Pariksha ria presentation


Published on provides Rich internet Apps, RIA Web Application and Web Mobile Application in the innovative RIA Field.

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Pariksha ria presentation

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE LEVEL RIA<br />Latest Web 2.0 Technologies<br />Adobe Flex, AJAX and RIA technologies <br />with Java/J2EE servers<br />3rd party tools for charting, text <br />editing and image displays<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />Web Applications and RIA<br />We are a first mover and leader in providing enterprise RIA (Rich Internet Application) development services.<br />Our Expertise Span: <br />Applications<br />Web-enabling current desktop applications using back-end servers<br />Rich dashboards and process presentation to back-end databases<br />Web-applications with highly interactive user controls<br />
  3. 3. Our Competency<br />Consulting - from concept to wireframes. We provide top-of-the class ideas and brainstorming to help evolve a highly Interactive UI abstraction for your applications<br />Implementation - we use latest RIA tools and techniques to deliver amazing user experiences to help build stickiness/loyalty<br />Technlogies<br />Adobe Flex, Flash, AIR, JavaFx, AJAX, Silverlight<br />PHP, J2EE/Java, .NET, Ruby-on-Rails<br />Flash Lite, iPhone SDK, Brew, Open Screen (extend the web to mobile devices)<br />Media Servers, eCommerce engines<br />
  4. 4. CASE STUDIES<br />A Proven Track Record<br />
  5. 5. Development: MediaBaron 2.0<br />Application Overview <br />An enterprise grade video management tool showcasing Flex RIA and flash media server capabilities for frame accurate video scrubbing and control over standard internet connections.<br />Technology<br />Flex<br />Flash Media Server<br />Tomcat, MySQL<br />Hibernate<br />QuickTime<br />MPEG2, H.264, <br />FFMPEG<br />
  6. 6. Development: MediaBaron 2.0<br />Challenges<br />Existing video management systems are file based and require local files or fat pipes for remote video access. This also makes the remote access less secure<br />Existing video management systems have evolved from 24x7 TV requirements and are not suited for producers and content owners who are mainly interested in web publishing<br />The cost of existing video management is prohibitive and most producers tend to rely on excel sheets or simple unconnected databases to manage their videos making it very unproductive to search for clips that are relevant to their work<br />Innovation<br />Frame accurate video scrubbing using standard internet connectivity using FMS<br />Simple lightweight browser based application to access video content repositories and interact with them<br />Remote access to video content enables scene-based tagging via low-cost locations<br />The Solution<br />Design a frame accurate video scrubber using a streaming server backend to take advantage of internet video streaming technologies<br />Developed a Flex-based UI that integrates video asset management functions with stream based playback<br />Powerful server based video processing tools for video cutting, join, trans-coding and delivery<br />The Benefits<br />Enables internet based access to video databases at a fraction of cost of existing systems<br />Powerful tools for online video publishing to web-portals<br />Use of open-source components reduces cost of ownership significantly.<br />
  7. 7. Development: Adobe LiveCycle - Process Dashboard<br />Application Overview <br />A Flex application that provides a custom dashboard to monitor and track enterprise paper-based/ form-based processes implemented via PDF/LiveCycle tools.<br />Technology<br />Flex Reporting Dashboard<br />PDF workflows <br />LiveCycle engine<br />
  8. 8. Development: Adobe LiveCycle - Process Dashboard<br />Challenges<br />Paper-based processes, un-structured processes are hard to track and lead to service delays that can affect customer satisfaction<br />Productivity metrics on customer service agents is hard to achieve with paper-based processes<br />Innovation<br />Integration of PDF conversion to PDF workflows<br />Coverts paper-based processes and un-structured communications to trackable and actionable objects/forms<br />Flex application simplifies UI for senior management presentation<br />The Solution<br />Developed a PDF based workflow that converts paper-based and unstructured processes<br />Used LiveCycle workflow to track cases, routing, metrics etc<br />Interactive Flex based reporting to provide management dashboard to monitor all processes with drill down to incoming fax<br />The Benefits<br />Improves case closure metrics as agents know that management can watch the cases<br />Improves customer satisfaction as management can focus on the complex cases<br />More efficient agents can be easily identified and rewarded<br />
