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Quiz meet


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Published in: Education
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Quiz meet

  1. 1. QUIZ MEET
  2. 2. Honorary Fellowships of the Royal Society ofChemistry,2002• Professor Henri B Kagan HonFRSC• Sir Thomas Fulton Wilson McKillop HonFRSC FRSEFRS• Professor Sir John Edward Sulston HonFRSC FRS• Professor Kurt Wuthrich HonFRSC HonFRSEForMemRS• Professor Ahmed Hassan Zewail HonFRSCForMemRS• X• Who is X?
  3. 3. Answer• Sherlock Holmes
  4. 4. • Bartholomew• James• Andrew• Y• Peter• John• X• Thomas• James the Greater• Philip• Matthew• Jude• Simon
  5. 5. Answer• X-Jesus• Y-Judas Iscariot• Funda –Order of seating from left to right in‘The Last Supper’
  6. 6. Knowing that moviemakers and novelists have apenchant for naming their works from phrases inpoems, identify the poet of the given stanza andthe name of the critically acclaimed 2004 moviewhich is blanked out in the stanza. The Wikipediapage of the movie also adds that the title is takenfrom the poem Eloisa to Abelard by X, the story of atragic love affair, where forgetfulness became theheroines only comfort.“How happy is the blameless vestals lot!The world forgetting, by the world forgot.______ _______ __ ___ ________ _____!Each prayr accepted, and each wish resignd;”
  7. 7. Answer• X - Alexander Pope,• Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  8. 8. “Biophysicist and Security Operations Center expertDr. Henry Hank’ Pym decided to become asuperhero after discovering a chemical substancethat would allow the user to alter his size. Armedwith a helmet that could control ants, Pym wouldshrink down to the size of an insect to become themystery-solving Ant-Man. He soon shared hisdiscovery with his girlfriend, Janet Van Dyne, whobecame his crime-fighting partner as the Wasp. Theduo would become founding members of_________________, fighting recurring enemiessuch as the mad scientist Egghead, the mutantWhirlwind, and Pyms own robotic creation Ultron.”Identify the group.
  9. 9. Answer• The Avengers
  10. 10. While attending the Universal and ColonialExposition in Lyon in 1894, Edouard and André Ynoticed a stack of _______ that suggested toEdouard the figure of a man without arms. Fouryears later, André met French cartoonist MariusRossillon, popularly known as OGalop, who showedhim a rejected image he had created for a Munichbrewery—a large, regal figure holding a huge glassof beer and quoting the phrase "Nunc est X”meaning “Now is the time to drink” from Horace’sOdes. André immediately suggested replacing theman with a figure made from _______. InSpanish, Y has acquired the meaning of folds offatty skin around the waist. Identify X and Y.
  11. 11. Answer• X-Bibendum• Y-Michelin
  12. 12. It is a common mistake to interpret X to be ablue sapphire. Evidence shows it was a ruby.There has also been speculation that theKohinoor diamond is indeed X as there has beennothing said about it since Krishna’s time. It wasgifted by the Sun God to Satrajit, brother ofSatyabhama. Krishna and Y had a fight for 28days over this and Y gradually grew tired. As hewas the strongest living entity at that time, hewondered who could be weakening him. It wasthen that Y realized that he had been sparringwith none other than Sri Krishna himself.Identify X and Y.
  13. 13. Answer• X-Syamantaka Jewel• Y-Jambavan
  14. 14. • -> Jimmy Snuka• -> Jake "the Snake" Roberts• -> Giant Gonzales• -> King Kong Bundy• -> Diesel• -> Psycho Sid• -> Kane• -> Big Boss Man• -> Triple H• -> Ric Flair• -> Big Show and A-Train• -> Kane• -> Randy Orton• -> Mark Henry• -> Batista• -> Edge• -> Shawn Michaels• -> Shawn Michaels• -> Triple H• -> Triple H• -> CM PunkAll these men are grudgingly a part of the most monumental feat of sports entertainment, which is?
