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  1. 1. BIOGRAPHYBandish was formed in the year 2006 by one of India’s most respected drummer andpercussionist Christopher Powell. The band released their first album titled “KaiseKahoon”with three music videos under a music label called Times Music. Their song “Goonj” heldNo. 3 position for 10 weeks on the MTV World Chart Express in 2006, No. 2 on B4U MusicCharts and No.7 on Channel V- Top 20. Bandish was nominated for The Best Band of theYear (2006-2007) at the Jack Daniel Rock Awards 2007.The band released their second self-titled album featuring national and internationalartistes, under the flagship of Universal Music with a three year contract and a three albumdeal.The title song “Bandish,” features world renowned U.K. based percussionist Pete Lockett.The song went to No. 1 position on B4U Music charts.
  2. 2. Comprised of six musical Einsteins Bandish is a fire power live act. Specialists inentertaining the crowd, they are proficient in the genre of Indi-pop, Classic Rock, SufiRock, popular Bollywood songs, retro Hindi songs and prominent regional tracks.Bandish entertains thousands of students and corporate heads every year throughoutIndia, Festivals & New Year gatherings in various 5 & 7 star hotels in India andabroad, exclusive weddings and farm house parties. Every song performed is chosenkeeping their target audience in mind, rendering a version of their own which is bothentertaining and unique.
  4. 4. For more than two decades, Christopher(Chris/Kitty) Powell has developed andmaintained a reputation among fans, peers and the music community with hisincredibly dynamic, powerful & natural style of drumming. His artistic capabilities arebuilt on a solid foundation of knowledge, respect and love for music. He showcasesprogressive and power packed drumming and innovative use of electronic and acousticdrums, bringing him nationwide acknowledgment.Christopher was the co- founder of his first band Nirvana in 1985, which won best bandawards throughout India. The band received accolades throughout their 11 yearlongmusical journey. In 1998 he joined the reigning Indian band Euphoria and was a part of2 full albums and one single contributing to its huge success for six long years In 2006,Christopher founded the band Bandish releasing their first album titled “KaiseKahoon”with three music videos,where all songs were composed, arranged and produced byhim under the banner of Times Music.The album topped the charts on all major Indianmusic television channels and was nominated for The Best Band of the Year (2006-2007) at the Jack Daniel Rock Awards 2007. In 2010 Christopher again played the partof composer, arranger and producer for Bandish’s second self-titled album featuringnational and international artistes, under the flagship of Universal Music. He featuredworld renowned, U.K. based percussionist Pete Locket in the title track “Bandish.” Withthis vast experience and thorough knowledge of the Indian live musicscenario Christopher formulated “the Big Band theory” in 2011, a unique blend ofaggressive music from North and the classic and distinct sound of South.
  5. 5. In his musical journey all around the world Christopher has shared stage with variousinternational acts like Australian Rock & Electronica outfit Nail Factory at the WorldMusic festival, India-China border; popular Pakistani Sufi rock band Junoon at theUN General Assembly hall, New York and famous Pakistani pop band Stringsin Dubai.Coming to his Indian collaborations, he released his first single titled “Namastasyai”with Padma Shri Awardee and internationally acclaimed Indian classical vocalistShubha Mudgal, and also performed live with her band “Koshish.” Heperformed various fusion concerts with Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan’s sons-Aman&Ayaan.Talking about the Bollywood connection, he recorded singles with Bollywood’s bestplayback singers like KK, Krishna, Mohit Chauhan and Harshdeep Kaur for Bandishalbums.Christopher judged various national level rock band competitions and television realityshows like “Sing with A.R. Rahman contest,” selecting top 5 singers in the country andthe latest Zee TV reality show called “Zee Aspire: Music to Money Challenge.”The best at what he does the best – “Live Performances,” Christopher’s music has takenhim around the globe entertaining people of different countries, culture and ethnicity.
  7. 7. Dean who holds a Bachelors degree in Jazz and Pop music from the JohannesGutenberg University in Germany, has a voice range to die for. After 12 years of doinggigs with a number of Bands and collecting acclaim wherever he performed, crowdswould get hypnotized by his exuberance and stage presence. Dean also has a Bandcalled `Guru in Germany, a runaway success who released their album Ghoom withTimes Music(India) and won the famous South German Rock contest ROCKBUSTERin 2006.Close on its heels, came `True Colors with Dean on the Helm,belting out cover tracksfrom `AC/DC, creating fire in Dimapur, in his tour of the North East, in 2000. As aStage performer, Dean is the typical boxer who spars around with the audience withhooks and jabs, finally delivering the devastating Sucker Punch which gets u in daSolars!!!It was no surprise for anyone when in early 2009 Deepak readily grabbed the offer tojoin Indias leading band BANDISH as the front man. Having already played androcked with Desmond in TRUECOLORS, Deepak knew the excellent line up that was instore for him with BANDISH...and since the music had already appealed to him whenhe had heard the album Kaise Kahoon 3 years ago....there was no doubt in mind...andhe imbibed the band’s sound.