  9. 9. Development: RedBox 2<br />Application Overview <br />An AIR application that interfaces with Microsoft SharePoint Server and provides a highly interactive UI to manage time-sheets, project status and basic project management setup defined via MOSS setup.<br />Technology<br />AIR terminal application<br />MOSS web-application and database<br />
  10. 10. Development: RedBox 2<br />Challenges<br />Time-tracking tools are complex and requires significant resources to capture time spent on project tasks/sub-tasks<br />Management needs visibility on project status to monitor and guide projects<br />Innovation<br />Integration of Flex data services with MOSS back-end<br />Simple UI design for quick and lightweight project management functions<br />The Solution<br />Developed an AIR application that can connect to MOSS back-end<br />A simple UI interface for operators to update their tasks<br />A highly interactive interface for management to provide monitoring information on all projects.<br />The Benefits<br />Encourages operators to update their time-sheets regularly as it is simple to use<br />Provides management with a tool to monitor project progress, operator efficiency, customer engagement levels and prioritize accordingly<br />
  11. 11. Development: Web2Print<br />Application Overview <br />A flex application providing visual tools for page layout of brochures, classifieds and dynamic definition of data tags for variable data printing. Also showcases InDesign Server Technology for page creation and PDF generation.<br />Technology<br />Flex and PHP<br />InDesign server<br />MySQL database<br />
  12. 12. Development: Web2Print<br />Challenges<br />Customizing point-of-sale brochures across a large number of franchises is costly and error prone<br />Local copies of layouts can be distorted / changed by partner impacting branding negatively<br />Web-based solution for variable data printing is expensive<br />Innovation<br />Simple way to describe fields onto a InDesign document for variable data printing<br />Web-based page layout using templates<br />Template browser for quick selections<br />The Solution<br />Developed a Flex based web application that provides visual page design elements<br />Developed a XML parser to identify data fields and customize them using web-based application.<br />Used InDesign Server to provide data merge capability<br />Used InDesign server to provide PDF generation capability<br />The Benefits<br />Quick and hassle free data entry using web-application<br />Print ready pdf customized for local branches provides inexpensive point of sale customization solution<br />
  13. 13. Development: Image Browser<br />Application Overview <br />A Flex component to provide image catalog functionality to any application. A visual browser, search, category metadata and drag-drop interfaces are provided in this light-weight component.<br />Technology<br />Flex and Java<br />MySQL server<br />
  14. 14. Development: Image Browser<br />Challenges<br />Many web-applications need access to visual image catalog to interact with images<br />Consistency of feature and look-n-feel across applications is important<br />Innovation<br />Simple, elegant way to browse an image gallery from a web-application<br />Powerful ful-text search engine integrated<br />Drag-drop, re-size, list v/s grid views and other interactive UI components supported<br />The Solution<br />Developed a Flex based web component that provides visual image browser functionality<br />The component supports rich metadata, search and drag-drop interfaces<br />Component is highly re-useable and can be integrated with multiple web-applications<br />The Benefits<br />Standardized component for image browser functionality across web applications<br />Low cost solution that can be easily extended<br />
  15. 15. TESTIMONIALS<br />What Clients Speak About Us<br />
  16. 16. Testimonials – What Clients Speak About Us<br />"It was a real pleasure for me to work together with Pariksha Labs on our project. The team is very talented specialist with a deep understanding of mobile & IT business peculiarities”~ mobile software publisher in NY<br />“Good develope, very good support. Accurate Documentation.”~ Italian software provider for hazardous chemical transportation tools<br />"What I really appreciate about the company is your willingness to always go the 'extra mile', particularly when we have had tight deadlines imposed by our customers. You have made us look very good! Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product.”~ CEO, Adobe Partner, Canada<br />"Your team's intimate knowledge of publishing has helped us hugely on this project. Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product.”~ US company building a Rich-Internet-Application for a publishing workflow solution<br />
  17. 17. THANK YOU<br />Pariksha Labs Private Limited<br />#198, HSIDC UdyogVihar Phase VI<br />Gurgaon 122 001<br />Haryana, India<br />Phone: +91-124-426-6913<br />Email:<br />For more case studies & portfolio, Please visit our website<br /><br />