  15. 15. Answer• The Undertakers Wrestlemania undefeatedstreak
  16. 16. X is a genus of flowering plants. It contains roughly20 species of small understory trees native to thetropical forests of Central and South America. Xcacao, the most well known species of the genus, isused for making chocolate. X, the genus name, isfrom the Greek and translates to “food of the gods,”a designation that chocolate-lovers would agree isbefitting. Although Linnaeus was reputedly fond ofchocolate, he would have been familiar with earlySpanish writings describing the Mayan and Aztecbeliefs that cacao was a gift from the gods. X is alsoa popular dessert shop in Mumbai.
  17. 17. AnswerTheobroma
  18. 18. X was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra after thedivision of Bombay State and the fifth Deputy PrimeMinister of India. After the resignation of Krishna Menonas Defense Minister in 1962 in the wake of India-ChinaBorder Conflict, X was given that portfolio by Primeminister Jawaharlal Nehru. He handled the delicate post-war situation firmly and took several decisions toempower the armed forces and negotiated with China toend the hostilities. When X was appointed FederalDefence minister following the China war in 1962, apopular saying arose in Maharashtra meaning, Sahyadricame rushing on the call by the Himalaya. His name wascontroversially used by the Congress in an importantwork of infrastructure which was conceived by the BJPand Shiv Sena. Identify X.
  19. 19. Answer• Yeshwantrao Chavan
  20. 20. Duke Nukem has Super Radiation. LootenPlunder has Deforestation. Sly Sludge has aSmog. Verminous Skumm has Toxics. Dr. Blighthas Hate. These duplicates were created by Dr.Blight after he stole the original Xs. What?
  21. 21. Answer• Planeteers’ Rings (Captain Planet)
  22. 22. 1972January-Marilyn ColeFebruary-P.J.LansingMarch-Ellen MichaelsApril-Vicki PetersMay-Deanna BakersJune-Debbie DavisJuly-Carol O’NealAugust-Linda SummersSeptember-Susan MillerOctober-Sharon JohansenNovember- XDecember-Mercy RooneyWho is X? How is she immortalized?
  23. 23. Answer• Lena Soderberg• Standard Test Image
  24. 24. There is a history about an Indian temple in KashiVishwanath which contains a large room with threetime-worn posts in it surrounded by ___________.Brahmin priests, acting out the command of anancient prophecy, have been acting in accordancewith the immutable rules of the _______ since thattime. It is predicted from this that the universe willlast 585 billion years. There are many variations onthis legend. For instance, in some tellings, thetemple is a monastery and the priests are monks.The temple or monastery may be said to be indifferent parts of the world — including X, and maybe associated with any religion. It was firstintroduced to the West by Édouard Lucas in 1883.What is being talked about?
  25. 25. Answer• Tower of Hanoi
  26. 26. • "In 1926 the brothers Bob, BIll and BarnamabyOllerton formed the Y X Company. Their firstmodel Y One was produced in large quantitiesand was an instant hit. In 1967, the Z Racing XCompany overtook the Y X Company. The Z Xscombined reliability and easy handling, andbecame a favourite for teams across Europe.”This is the history of Xs in a certain movieuniverse. Identify X, Y and Z
  27. 27. Answer• Y - Cleansweep, X - Broom, Z- Nimbus
  28. 28. After winning the game, X caused morecontroversy when he was told that Y had lostthree teeth, and replied: "If thats all thatswrong with him, Ill pay him the crowns.”X said the reason he did not go over to check onYs condition was because a number of _______players were standing around Y and makingthreatening gestures in his direction.Identify X and Y.
  29. 29. Answer• X-Harald Schumacher• Y-Patrick Battiston
  30. 30. Richard Colvin Reid, also known as the ShoeBomber, is an Englishman who attempted todetonate explosives packed into the shoes he waswearing, while on American Airlines Flight 63 fromParis to Miami. According to his father, Reid becamedepressed and blamed racism for some of hisproblems. His father advised him to convert toIslam, telling him that Muslims were moreegalitarian and they got better food in prison. Anattempt was made by the South Asia bureau of WallStreet Journal to retrace the steps of "shoebomber" Richard Reid trying to set up a meetingwith Sheik Gilani, a spiritual leader. What resulted?