  9. 9. Widely recognized as one of India’s most creative and prominent musicians, Desmondmastered the explosive possibilities of the electric guitar, combining whammy feedbackand controlled distortions to create a unique musical appearance during his solos.Entirely self-taught, he created a sound which he could entirely call his own. Followinghis passion for years Desmond have won many prestigious “Best Guitar Player Awards”in the country.Desmond formed his first band Nirvana in 1985, which won best band awardsthroughout India. The band received accolades throughout their 11 yearlong musicaljourney. In 2002 he formed a band called True Colors which won best band awards atvarious Battle of the Bands contests. In 2006 Desmond teamed up with his brotherChristopher Powell to form the band Bandish, releasing their first album “KaiseKahoon” with three music videos under Times Music.
  11. 11. Armed with a bow and the fiddle Manoj George C has made a mark for himself in theIndian music arena as a composer, performing violinist and collaborator. He is aLicentiate (LTCL) performer in Violin from the Trinity College of Music, London.In 1996, he won scholarship from the HRD Central Government of India, New Delhi.Highlights of Manojs concerts and performances include sharing the stage withrenowned violin maestro Dr. L Subramaniam at the Miss World contest, opening forCanadian rock star Bryan Adams with former band "Antaragni," headlining the"Infected Mushrooms" and representing India at the "World Military Games."Manoj has performed in India and across the world with various groups and artstes like HariLucky Ali, Shankar Mahadevan & Dr. K.J. Jesudas.Manoj also composed music for national award winning films like Kharaksharangal(Malayalam), Aathmeeya (Kannada) and Vaadhyaar (Malayalam).
  13. 13. In his career spanning two decades, he has taught at all premier institutes of westernmusic in Delhi. Having completed Grade-8 in Solo Piano and Theory of Music fromTrinity College London, he co-founded the Gurgaon School of Music in 2003, in whichhe served as a director and senior faculty member for theory of music, piano andelectronic keyboard for six years. In 2000, his passion for jazz earned him ascholarship to study at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. Over the years he hasperformed with many professional rock and jazz bands such as Nirvana, Arth, Tyris &Co. (Chicago based jazz trio) and Bluefunk to name a few.He is the author of the Bridge to Music series of textbooks for public schools (the onlyseries of music textbook for public school in India). He is much in demand as a seniormusic educator in many roles and is also the representative of the Associated Board ofRoyal Schools of Music (ABRSM) in New Delhi and adjoining states. To realize hisvision of placing India high on the map of international music circuit, Riteshconceptualized the Bridge Music Academy in 2009. In just over 2 years Bridge MusicAcademy provides quality music education to over 300 students studying under theguidance of 35 professional musicians. After 3 centres in Delhi, the Academy recentlyestablished it’s 4thcentre at The British School, Chandigarh.
  15. 15. Rohit is a topnotch recording artist and most sought after multipercussionist and playsan active role in the Indian film music industry. With his unique style and technique,Rohit has earned a special place and image. He plays Darbuka, Tabla, Dholak,Timbale, Kanjira and a host of other Indian and world percussion instruments. He holdsa diploma at Trinity College, London as graded pianist. Rohit is also aproducer/composer and has produced music for many north India films and musicalbums.
  17. 17. With Yanger there has never been a dull moment in his journey to fame. Roughriding through 15 years of playing the bass guitar and touring across country fromNagaland to New Delhi, Yanger can tame a 5 string bass like a Pro-Bull rider whonever gets thrown off on each and every gnarling slap and pop!From his first band Cruise Missile where he was adjudged The Best Bass Player ofNagaland(1996-1999) to winning the first place at IIT Delhis coveted Blitkrieg in2001 with`True Colors(1999-2003) to PUNKH , and now Bandish; Yanger hascome a long way and surpassed boundaries in bass playing, developing his ownstyle which includes composition and clarity while shuffling through a variety ofgenres.