Quiz 2014 final, P K MANI


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Inter year cultural competition.

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Quiz 2014 final, P K MANI

  1. 1. Concorrenza-2014 Quiz-2014 Dr. Pabitra Kr. Mani Assoc. Professor, Agril. Chemistry and Soil Science, Mohanpur, Nadia, W.B.-741252 cell: 09477465968 e mail: pabitramani@gmail.com
  2. 2. Rules   1st round clockwise and 2nd round anticlockwise 1st round consists of Literature  Science  Audio round   2nd round Sports  Miscellaneous  Audio visual round   Each question 10 points, Bonus : 5 points, no negetaive marking,  Time allowed to answer :30 secs Quiz master’s decision is final 
  3. 3. Literature
  4. 4. 1 What is common to the following books; Continent of the cerci Autobiograhy of unknown Indian A passage to England Thy Hand, Great Anarch ! (1987) Hinduism: A Religion to Live by The East is East and West is West
  5. 5. 2 Being and Nothingness L'étre et le néant (1943) • Existentialism is a Humanism / He was awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature but refused it, saying that he always declined official honors and that "a writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution"
  6. 6. Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre was a French philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist, biographer, and literary critic. Jean-Paul Sartre (middle) and Simone de Beauvoir (left) meeting with Che Guevara (right) in Cuba, 1960
  7. 7. 3 Identify the map shown. 1
  8. 8. Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories by R. K. Narayan published in 1943 by Indian Thought Publications. The book was republished outside India in 1982
  9. 9. 4 Connect
  10. 10. The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
  11. 11. 5
  12. 12. Richtersveld Mountain in Chander Pahar
  13. 13. 6 Who wrote the book Life Divine
  14. 14. 7 This is a representation of which iconic character in English literature at Watchet, Somerset? 16
  15. 15. The Ancient Mariner. 17
  16. 16. 8 8. A Tale of Two Cities (1859) is a novel by Charles Dickens, set before and during the French Revolution. Which are the two cities the novel refers to? 18
  17. 17. London and Paris 19
  18. 18. Science
  19. 19. 1 • MgFeTi2O5 is a mineral named ArmAlColite. • Where was it first discovered? How does it get its name? 21
  20. 20. On the moon ARMstrong, Aldrin COLlins 22
  21. 21. 2 23
  22. 22. 3
  23. 23. 4 Google doodle commemorating what? 25
  24. 24. Water being found on the moon. 26
  25. 25. 5 27
  26. 26. 6 John Bardeen Linus Carl Pauling Frederick Sanger Connect and complete . 28
  27. 27. ANSWER A quiz by Apratim Mukhopadhyay
  28. 28. Multiple Nobel laureates and Marie Curie. A quiz by Apratim Mukhopadhyay
  29. 29. 7 • Nicknames include "frozen smoke", "solid smoke", "solid air" or "blue smoke" owing to its translucent nature and the way light scatters in the material. • Lightest material ever. • What is it?
  30. 30. Graphene Aerogel Aerogel is a synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with agas. The result is a solid with extremely low density[1] and low thermal conductivity. Nicknames include "frozen smoke",[2] "solid smoke", "solid air" or "blue smoke" owing to its translucent nature and the way light scatters in the material; however, it feels likeexpanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) to the touch. Aerogel was first created by Samuel Stephens Kistler in 1931, as a result of a bet with Charles Learned over who could replace the liquid in "jellies" with gas without causing shrinkage.
  31. 31. Doodle commemorating whom?
  32. 32. 8 Minimalist Poster
  33. 33. Audio
  34. 34. Miscellaneous
  35. 35.  1 X is best known for the Bhoo-dan movement (Bhoo-Land, Dan-Gift). He is considered as a National Teacher of India and the spiritual successor of Mahatma Gandhi. In 1958, V was the first recipient of the international Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is often considered Asia's Nobel Prize for Community Leadership. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously in 1983. 44
  36. 36. Vinoba Bhave
  37. 37. 2 Albert Korda took a photograph of a certain person in 1960. Later Jim Fitzpatrick, an Irish artist created a portrait based on this photograph in 1968. This portrait became very iconic in the 20th century. This image was also voted as “the image of the 20th century” in an online poll. Who was the person who featured in this image?
  38. 38. Che Gueverra
  39. 39. 3
  40. 40. 4 Josephine MacLeod (Jaya), Mrs. Sara Bull (Dhiramata), Swami Vivekananda and Margaret Noble (Sister
