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A quick overview of Sense/Net 6.0, first open source ECMS for the.Net platform.

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  • Your Name
    Current Role
    Why are you here?
    For a successful IT project you participated in, tell the class one reason you think it succeeded.
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  • Your Name
    Current Role
    Why are you here?
    For a successful IT project you participated in, tell the class one reason you think it succeeded.
  • - embed and incorporate part or whole of the Sense/Net 6.0 product or its derivatives into his own Software/Hardware solution using the binary and/or the source code of Sense/Net 6.0 product,
    - modify the Sense/Net 6.0 product in a way that Partner is thus creating a unique solution offer,
    - produce significantly different derivative works than the Sense/Net 6.0 product, by modifying the source code of the Sense/Net 6.0 product with significant value added.
  • Overview of Sense/Net ECMS

    1. 1. www.sensenet.com 1 SENSE/NET 6.0 Open Source ECMS for the .NET platform
    2. 2. About the company 2 ABOUT THE COMPANY
    3. 3. FAST FACTS About the company 3 • 20,000+ downloads from over 120 countries in 12 months • Over 6,000 beta testers • The product line has 100+ deployments • HQ in Budapest, HU; Office in Boston, USA • Highly profitable
    4. 4. ABOUT SENSE/NET About the company 4 Founded in 1995 Highly profitable ever since ~60 staff Development center in 2 Hungarian cities Sales office in Boston Revenues of 2,5 million USD 20% CAGR every year Product evolved Portal & WCMS -> ECMS & Portal Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5 -> Sense/Net 6.0 References www.sensenet.com/references
    5. 5. INFORMATION ONLINE ECMS with free download and references http://www.sensenet.com Documentation & training videos http://wiki.sensenet.com http://videos.sensenet.com Developer blog & community forum http://blog.sensenet.com http://forum.sensenet.com About the company 5
    6. 6. WHY SENSE/NET? Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 6
    7. 7. Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 7 PLATFORM Open Source and .NET and ECMS No walls hit during development and deployment Solid platform for Web CMS, EMCS and Enterprise Portal projects Microsoft’s selection for exclusive global partnership
    8. 8. SOLUTION Chapter 1: Lorem ipsum is simply 8 • Flexible platform to serve all customer demand • Any custom Web CMS, ECMS, editorial system can be created • Adaptable to any workstyle, process and methodologies
    9. 9. Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 9 TIMEFRAME • Deployment in short timeframes • Faster go-to-market • Leverage existing .NET knowledge • Built on standards
    10. 10. PROFIT Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 10 • Low licensing TCO – much lower than proprietary stacks • Annual subscription, hosting and OEM model available • Dual-licensed open- source: community and enterprise edition • More revenue and profit on services
    11. 11. Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 11 PARTNERSHIP • Sense/Net offers a very compelling partnership model • Flexible terms and unique benefits • Focusing on joint success • All-to-partner model
    12. 12. Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 12 HELLO, My name is Anita marketing manager at Sense/Net ROI • High customer ROI • Quickly realized financial benefits • Soft and hard ROI also measurable • Low 3-year TCO to maximize competitiveness
    13. 13. FUTURE Why choose Sense/Net as partner? 13 • High real-option value to partners • Simple or complex projects on the same platform • Sense/Net 6.0 as platform of many future development projects at the same client
    14. 14. About the product 14 USER EXPERIENCE AND FEATURES
    15. 15. ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE About the product 15 • Build on well-known paradigms • Webpages • Portlets • Files & Folders • Properties & Fields • Open & Save • Copy & Move • Search • Workspaces • Extreme WYSIWYG
    16. 16. KEY FEATURES About the product 16 • Web 2.0 style document management with workspaces • Office integration for collaboration* • Robust, open source content repository • Web Content Management • WYSIWYG • Drag and Drop Editing • Easy to navigate tree structure with Explore Experience for admins • Content queries • „More with less” approach to functionality, extensive API for developers • Content Approval Workflow • „Usual” portal functions • Scalability
    17. 17. COLLABORATION Users can create workspaces in the system to enable document-centric collaboration for sharing and supporting teams. By default, this includes calendars, tasks, memos and document management features to maximize individual and group productivity. About the product 17