  31. 31. Answer• Execution of Daniel Pearl
  32. 32. • There is perhaps no other single sporting eventin the world more valuable to the winners thanX. The winners end up approximately£120,000,000 better off than the losers, mainlydue to the increased commercial televisionrevenue. To slightly alleviate this loss, byconvention, the two finalists agree that the losertake all the gate revenue from the game.
  33. 33. Answer• The Championship play-offs
  34. 34. An Okinawan Japanese immigrant to the UnitedStates, _________ learned karate originally fromhis father, who had been a fisherman._________ initially had a job working for thefather of his best friend, Sato, who was alsotaught karate by __________s father. When________ fell in love with a young womannamed Yukie, who was arranged to marrySato, Sato felt dishonoured by this, andchallenged _________ to a fight to the death. Toavoid the fight, _________ left Okinawa andimmigrated to the United States.
  35. 35. Answer• Mr. Miyagi, (Karate Kid)
  36. 36. In Jewish folklore, an X is an animatedanthropomorphic being, created entirely frominanimate matter. The word was used to mean anamorphous, unformed material in Psalms andmedieval writing. The most famous X narrativeinvolves Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late-16th-century rabbi of Prague. There are many talesdiffering on how the X was brought to life andafterwards controlled. X is also found in the“Pokedex” at number 76. Fans of Tolkien’s trilogyclaim that Y (A character in his trilogy) is actually anallusion to X from Jewish folklore.Identify ‘X’.
  37. 37. • X - Golem, Y - Gollum
  38. 38. An old woman on pilgrimage recognized that Xwould not walk past a certain image ofJesus, refused to drink water from a holy spring andsmelled bad, hellishly bad. A Carmelite nun fromthe district of Allgau in southern Bavaria told Mr.and Mrs. Michel that X had been buried in unduehurry in a cheap coffin. Almost two years after theburial, on 25 February 1978, her remains werereplaced in a new oak coffin lined with tin. Theofficial reports (to date undisputed by anyauthorities) state that the body bore the signs ofconsistent deterioration. Ernst Alt and Arnold Renzwere disallowed from entering the mortuary. Whatwas inspired from X?
  39. 39. Answer• Exorcism of Emily Rose
  40. 40. • X was a motivational poster produced bythe British government in 1939 during thebeginning of the Second World War, intendedto raise the morale of the British public in theaftermath of widely predicted mass air attackson major cities. It‟s use during that time waslimited and was little known. However it wasrediscovered in 2000 and was reissued tovarious private companies. Since then it hasbeen used as a decorative theme for a range ofproducts. X?
  41. 41. Answer
  42. 42. Connect the two related lists and fill inthe blanksList X• 1)USA -7• 2)_________-6• 3)Puerto Rico-5• 4)Sweden-3
  43. 43. List Y• 1)__________-6• 2)India,United Kingdom-5• 3)USA,Iceland,Jamaica,Sweden-3
  44. 44. Answer• Venezuela• List X-Best at Miss Universe• List Y-Best at Miss World
  45. 45. • X was a baseball player whose playing careerspanned from 1923-1939. He set many major leaguerecords which has since been surpassed. His careercame to an end when he was diagnosed with a diseaseY. Y is famous in North America as X‟s disease. Xand Y?
  46. 46. Answer• X-Lou Gehrig• Y-Motor Neuron Disease
  47. 47. X is possibly the only film on which both MorganFreeman and Amitabh Bachchan have worked. Xreceived an academy award in 2005. It took oneyear for the two isolated cinematographersLaurent Chalet and Jérôme Maison to shoot thefilm, which was shot around the Frenchscientific base of Dumont dUrville in AdélieLand. In spite of being an exceptional film, X hasattracted some controversy amongst social/political commentators on monogamy andbetween atheists and proponents of Intelligentdesign. Identify X.
