ASKQANCE 2012 Sports Quiz finals_for upload


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Sports Quiz Finals at KQA's 29th Anniversary (2012) - by Thejaswi Udupa and Venkatesh S

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ASKQANCE 2012 Sports Quiz finals_for upload

  1. 1. Finals
  2. 2. Round 1Written round+5 for every correct answer+5 bonus if only 1-2 teams answer
  3. 3. 1 Whose tenure as MCCpresident?
  4. 4. 2 Name him
  5. 5. 3 NBA Hall of Fame, Rhodes Scholar and Senator.Who?
  6. 6. 4 What’s the title?
  7. 7. 5 Who is the subject?
  8. 8. 6 Name him
  9. 9. 7 Name both
  10. 10. 8 Fill in the blank with aplace name
  11. 11. Exchange Sheets ...
  12. 12. 1 Whose tenure as MCCpresident?
  13. 13. Answer Tom Graveney
  14. 14. 2 Name him
  15. 15. Answer Mark Cuban
  16. 16. 3 NBA Hall of Fame, Rhodes Scholar and Senator.Who?
  17. 17. Answer Bill Bradley
  18. 18. 4 What’s the title?
  19. 19. Answer Soccernomics
  20. 20. 5 Who is the subject?
  21. 21. Answer Moe Norman
  22. 22. 6 Name him
  23. 23. Answer Sean Payton
  24. 24. 7 Name both
  25. 25. Answer Suzanne Lenglen Helen Wills Moody
  26. 26. 8 Fill in the blank with aplace name
  27. 27. Answer Sansarpur
  28. 28. Round 2+10 on bounce+10/-10 on pounce
  29. 29. 1In local language it is called a ‘gol’. The shapeis symbolically anthropomorphic – a bodywith head, shoulders, breasts, belly, genitals(both male and female!), and knees.In what activity that National Geographicjournalist Kal Muller was the first white manto do, does one come across a ‘gol’?
  30. 30. Answer Land diving in the Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
  31. 31. 2While more famous as a criminal (he was no. 4 on theoriginal Public Enemies list!), he was a keen golfer andgood enough to qualify for the Western Open at Olympiaunder the name Vincent Ghebardi (a version of his realname Vincenzo Gibaldi) – unfortunately for him, hisgreatest sporting achievement also led to his arrest as asharp detective in Chicago Police noticed the name in thenewspapers, made the obvious connect, and went toOlympia on Day 2 of the Open and arrested him. He wasallowed to complete the game, though – and he missedthe cut by 14 shots. He blamed his poor performance onthe police presence.Identify this sporting criminal.
  32. 32. Answer ‘Machine Gun’ Jack McGurn
  33. 33. 3In 1997, when ESPN premiered thistechnology developed by a start-up namedSportvision, some reactions from sportsjournalists included “Is there a guy runningout there with a vacuum and chalk?”, “Is itbeing done with laser beams?”What technological innovation in sportsbroadcasting is this, that won ESPN anEmmy the following year?
  34. 34. Answer The yellow first-and-ten line in American football tv coverage
  35. 35. 4Stephen Krieger was the champion since2003. Joe Collins usurped the throne earlierthis year but not without controversy. The 51year old Joe Collins did all the engineeringbut got a much fitter and younger Joe Ayoobto do the actual job for him and this sentthe purists aflutter.What ‘sport’?
  36. 36. Answer Paper plane throwing
  37. 37. 5"I was the greatest generator ofincome for clubs, greater thanFlintoff, Botham and the rest"Peter Bowler told a meeting of theCricket Society in 2011.What’s the funda?
  38. 38. Answer Peter Bowler had a reputation for being a slow and boring batsman. "Whenever I went out to bat, the stands emptied and bars and restaurants were filled to capacity."
  39. 39. 6When he was the captain of his Ranji team, thislegendary player had instituted a practice ofrewarding his players with Oakley sunglasseswhenever they hit a double century or took afive-for. However on one occasion he gave a pairof these coveted glasses to a player who hadtaken only a four-for, because it was only hissecond Ranji game, and he had taken a crucialhat-trick that triggered a batting collapse.Name the captain and the bowler.
  40. 40. Answer Virender Sehwag Parwinder Awana
  41. 41. 7“I thought they had hurt their hand.” –Lord Burghley, 6th Marquis of Essex,400m hurdles gold medal winner in the1928 Amsterdam OlympicsExplain the quote with reference tocontext.
  42. 42. Answer Lord Burghley awarded the medals to Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman in 1968 Mexico. The statement was his response when asked about the salute.
  43. 43. 8What is the inspiration for this anumalikalbanner from F.C. Tokyo?
  44. 44. Answer
  45. 45. 9Identify this flag. Who draped this flag aroundherself after winning an Olympic gold?
  46. 46. Answer Aboriginal flag Cathy Freeman
  47. 47. 10 Identify the author of this autobiographical work. He now works as a taxi driver at Dorset.