  41. 41. Swami Vivekananda wrote of Calve: 'She was born poor but by her innate talents, prodigious labour and diligence, and after wrestling against much hardship, she is now enormously rich and commands respect from kings and emperors....The rare combination of beauty, youth, talents, and "divine" voice has assigned Calve the highest place among the singers of the West. There is, indeed, no better teacher than misery and poverty. That constant fight against the dire poverty, misery, and hardship of the days of her girlhood, which has led to her present triumph over them, has brought into her life a unique sympathy and a depth of thought with a wide outlook.' "[He] truly walked with God, a noble being, a saint, a philosopher and a true friend. His influence upon my spiritual life was profound [...] my soul will bear him eternal gratitude". ---- EMMA Emma Calve came to be considered the greatest Carmen of her day and sang it at all the opera houses. She then toured the principal cities of Europe, meeting with acclaim wherever she went. A woman, who made her fame inculcating to audiences the opposite of Vivekananda's message of chastity, she nevertheless struck up a friendship with the monk and if Vivekananda encouraged her to be less promiscuous in her appearances on stage, as far as is known, she never recorded it.
  42. 42. 5 Where was this photograph clicked?
  43. 43. At the top of the Statue of Liberty. 53
  44. 44. Alec Guinness David Bamber Bruno Ganz Connect…… 6 Robert Carlyle
  45. 45. All Played Adolf Hitler: Sir Alec Guinness, Hitler: The Last Ten Days. David Bamber, in Valkyrie Robert Carlyle, in Hitler: Rise of Evil Bruno Ganz, in Der Untergang( The Downfall) 55
  46. 46. 7 Q9.Identify the person sitting with Dilip Kumar. There have been two movies based loosely on his rise, while a third movie is set to be released this year.
  47. 47. 8 Y S Rajasekhara Reddy connect Dorjee Khandu
  48. 48. A13 • • • • GMC Balyogi Madhavrao Scindia OP Jindal Andhra Pradesh cm Y S Rajasekhara Reddy Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Dorjee Khandu • All politicians who died in a plane crash
  49. 49. Sports
  50. 50. 1 Connect. (What is X? )  Hurling X  Bandy X  Box X  Broomball X  Deck X  Air X  Floor X  Floor X  Roller X  Nok X  Ringette X  Rinkball X  Underwater X  Unicycle X
  51. 51. These are forms of Hockey.  X= Hockey
  52. 52. 2 Whose logo? 24
  53. 53. 3  Vishal Ladwa is a 23 year old Indian origin player at Manchester University. Though the sport is not very popular in England, he managed to form a team at whatever institute he went to. Thus Making the sport quite popular in English Universities . Due to his passionate approach to the sport he is called ‘David Beckham of X’. to cap it all he has now been named as English X team Captain.
  54. 54. 4 Give funda, what is this advert about?
  55. 55. Michael Vaughan accused VVS Laxman of using vaselin on his bat to avoid detection by hotspot
  56. 56. 5 LCC
  57. 57. Old Father Time - Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood Road, London, UK Lord's Cricket Ground is the home of cricket in England as well as being the home to Middlesex Cricket Club. The weather vane is located on the Mound Stand on the south eastern side of the ground and has been resident at the ground since 1926. The weather vane shows Old Father Time with his scythe over his shoulder, a walking stick and his familiar straggly beard. He is in the act of removing a bail from a set of cricket stumps. A cricket ball sits on the "wicket" towards the pointer. There is some ornate scrolled iron work beneath Old Father Time where the compass points are located. The weather vane is painted black apart from the scythe, the cricket ball, the direction pointer and the compass directions.
  58. 58. 6 TECHNIQUES ASSOCIATED WITH WHICH SPORT ?  Punching  Knee flipping  Back Pivot  Back Roller  Beam  High Siding  Dump  Truck  Taco  Biner  Troying  Pirouette
  59. 59. White water Rafting Rafting or white water rafting is the challenging recreational outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river o other bodies of water. This is often done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers., evolving from individuals paddling 10 feet (3.0 m) rafts with doublebladed paddles to multi-person rafts propelled by single-bladed paddles and steered by a tour guide at the stern.
  60. 60. 7 BS
  61. 61. Victory for the fairer sex? Did Billie Jean King win the 'battle of the sexes' fair and square or was the match thrown by Bobby Riggs to settle gambling ..
  62. 62. 8
  63. 63. Bob Woolmar
  64. 64. Audio-Visual
  65. 65. Special round
  66. 66. Identify. 1 A quiz by Apratim Mukhopadhyay
  67. 67. Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.
  68. 68. 2 Identify this painter cum art dealer who is considered as greatest forger of the painting history. Jesus Among the Doctors
  69. 69. 3 Seal of X
  70. 70. 4
  71. 71. 5
  72. 72. 6 A portrait in the Parliament House. Who is the painter ?
  73. 73. 7
  74. 74. Gregor John Mendel
  75. 75. Thank You !!
  76. 76. 6 What is this award ? 30
  77. 77. Complete the series and put the funda SG
  79. 79. The Fermi paradox (Fermi's paradox or Fermi-paradox) 94
  80. 80. The Fermi paradox (Fermi's paradox or Fermi-paradox) is the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for, or contact with, such civilizations 95