    18. 18. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT With the Document Library users can • Create and upload files • Add and remove fields • Create custom views (with filtering) • Get an RSS feed of documents • Open documents via WebDAV • Version control • Check-in / check-out About the product 18
    19. 19. COLLABORATION- TOOLS Event Calendar: events can be entered, searched, and displayed, as well as being capable of filtered and displayed by target audience. Events can be meetings or any other kind of occurrences that may or may not involve users. Dates can also be consolidated into a single calendar view for better usability. Tasks: tasks can be assigned to any number of given users, either as standalone actions or relating to specific content. They can be ordered, and can be given deadlines or additional resources; a mini-project management interface that allows organization of task assignments and deadlines. Lists: display and control enterprise records and other structured information. Sense/Net’s list feature is a simplified, web-based spreadsheet that can be used to store and share information. Columns (fields) and rows (new item) can be added to them easily. Out-of-the box lists include tasks, memos, calendars, blank list, etc. This is a developer-friendly alternative for MOSS lists. Chapter 1: Lorem ipsum is simply 19
    20. 20. WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT WYSIWYG editing and control of site content through the use of specific management tools based on a core repository. It includes content creation functions, such as templating, workflow and change management, and content deployment functions that deliver content to Web servers. About the product 20
    21. 21. WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT Portal Remote Control: a graphical user interface that floats on top of pages (viewable with proper permissions), and allows users to modify pages directly from their web browser. Templates: templates define the layout of pages, and allow a Web designer to construct a more flexible site, which is easy to update, and provide consistency and continuity between pages. Templates can enhance productivity, allowing some members of the team to focus on the format of the pages, while other members of the team create new pages and revise the content without changing the formatted layout. Workflow: approval workflow for routing content, assigning work tasks and states and creating audit trails. About the product 21
    22. 22. ADDITIONAL FEATURES Enterprise Search: users can search all enterprise content, whether within the internal content repository, or in external content repositories like file servers, web sites or other accessible services. Photo Gallery: a gallery or galleries can be placed on a site in various forms, and also allows searching among pictures uploaded into the gallery. Forum: users can establish an online community with forums, creating an arbitrary hierarchy of topics with the ability to add, delete, moderate, comment, search, receive email notification of changes, set permissions, etc. About the product 22
    23. 23. ADDITIONAL FEATURES RSS: content can be transformed into proper XML that can be used to serve RSS clients. User and SEO Friendly URLs: URLs of content items and pages themselves can be aliased and optimized for readability and search engine rankings. Content Repository: all company content (including documents, web pages, videos, images, audio records, users, groups, etc.), and web applications (including existing ones or legacy web applications), can be stored, controlled and managed in the Sense/Net Content Repository like it were the single-point-of-access to the backbone of the organization. About the product 23
    24. 24. ADDITIONAL FEATURES Taxonomy: create any number of categories and sub-categoies to apply to content brought into the system. Taxonomies can be searched and browsed either individually or in aggregate form. Permissions, Security, and Roles: users can only see what they have permission and privilege to see and work with. This is controlled by their job level, job description and current work assignments. These are managed in the system as roles and access control lists. A role gives permission to perform a certain task (like publish a new article) and access to a given content piece indicates whether one can perform a desired activity or not (like publish today’s article). Provisioning and Delegation: creation and management of user accounts, groups, and permissions can be delegated to non-technical users, removing the over-reliance on IT to perform these functions. About the product 24
