Quiz 2013, P K MANI


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Quiz held at BCKV,02.02. 2013 covering literature, science , sports etc.

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Quiz 2013, P K MANI

  1. 1. Well Come Concorrenza-2013 Quiz-2013
  2. 2. Rules   1 round clockwise and 1 round anticlockwise Each round consists of Literature  Science  Audio round  Sports  Miscelleneous  Audio visual round   Each question 10 points, Bonus : 5 points, no negetaive marking,  Time allowed to answer :1 minute Quiz master’s decision is final 
  3. 3. Literature
  4. 4. Question 1:
  5. 5. Question 2
  6. 6. Guan Moye , better known by the pen name Mo Yan (English is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. He has been referred by Donald Morrison of U.S. news magazine TIME as "one of the most famous, oft-banned and widely pirated of all Chinese writers ",[2] and by Jim Leach as the Chinese answer to Franz Kafka or Joseph Heller.[3] He is best known to Western readers for his 1987 novel Red Sorghum Clan, in which the Red Sorghum and Sorghum Wine volumes were later adapted for the film Red Sorghum. In 2012, Mo was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work as a writer "who with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary"
  7. 7. Question 3 X's novel ______ _____ ______ became influential in the U.S. and Britain and made the political issues of the 1850s regarding slavery tangible to millions, energizing antislavery forces in the American North, while provoking widespread anger in the South. Upon meeting Christopher Crowfield (pen name of X), Y is alleged to have said “So this is the little old lady who started this new great war!” Who are X & Y?
  8. 8. Question 4 Republic was written to answer a question by Socrates. What was the question?
  9. 9. What is Justice?
  10. 10. Question 5 She published her autobiography, at the age of 22, titled The Story of My Life(1903). An excerpt from the book reads, “I left the well-house eager to learn. Everything had a name, and each name gave birth to a new thought. As we returned to the house every object which I touched seemed to quiver with life. That was because I saw everything with the strange, new sight that had come to me.” Name the writer.
  11. 11. Helen Adams Keller. She wrote 12 books and several articles during her lifetime. (Picin question-8-year-old Keller with Anne Sullivan)
  12. 12. Question 6 "I'm sorry, Mr. --------, but you just don't know how to use the English language. This isn't a kindergarten for amateur writers". This was the reason given by the Editor of San Francisco Examiner for sacking a journalist under its pay. The journalist went on to become one of the world's greatest writers and became the first British writer to win Nobel Prize for literature. Identify the sacked journalist .
  13. 13. Rudyard Kipling Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Speech, quoted in The Times
  14. 14. Question 7 He was a mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer, but is better known as a writer with wonderful imagination. According to one popular story, Queen Victoria enjoyed his most famous work so much that she ordered that the first copy of his next book should be sent to her and was surprised when presented with a scholarly volume entitled 'An Elementary Treatise on Determinants‘. He is more famous by his pen name than his real name. Identify him.
  15. 15. Charles Lutwidge Dodgsonor Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland
  16. 16. Question 8 Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto started writing poems at the age of eight, but his poems were promptly destroyed by his father, who wanted his son to have a "practical" occupation. But he received encouragement from others, including a future Nobel Prize winner, who at that time headed the local girls' school. To hide his poetry from his father Neftalí adopted a pen name, derived from the name of a Czech writer and poet and later he became more famous than the Czech poet in his adopted name. How is Neftalí better known as?
  17. 17. Pablo Neruda. Neruda's pen name was derived from Czech writer and poet Jan Nepomuk Neruda (1834-1891). He was encouraged by Gabriela Mistral, who was the first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 1945.
  18. 18. Question 9 The shortest correspondence in history is between X and his publisher Hurst & Blackett in 1862. X was on vacation when Y (which is over 1200 pages) was published. He telegraphed the single-character message "?" to his publisher, who replied with a single "!". Identify X (author) and Y (novel) • [source: Wikipedia]
  19. 19. •Author: Victor Hugo •Novel: Les Miserables •The book was a big commercial success
  20. 20. Question 10 In his play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Shakespeare refers to a magical juice from a flower, which when applied to a person's eyelids while sleeping makes the victim fall in love with the first living thing seen upon awakening. What is the name of the flower?
