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Compare and contrast powerpoint


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Compare and contrast powerpoint

  1. 1. Comparison/Contrast Karen S. Wright
  2. 2. Making comparisons examines two or more items: •Items alike •Items different •Or items that are both
  3. 3. Some Issues are Trivial Whether to order. . . hot, juicy pizza or a sub sandwich
  4. 4. Should I buy a. . . Ford or Chevy?
  5. 5. Comparisons Also Discuss Unfamiliar Things A sportswriter might compare: The English sport of rugby American football
  6. 6. A history teacher might compare: France’s court system United States court system
  7. 7. Comparisons Influence Important Decisions What will be your major? chemistry engineering law medicine
  8. 8. Comparisons Must Share Common Ground Two golfers: Driving ability Putting ability Sand play Preferred clubs
  9. 9. Organizing a Comparison There are two basic patterns to organize a comparison/contrast paper: Block Pattern Alternating Pattern
  10. 10. Block Organization In the block style of organization, each subject is discussed one at a time. Each section needs to be short. Readers can only remember short pieces of information.
  11. 11. Block Style For an essay that compares and contrasts writing in college and writing at work: Subject A: Writing in College Point 1: Audience Instructor Point 2: Purpose To fulfill an assignment. Point 3: Outcomes: Feedback, evaluation, grade
  12. 12. Block Organization Subject B: Writing at Work Point 1: Audience: Boss or customer Point 2: Purpose : To convey information Point 3: Outcomes: Follow-up action
  13. 13. Point-By Point Organization Point 1: Audience College: Instructor Work: Boss Point 2: Purpose College: To fulfill an assignment Work: To convey information Point 3: Outcomes College: Feedback, grade Work: Follow-up action
  14. 14. Vocabulary of Comparing/Contrasting Although on the contrary both on the other hand however similarly in contrast though like where (whereas) while
  15. 15. Can be as simple as comparing a to a Puppy Kitten
  16. 16. C O M P A R I N G C O N T R A S T I N GDifferent Kinds of Cows
  17. 17. Most important: be organized and it will. . . put a smile on your face.