    25. 25. ADDITIONAL FEATURES Active Directory: user accounts and groups can be managed in Active Directory and synchronized with a built-in feature of Sense/Net, allowing for user profils to not have to be maintained in multiple environments. Multi-Site: any number of sites with any number of domain names can be used in a single Sense/Net installation. This is ideal for organizations that work with many intranet, extranet, and internet sites. Load Balancing: Sense/Net fully supports high-availability solutions such as clustering, failover, and Network Load Balancing. Portlets: the building blocks of pages built with Sense/Net, a portlet is a widget or small application that can be placed on a page to fulfill a specific task. These tasks can range from simply displaying content to searching and listing data from different databases. About the product 25
    26. 26. ADDITIONAL FEATURES Skins: a set of files that defines the look and feel of a site can be selected from a list by an end user, rather than having to work directly with a style sheet. Mashups: using data feeds, syndicate social media and other content from a variety of sites into a new, single application. API: Sense/Net is built on a lightweight REST architecture that makes creating mashups simple. The completely open Application Programming Interface (API) is a toolkit to make it easier to develop and extend the out- of-the-box functionality, and is a perfect complement to the open source software. Open Source: enterprise scalabiility without being bound by a proprietary and closed system. Built on the .NET platform, and being open source, Sense/Net 6.0 integrates with all major hardware and software standards and platforms, which means it is not tied to any endangered, obsolete, or proprietary technology. About the product 26
    27. 27. Chapter 1: Lorem ipsum is simply 27 HOW SENSENET 6.0 REALLY WORKS? Content and its nature
    28. 28. HIGH LEVEL OVERVIEW About the product 28 Enduser Content Editor Content Approver Business Process Participant Collaboration Participant Developer Business Analyst Consultant Administrator Content Repository File System Active Directory Database 3rd Party App/Db Search Engine Internet/Intranet Portal/Website Explore Experience
    29. 29. About the product 29
    30. 30. About the product 30
    31. 31. About the product 31 WORKSPACES
    32. 32. CREATING CONTENT Creating Content 32 Content Type Definition (XML) Content View List/List Item HTML User File Folder Applica- tion … Content Content Type Field Property Everything is Content!
    33. 33. Master Page Template Content View VISUALIZING CONTENT Visualizing Content 33 Portlet List View Form Query Custom HTML Vies … Content Actions Browse New Edit Edit Delete … Version- ing Page Work- spaces Content items can be executed by themselves = Smart Applications
    34. 34. About the product 34 PAGE VS. PORTLET • Page is a full-screen content viewing method that can display stand-alone, large content or larger applications • Portlet: The non-technical definition • Portlets are the building blocks of the Sense/Net 6.0 Page. A Portlet is a widget or small application that can be placed on the Page to fulfill a specific task. These tasks can range from simply displaying Content to searching and listing data from different databases. • A Portlet is similar to an entire web page, but in a small, encapsulated form. • Portlet: The technical definition • A Portlet is an extension of ASP.NET WebParts. Sense/Net 6.0 Portlets can perform anything a WebPart is capable of, both from an end user and from a developer perspective. Portlets also improve on the WebPart architecture in browser compatibility, data storage, persistence, permission handling, etc.
    35. 35. About the product 35 „SMART BUILDING” • You build/define content types (XML) • You build content • As soon as content items are built, they have Add, Delete, Edit, Browse, SetPermissions etc. actions + version control = Smart Application Model • You create views • Portlets and pages • Navigation • Layout and design • (You build content approval workflows)
    36. 36. About the product 36 INTRODUCTION TO THE EXPLORE EXPERIENCE Navigation with 3 modes: Browse, Explore, Edit Current content and its actions Container actions Related content items
    37. 37. About the product 37 ANATOMY OF A NEWS ARTICLE Edit action for user with rights End-user view of the article (page)
    38. 38. About the product 38 ANATOMY OF A NEWS ARTICLE Fields Properties (bottom of the page)
    39. 39. About the product 39 ANATOMY OF A NEWS LIST Collection of latest 5 articles (portlet) Result of a content query
    40. 40. About the product 40 WHAT ABOUT EXPLORE EXPERIENCE? Our article in Explore view
    41. 41. About the product 41 CONTINUED… What really happens #1? • News Article content type is created by Portal Builder with respective fields (lead, body, picture...) and properties (security, validity, approval...) • Via Smart Application Model, actions are there by default Some actions for our sample: • http://localhost/NewsDemo/External?action=Add -> Create new article into the „External” section • http://localhost/NewsDemo/External/Gitex?action=Edit -> Edit article „Gitex” • http://localhost/NewsDemo/External/Gitex?action=Browse -> View article „Gitex” • Some more: SetPermissions, Delete, Approve, etc...