  21. 21. Love -in -idleness Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is wing'd Cupid painted blind. –From A Midsummer Night's Dream
  22. 22. Question 11 He was an avid seeker of facts, and geography was his favourite subject. As a child, he developed a great interest in travel and exploration. At twelve, he snuck onto a ship that was bound for India, only to be caught and severely whipped by his father. He, then famously stated, "I shall from now on only travel only in my imagination.” He wrote down whatever he saw in those imaginary voyages of adventure and those descriptions were startlingly accurate and real in "space" and "time". Identify this famous author.
  23. 23. Jules Verne (1828-1905) From the Earth to the Moon -three astronauts are launched from "Tampa Town“ in Florida peninsula and recovered through a splash landing. Tampa, Florida is approximately 130 miles from NASA's actual launching site at Cape Canaveral. He predicted about glass skyscrapers, high-speed trains, gas-powered automobiles, air conditioners, television, calculators, and a worldwide communications network (internet), helicopters, submarines, projectors, jukeboxes
  24. 24. Q. 12 William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, John Keats
  25. 25. William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge , Lord Byron, John Keats and Percy ByssheShelley -The "Big Six" of English romantic literature- formed the core of the Romantic movement of late 18th and early 19th century England.
  26. 26. Question 13 Which famous writer's pseudonym literally means bitter, which he choose to reflect his simmering anger about life in his country and a determination to speak the bitter truth?
  27. 27. Maxim GORKY, Aleksey MaksimovichPeshkov Maksimovich Peshkov Everybody, my friend, everybody lives for something better to come. That's why we want to be considerate of every man—Who knows what's in him, why he was born and what he can do?-From The Lower Depths
  28. 28. What is “Digitus Impudicus”?
  29. 29. Referred as digitus impudicus ("impudent finger") in Ancient Roman writings, the finger was used in the ancient Greek comedy to insult another person. The widespread usage of the finger in many cultures is likely due to the geographical influence of the Roman Empire and Greco-Roman civilization. In the first-century Mediterranean world, extending the digitus impudicus was one of many methods used to divert the ever present threat of the evil eye.
  30. 30. Question 14
  31. 31. Michael_Madhusudan_Dutta's Home (now museum) at Jessore (now in Bangladesh)
  32. 32. Science
  33. 33. Question 1 What is the other giant spiral galaxy of the Local Group, along with the Milky Way?
  34. 34. Andromeda  The Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million lightyears from Earth in the Andromeda constellation. Also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224, it is often referred to as the Great Andromeda Nebula in older texts
  35. 35. Question 2 Top and Down were the names of two sorts of quarks, what were the other four?
  36. 36. strange, charm, up and bottom 
  37. 37. Question 3 •Who was the only US Astronaut to fly aboard Gemini, Apollo and the STS (Shuttle), including two maiden flights?
  38. 38. •John Young Young jumps while saluting the American flag during Apollo 16
  39. 39. Question 4 Which mathematician would you associate with the famous 'Last Theorem' in Number Theory ?
  40. 40. Pierre de Fermat
  42. 42. GPS
  43. 43. Question 6
  44. 44. 2 Round nd
  45. 45. Question 1 Louise Joy Brown was born in July 25, 1978, in Oldham, Greater Manchester, Eng land. She married nightclub doorman Wesley Mullinder in 2004, with Dr. Edwards attending their wedding. Their son Cameron, conceived naturally, was born on December 20, 2006. What is extra-ordinary about this ordinary story?
  46. 46. Louise Joy Brown (born July 25, 1978, in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England) is the world's first baby to be conceived by in vitro fertilisation, or IVF.Brown was born to Lesley and John Brown, who had been trying to conceive for nine years, but without success because of Lesley's blocked fallopian tubes. On November 10, 1977,Lesley Brown underwent the procedure by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. She was born at 11:47 p.m. at Oldham General Hospital,Oldham, through a planned caesarean section delivered by registrar John Webster. Louise Brown married nightclub doorman Wesley Mullinder in2004, with Dr. Edwards attending their wedding. Their son Cameron, conceived naturally, was born on December 20,2006.
  47. 47. Question 2
  48. 48. A crescograph is a device for measuring growth in plants. It was invented in the early 20th century by Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, an Indian scientist
  49. 49. Question 4 __________ has been used in creating digital visual effects for the movies such as Titanic, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. As part of the 73rd Scientific and Technical Academy Awards ceremony presentation in 2001, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Board of Governors honored Ed Catmull, Loren Carpenter, and Rob Cook, with an Academy Award of Merit (Oscar) "for significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering as exemplified in __________ ______________." This was the first Oscar awarded to a software package for its outstanding contributions to the field.
