company  with  a  global  presence. We  continue  to  grow  and  leverage  our  online  and  social  media  presence.   We  have  an  established  Facebook  presence  with  over  1300  followers.   Furthering  our  mission  to  make  music  more  accessible,  we  have  over  Furthering  our  mission  to  make  music  more  accessible,  we  have  over   120  music  videos  available  for  free  viewing.  Amarrass  is  a  YouTube   channel  partner  with  350+  subscribers,  150,000  views  and  over  a  million   minutes  of  music  streamed!   #amarrass CHANNEL PARTNER @Amarrass        Records An  illustrative  listing  of  news  stories  and  media  the  label  has  garnered  attention  from: TV, Radio, Print and Online -­ Global Exposure Amarrass Society for Performing Arts
  9. 9. Amarrass Society for Performing Arts PARTNER WITH US Our  team  is  comprised  of  seasoned  entrepreneurs  with   decades  of  experience  in  the  media,  technology,  travel   and  hospitality  industry.  With  offices  in  New  Delhi,  India   and  Madison,  Wisconsin  in  the  United  States,  Amarrass has  developed  an  international  roster  of  artists  and business  partners.  As  we  continue  to  grow  in  scope  and   scale,  we  look  forward  to  your  participation  in  affectingscale,  we  look  forward  to  your  participation  in  affecting change.   There  are  several  ways  for  you  to  PARTNER  with  us:   EVENT PARTNER call 011 -­ 46661200 PROJECT PARTNER IN-­KIND SPONSOR Amarrass Records India Pvt. Ltd. 301 Skipper Corner 88 Nehru Place New Delhi 110019 Delhi, INDIA Amarrass RecordsAmarrass Records 2124 E Main St. Madison, 53704 Wisconsin, USA email us at EVENTS, PROJECTS, EDUCATION, OUTREACH The  Amarrass  management  team  in   the  February  2012  issue  of  Rolling  Stone.