  48. 48. Answer Jimmy Glass
  49. 49. 11Shown above is the aftermath of a 1929 event. What would aphoto of the aftermath of the 1951 sporting equivalent look like?
  50. 50. Answer Jake La Motta on the ropes (his final and famous bout with Sugar Ray Robinson, dubbed the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre)
  51. 51. Answer Seal
  52. 52. 13This all-rounder played ten Test matchesover a span of seven years, and his team wonevery one of them – leaving him with theenviable record of being the only cricketerwith over ten matches in his career AND a100% win-record. He was seen in the 2011Cricket World Cup as a coach.Who?
  53. 53. Answer Eldine Baptiste
  54. 54. 14 Manhattan, 1926 – 2 million people turn up for the biggest ticker-tape parade until then held in honour of “a 19-year-old New Yorker with a slick crawl and a winning grin” who had set a record that would hold for the next 24 years. Who was the achiever?
  55. 55. Answer Gertrude Ederle
  56. 56. Answer Daley Thompson Iron Maiden
  57. 57. 15 The ‘Snow Leopard Award’ was a Soviet mountaineering award, that the former Soviet states continue to award to this date. For what achievement is this award given?
  58. 58. Answer For climbing all the 5 7000m+ peaks in the former Soviet Union
  59. 59. 16In 2002, double Olympic gold-medallistJerry Heidenreich committed suicide atthe age of 52. Who commented thus onhis death – “There is always somebodythat makes somebody great, and JerryHeidenreich was the reason I was great.”
  60. 60. Answer Mark Spitz – Heidenreich was his chief rival at the ‘72 Olympics
  61. 61. 17A French verb that describes what the cue stick does tothe cue ball, what is such a shot in cue sports called?
  62. 62. Answer Massé
  63. 63. 18His obituary in the 1916 edition of theWisden almanac deals fully with hiscricketing career including how he toppedthe bowling averages for Rugby in 1907with 19 wickets at 14.05 each. It notesalmost as a side note that “he gained areputation as a poet.”Whose obituary?
  64. 64. Answer Rupert Brooke
  65. 65. Round 3+10 on bounce+10/-10 on pounce
  66. 66. 1 Connect
  67. 67. Answer Joshua Waitzkin – chess prodigy and now author, on whom the film Searching for Bobby Fischer (released in the UK as Innocent Moves) was based.
  68. 68. 2Who is the author of thisforerunner to Wisden?On March 15, 1877,his surname became apart of which enduringtrivia question?
  69. 69. Answer (Fred) Lillywhite He is a cousin of James Lillywhite, the first English test captain
  70. 70. 3 The man in the picture is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist, winner of the Val Barker Trophy in 1972, and hailed as the “the most famous person from his country after its <political leader>” One of his most enduring quotes is, "What is a million dollars worth compared to the love of 8 million of my countrymen?"Who, which country and what is the context for the quote?
  71. 71. Answer Teofilo Stevenson, the boxer from Cuba The quote was made in 1974, when the American boxing promoters Bob Arum and Don King tried, separately, to entice him away from Cuba to fight Muhammad Ali.
  72. 72. 4 Independent India’s first finalist in an athletics event at the 1948 Olympics, he was a clear medal prospect in his event He had won the National title earlier in the year with a record performance that stood for 20 years, and set the best mark in the world that year Bad weather and inexperience cost him in the finals as he retired with an injury He was the first Director of SAI from 1984-88.Who and which event?
  73. 73. Answer Henri Rebello Triple Jump
  74. 74. 5 One possible explanation for this sporting term is that it comes from the old English word for hinder, with the root word meaning ‘to slow’ Another is that it may come from the French word meaning ‘net’ Today, the meaning has expanded to cover situations even beyond those involving just the netWhat sporting term?
  75. 75. Answer The call of “let” in tennis  Fillet in French is “net”
  76. 76. 6 Called Gold Bats, this team plays two annual cricketing fixtures, apart from other matches One is at Dulwich College, against the Dulwich Dusters, a team made up of college masters The other has been happening, since 2001, at West Wycombe against a society of literary fans. This match is always played using the rules of cricket from 1895Who are the Gold Bats? Who are their opponents in theWest Wycombe match?