  48. 48. Answer• March of the Penguins
  49. 49. • The following transcript of an excerpt from the interrogation of screenwriter John Howard• Lawson by HUAC chairman J. Parnell Thomas• Thomas: Are you a member of the Communist Party or have you ever been a member of• the Communist Party?• Lawson: Its unfortunate and tragic that I have to teach this committee the basic• principles of Americanism.• Thomas: Thats not the question. Thats not the question. The question is—have you• ever been a member of the Communist Party?• Lawson: I am framing my answer in the only way in which any American citizen can frame hisanswer to...• Thomas: Then you deny it?• Lawson: ...a question that invades his...absolutely invades his privacy.• Thomas: Then you deny... You refuse to answer that question, is that correct?• Lawson: I have told you that I will offer my beliefs, my affiliations and everything else• to the American public and they will know where I stand as they do from what I have written.• Thomas: Stand away from the stand...• Lawson: I have written for Americanism for many years...• Thomas: Stand away from the stand...• Lawson: And I shall continue to fight for the Bill of Rights, which you are trying to destroy.• Thomas: Officer, take this man away from the stand• --- What followed this investigation of Lawson and 9 other hollywood screenwriters/directors• which had deep impact on the industry which can still be seen in the present when DaltonTrumbo• was finally give due credit in 2011 for screenwriting Roman Holiday" in 1953.
  50. 50. Answer• Hollywood Blacklist
  51. 51. • On 12 October 1969, a caller to Detroit radiostation WKNR-FM told disc jockey Russ Gibb aboutan urban legend and its clues. That can be consideredthe real start of the rumour‟s spread. The „evidences‟included album arts, cryptic messages which can beheard on songs playing backwards. The subject ofthis, X poked fun at this by naming one of his livealbum Y, parodying the urban legend.
  52. 52. Answer• X-Paul McCartney• „Paul is Dead‟• Y-Paul is Live
  53. 53. • After the World Cup final of 1938, which Italy won4-2 by defeating Hungary, the Hungarian goalkeepersaid, “I may have let four in, but at least I______________”. What did he say and why?
  54. 54. Answer• I may have let four goals in, but at least I saved theirlife.• Before the game, each of the Italian players receiveda telegram from Benito Mussolini saying "Vincere omorire!” meaning “Win or Die”.
  55. 55. • X started his professional career as a sports journalistfor the Sportsworld magazine. In 2004, he joined theTrinamool Congress, where he is currently the vice-president. In 2009 he was made the head of thePassenger Services Committee of the IndianRailways. In 2012 Presidential Election, he becamethe first person from his community to cast vote in thpresidential election. X?
  56. 56. Answer• Derek O‟Brien.
  57. 57. • Philip Jackson was born in Scotland duringthe Second World War and now works at the EdwardLawrence Studio in Midhurst, West Sussex and livesnearby. He went to the Farnham School of Art. Afterleaving school, he was a press photographer for ayear and then joined a design company as a sculptor.Half of his time is spent on commissions and theother half on his gallery sculpture. What is his claimto fame?
  58. 58. Sculptures at Old Trafford
  59. 59. Identify X• X was born as ________ in Gujranwala (now in Pakistan), to a Hindu fatherand Sikh mother.• He was later brought up by eminent educationist __________, the founderof many public schools including the Delhi Public School and the SummerFields School. It is said that upon his influence he converted to Christianityand changed his surname. However, his entry to the Puris Jagannath Temple(which is reserved only for Hindus)and subsequent statements of hiscolleagues in the Congress Party clarifies that he is very much a Hindu. Hehas adopted the surname of his guardian who raised and educated him as atoken of gratitude.• Active in the Congress youth organisation and a disciple of Sanjay Gandhi, hewas first elected to the Lok Sabha in 1980. He served as a Union Minister firstin the Civil Aviation department and then in the Labor department. Theofficial report of the Nanavati Commission of the Government of India on the__________ found credible evidence against X, saying he very probablyhad a hand in organising _________. The Indiangovernment, however, decided not to prosecute X due to lack of concreteevidence.
  60. 60. Answer• Jagdish Tytler