  50. 50. PhotoRealistic Renderman (PRMan) Render Man has been used in creating digital visual effects for the Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Titanic, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. As part of the 73rd Scientific andTechnical Academy Awards ceremony presentation in 2001, ........ Ed Catmull (P), Loren Carpenter(CS), and Rob Cook(VP of SE), with an Academy Award of Merit (Oscar) "for significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering as exemplified in Pixar’s RenderMan
  51. 51. Question 5: International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics, is a prize awarded to two, three, or four mathematicians not over 40 years of age at each International Congress of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), a meeting that takes place every four years.
  52. 52. The Fields Medal, officially known as International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics. The colloquial name is in honour of Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields.[1] Fields was instrumental in establishing the award, designing the medal itself, and funding the monetary component.[1] The Fields Medal is often viewed as the greatest honour a young mathematician can receive.[2][3] The Abel Prize and the Fields Medal have often been described as the "mathematician's Nobel prizes". It comes with a monetary award, which since 2006 is $15,000 (in Canadian dollars, roughly US $15,000.[4]).[5][6] The medal was first awarded in 1936 to Finnish mathematician Lars Ahlfors and American mathematicianJesse Douglas,
  53. 53. Question 6:
  54. 54. Born Sir Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar ( OBE, FRS (21 February 1894 – 1 January 1955) was a wellknown Indian scientist 21 February 1894 Shahpur, British India Died Fields 1 January 1955 (aged 60) New Delhi, India India India Indian Chemistry Institutions Council of Scientific and Indust Residence Citizenship Nationality Banaras Hindu University Alma mater University of the Punjab University College London Doctoral advisor Frederick G. Donnan Known for CSIR India Notable awards Padma Bhushan (1954) Knighthood (1941) OBE (1936)
  55. 55. Question 6:
  56. 56. Question 7
  57. 57. In 1959, Richard Feynman gave a talk at Caltech in American Physical Society meeting, “Learn from mother Nature to make things smaller and see the advantages . Plenty of space remaining at the bottom” The term Nanotechnology was first time used by Norio Taniguchi (1974) size Kim Eric Drexler (1986) wrote first book Engines of Creation, which finally popularized the term Nanotechnology Earlier imagination of Nanoscience>>>>>
  58. 58. Audio
  59. 59. Miscellaneous
  60. 60. Question 1
  61. 61. Question 2
  62. 62. Question 3
  63. 63. Question 4 Identify this man
  64. 64. Q. 5
  65. 65. Q. 6
  66. 66. Q. 5
  67. 67. Q. 1 He recorded his first 78RPM disc at the age of 8, and gave his last concert in 2004 at the age of 75. In 1964 and 1968, respectively, he was awarded the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards, but refused to accept them, declaring the committee musically incompetent to judge him. In January 2000, when he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award, he again refused, calling it "an insult". He famously once said, "If there is any award for _____ in India, I must get it first". He also turned down the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. For a while, he also boycotted AllIndia Radio. The only titles he accepted were the special decorations of "Bharat _____ Samrat" by the Artistes Association of India and "Aftabe_____" (Sun of the _____) from President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.
  68. 68. Q. 2
  69. 69. Q. 3
  70. 70. •Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, United Kingdom and Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, India •Both served as the finance ministers for their respective countries before going onto become the Prime Minister •Grand connect clue: Prime Minister
  71. 71. Question 4:
  72. 72. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress who is best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000, and as a spokes model for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009
  73. 73. Question 5
  74. 74. Question 6
  75. 75. Question 7: WHY DO THE DONE, DO THE NEW Tata DoCoMo, is a GSM based cellular operator. It was formed in 2008 as an alliance between Tata Teleservices and NTT DoCoMo. It has also emerged as the first mobile operator in India to have ‘per second’ pulse. What does the word DoCoMo means ?
  76. 76. DoCoMo an abbreviation of the phrase, “do communications over the mobile network” (officially), and is also from a phrase dokodemo, meaning "everywhere" in Japanese.