  77. 77. Answer Gold Bats are the team representing the PG Wodehouse Society (Dulwich College was his alma mater) The opponents are the Sherlock Holmes society (“It is always 1895”)
  78. 78. 7 The winners of this tournament get three trophies – two rolling and one permanent:  The actual trophy named after the civil servant who started it  The location where it was started  The President’s Cup, which is given as a permanent trophyName the trophies (no part points)
  79. 79. Answer Durand Cup Shimla Cup
  80. 80. 8 Prior to 1938, there was an accepted theory that the game been introduced by a “Colonel _________” of the Royal Artillery. A British Army officer (with a famous namesake) staked his own claim to having founded the game in 1875, when he was a 20-year old, after his regiment moved from Shimla to Jabalpur. This was published in The Field, and was apparently provoked by another claim in the same magazine, that the game had been invented at “The Shop”, a term used to describe the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich.Name the officer and the sport
  81. 81. Answer Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain Snooker
  82. 82. 9 This was the first permanent park circuit in England; an estate made into a racing circuit in 1931 Became a WWII PoW camp, and more recently, was in the reckoning in 2010 to become the venue of the British Grand Prix, but it could not muster the finances It has hosted a Grand Prix 5 times so far and the winners are:  1935 - Richard "Mad Jack" Shuttleworth  1936 - Hans Rüesch  1937 - Bernd Rosemeyer  1938 - Tazio NuvolariName the circuit, better known to music lovers as the venue fornumerous music festivals, including the Download Festival. Also,who was the next and last winner of the Grand Prix, in what isregarded as his best wet weather race?
  83. 83. Answer Donington Park Ayrton Senna in 1993
  84. 84. 10 The award given to the Best Pitcher every year in the American Major League Baseball is called the __ Young Award, named after the MLB pitcher Denton ‘__’ Young Young got his nickname during his minor league tryouts, when the scouts were impressed at the impact his fastball created on the fences on the grandstand; the fences were literally torn to shreds and that’s how he got his nickname, which stuck onWhat was his nickname?
  85. 85. Answer Cy Young, after Cyclone - the fences looked like a cyclone had hit them
  86. 86. 11Sergei Bubka won 6 consecutive IAAF World Championships,an Olympics gold and broke the world record for mens polevaulting 35 times.He did this by deliberately increasing the height only by acentimetre or so each time, even though he could have gonehigher.Why did he increase the height only in small increments?
  87. 87. Answer Because of the large prize money on offer from event promoters for breaking world records He would not attempt another record jump until the next opportunity to collect a prize!
  88. 88. 12 Rajeev Bagga reached the main stage of the 1990 All England Open Badminton Championships earning a special distinction in the process He was National Singles Champion in 1991-92, Arjuna Awardee in 1991 and doubles champion in 1997. Among his main achievements is winning 14 ‘Olympic’ gold medals across games from 1989 to 2005 In 2005, much after he retired, a Hindi film released that seemed to be mirroring his life, but with the protagonist playing a different sportWhat was his unique distinction?
  89. 89. Answer Completely deaf athlete (the Olympic games is the Deaflympics)  The film in reference is Iqbal, where Shreyas Talpade is deaf-mute
  90. 90. 13 The FIDE Chess World rankings started in 1971 Since then, seven people have been ranked #1. Of this, only two people have been World #1, but not the undisputed world championsName them
  91. 91. Answer Veselin Topalov (who lost in the unification match) and Magnus Carlsen (the current world #1)
  92. 92. 14 The guy on the right, George Morgan, achieved it last year. He is strictly speaking the answer to the question that you are constantly reminded of, around this time (June/July) every year. The common answer given though, is the person whose name is blanked out in the fashion label below. Explain
  93. 93. Answer George Morgan is the last Briton to win at Wimbledon – he won the boy’s singles doubles in 2011! What matters to the media, of course, is the last men’s singles champion, Fred Perry, who has an eponymous fashion brand
  94. 94. 15 The Eastern Carolina League was a minor league baseball affiliation which operated in the Eastern part of North Carolina. The most famous player of this league in 1909 and 1910 received meager pay when he played for teams in this league during his college vacations However, this fact had a much larger implication for him a few years later, post the 1912 OlympicsWho and what happened?
  95. 95. Answer Jim Thorpe was considered a “pro” and stripped of his 1912 Olympic gold medals
  96. 96. 16 Tollygunge Club in Kolkata has one of Indias foremost 18- hole golf courses. It was originally an Indigo Plantation laid out in 1781 by the Johnson family, pioneers of the plantation industry in India. Sir William Cruikshank established the club as an equestrian sports facility in the year 1895 to "promote all manner of sports".What purpose did it serve (a South Indian connection) from1799 to 1895?
  97. 97. Answer Residence of the exiled descendents of Tipu Sultan
  98. 98. 17 What innovative feature to decide matches, possibly inspired by ice hockey and Major League Soccer, was introduced in the Indian Premier Hockey League in 2007?
  99. 99. Answer One-on-one penalty shootouts with a player dribbling from the 25-yard line
  100. 100. 18 Two defensive formations. The one on the left has five defensive backs and the one on the right has six. What are they respectively called? (no part points!)
  101. 101. Answer Nickel and Dime
  102. 102. Round 4+5 for every right answer listed.
  103. 103. There have been 6 batsmen whohave hit a century in internationalT20 games. Name them.
  104. 104. The list Richard Levi Chris Gayle Brendon McCullum Tillekaratne Dilshan Suresh Raina Mahela Jayawardene