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Compare contrast


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Compare contrast

  1. 1. Comparison and Contrast From Patterns Ch 11
  2. 2. DefinitionA comparison and contrast essay discusses thesimilarity, difference, or both between two or moresubjects. A comparison focuses on what the subjects have in common. A contrast focuses on how the subjects are different from each other.
  3. 3. Basis for ComparisonIt is important to make sure that you establish a basis forcomparison when selecting subjects for your essay.A basis for comparison is when the subjects you havechosen have enough in common to allow for a meaningfulcomparison. For example, apples and oranges have a basis for comparison in that they share many similar qualities. On the other hand, a tree and a supernova do not have a basis for comparison and it would be absurd to compare them.
  4. 4. Points for DiscussionAfter selecting your subjects, you then need to decideyour points for discussion.The points for discussion are the areas your will focuson in your comparison and contrast. Based on youremphasis, your points may the similarities,differences, or both between the subjects. For example, when comparing/contrasting apples and oranges, I may focus on the texture, taste, and color as my points of discussion.
  5. 5. Writing A Thesis StatementA thesis statement for a compare and contrast essayshould have the following qualities: It should identify the subjects of your essay. It should give the point you will making by comparing and contrasting. It should make it clear if you are focusing on the similarities, differences, or both. It should list the points for comparison you are using.
  6. 6. Organizing a Compare and Contrast Essay When organizing a compare and contrast essay you should follow one of the following patterns: A subject-by-subject pattern organizes your essay by your subjects. You would discuss the same points for each subject, but you talk about each subject separately. A point-by-point pattern organizes your essay by each point for discussion you are making. You would talk about both subjects under each point.