  77. 77. Annapurna 8091m Broad Peak 8051m Cho Oyu 8188m Everest 8848m Gasherbrum I 8080m Gasherbrum II 8034m Kangchenjunga 8586m Manaslu 8163m Lhotse 8516m Nanga Parbat 8126m Dhaulagiri 8167m K2 8611m Makalu 8485m Shishapangma 8027 m Reinhold Messner
  78. 78. Q. 5
  79. 79. Question 3
  80. 80. Sports
  81. 81. Question 1 Connect
  82. 82. Bob Massie and Narendra Hirwani Maximum wickets (Sixteen) on debut
  83. 83. Question 2 David Beckham’s jersey number was seven at Manchester United. When he joined Real Madrid, he could not get seven because it was used by Madridista’s own Raul. Beckham therefore chose the number 23. What was the motivation behind it?
  84. 84. Beckham is a Michael Jordan fan and Jordan’s jersey number was 23
  85. 85. Question 3:
  86. 86. Question 4:
  87. 87. Miguel Pérez Cuesta, commonly known as Michu, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Swansea City in the Premier League as an attacking midfielder or striker
  88. 88. Question 5
  89. 89. On 14 October 2012, Heather Watson won her first WTA singles title with a win over Chang Kai-chen of Taiwan in the final of the Japan Open, becoming the first British female to win a WTA singles title since Sara Gomer in 1988.
  90. 90. Question 6
  91. 91. Question 7
  92. 92. Question 8
  93. 93. Question 9 What is common to all this soccer player
  94. 94. Question 10 Recently the book titled Shadows across the playing field : 60 Years of IndiaPakistan Cricket got released. Name the authors?
  95. 95. Shashi Tharoor Shaharyar Khan
  96. 96. Question 11 Name the youngest grand slam champion of all time? [For both men and women and in all events]
  97. 97. In 1996, Martina Hingis became the youngest Grand Slam champion of all time, when she teamed with Helena Sukova at Wimbledon to win the women's doubles title at age 15 years and 9 months.
  98. 98. Question 12 The boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali who retired from the game in the year 1981 was honoured with Medal in Philadelphia on 13 September 2012. What was the name of that medal?
  99. 99. Liberty medal
  100. 100. Question 13 Who was the first person to run 100 m in under 10 seconds, in the Olympics?
  101. 101. Jim Hines
  102. 102. Question 14 This Lady right-hand bat and slow leftarm bowler had an outstanding Test record, averaging nearly 60 with the bat and under 17 with the ball. Identify the player?
  103. 103. Enid Bakewell (born 16 December 1940) played for the English Women’s cricket team in 12 Tests between 1968 and 1979, and in 23 ODIs.
  104. 104. Audio –Visual round
  105. 105. Marco Polo Airport is at about 12 km from Venice, and is connected to the city by the ACTV and ATVO bus routes and by taxis, by land, and by the Alilaguna motorboats and by water taxis, by sea. Moving by land from Marco Polo Airport to reach the historic city centre of Venice, you arrive in Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal and the point of arrival for whoever wants to visit the city coming by car, a sort of last outpost of the mainland. In fact, from Piazzale Roma can continue
  106. 106. Where does this monument stand?
  107. 107. •Waterloo, Belgium •The Lion’s mount was raised to commemorate the bravery of Prince William II in the Battle of Waterloo (1815) •Grand connect clue: Battle of Waterloo
  108. 108. Question 2 This is a Rolls Royce car owned by Nizam. For more JOIN: Old Indian Images This was the car only owned by Royals and was No.1 in their list. When Nizam went to purchase it, Rolls Royce officials denied him and Nizam logged a Case in Court. Nizam won the case and purchased this car. The very next day, Rolls Royce was seen on road and was used for road cleaning all over the city. This was Attitude of Nizam and YES He was a HYDERABADI.
  109. 109. Question 4 The Deccan Queen has several firsts or 'among the firsts' to her credit: she was India's first superfast train, she was the first long distance electric hauled passenger train, she was one of India's first vestibuled trains. The Deccan Queen was the first to have a Ladies Only car, and amongst the first to feature a diner. The train has an exciting and chequered history. The Deccan Queen got a brand new rake in 1966, consisting of Indian Railways standard integral anti telescopic cars. For the first time since the history of the train, third class (now second class) passengers were allowed to travel by this train. It had only reserved first class since inception until 1966.
  110. 110. Q. 5
  111. 111. Question 2: Leymah Roberta Gbowee (born 1 February 1972) is a Liberian peace activist responsible for leading a women's peace movement that helped bring an end to the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003. Her efforts to end the war, along with her collaborator Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, helped usher in a period of peace and enabled a free election in 2005 that Sirleaf won. This made Liberia the first African nation to have a female president. [1]  She, along withEllen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakkul Karman, were awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peacebuilding work.