    42. 42. About the product 42 CONTINUED… What really happens #2? • Portal builder creates pages with Browse action and places respective Edit/Add action buttons/links for some authenticated users • (Each content gives you the list of actions that can be used for it) • Portal builder can configure the Browse view if default is not good enough (eg. different layout, not all the fields, etc.) • Portal builder configures portlets to display results of the query needed • Portal developer can create custom actions, if needed (etc. with shopping cart: Buy Action)
    43. 43. ANOTHER SAMPLE About the product 43 Navigation portlet Navigation portlet = A portlet querying contents with the relevant property set true, displaying them in the order specified there
    44. 44. WORKSPACES About the product 44 Navigation portlet = A portlet querying contents with the relevant property set true, displaying them in the order specified there Collaborative UI for document-intensive teams Calendar for Events Memos Tasks Document Libraries
    45. 45. About the product 45 HOW A WORKSPACE IS BUILT? • Stores all data and apps in the only Open Source Content Repository (CR) for .NET • Uses all CR services • Apps are built from Portlets • Portlets use Views to present Lists and CR queries • Views use DataBinding • Developers have access to all levels and building blocks for • enhanced productivity (you only need to change the absolutely necessary parts) • ultimate flexibility (you can change all parts if needs are really special)
    46. 46. DOCUMENT LIBRARY IS A LIST With the Document Library users can • Create and upload files • Add and remove fields • Create custom views (with filtering) • Get an RSS feed of documents • Open documents via WebDAV About the product 46
    47. 47. Partner model 47 PARTNER MODEL
    48. 48. Partner model 48 SOLUTION PARTNERS • Experience in .NET-based development • Resell, develop and deploy Sense/Net 6 • Three partnership levels • Level and benefits based on commitments • Depth and breadth marketing activities • Web CMS and ECMS projects • SME or Large Enterprise customers
    49. 49. Partner model 49 HOSTING PARTNERS • For companies with own/shared data centers who want to host Sense/Net 6 as a service offering • Monthly, usage-based invoicing • Server-based licensing • Own or 3rd party implementation for customers • SOHO, SME or Enterprise customers
    50. 50. Partner model 50 OEM PARTNERS • Companies who are using Sense/Net 6 only as a development platform (typically the Content Repository and the Smart Application Model) • Developing a custom end-result („derivative”) that is significantly different than Sense/Net 6 ECMS and is not an ECM/WCM software • The solution has to be unique with significant value added • Custom agreement, benefits and obligations – based on commitments
    51. 51. Partner model 51 BECOMING A PARTNER Sign the partner agreement OEM: transfer the OEM License Fee to Sense/Net Complete the Sense/Net Developer Training, take a successful developer exam Create a partner sales plan Silver Gold Platinum Hosting OEM # Certified Developers 1 2 2 1 1 PSP criteria 1 valid opportunity 2 valid opp’s 3 valid opp’s Custom Custom
    52. 52. Licensing 52 LICENSING MODEL
    53. 53. Licensing 53 BUSINESS MODEL Dual Licensed Open Source: Community Edition • FREE • Community support only • No warranty or legal protection • Viral effect of the GPL license • Complete source code Enterprise Edition • Annual subscription per server (virtual OR physical) • Certified & tested code • Professional support • Limited warranty and legal protection • Additional services • Complete source code • Right to develop closed derivatives
    54. 54. Social Media 54 FOLLOW US ON twitter.com/sensenet facebook.com/sensenetcms blog.sensenet.com youtube.com/sensenetcms www.sensenet.com
    55. 55. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: info@sensenet.com Sense/Net Inc. Infopark setany 1. H-1117 Budapest, Hungary tel: +36 1 4647070 fax: +36 1 4647080 THANK YOU