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My presentation for academic writing

  1. 1. Agazada ParvanaMammadova Fereh
  2. 2.  Comparing and contrasting is an activity we do every day whenever we have to make decisions. Do I want this house? Or this house?
  3. 3.  DoI want sumsung  Or iphone? galaxy?
  4. 4.  Comparison shows how two or more things are similar Contrast shows how two or more things are different In most writing situations, the two related processes are used together An analogy explains one thing by comparing it to a second, more familiar thing.
  5. 5.  Always choose two equal items—two phones, two vacations, two houses—not two unequal items, like a house and a car. When two things are very similar, it is the contrasts that may be worth writing about. Your job is to interest the reader. Choose points to discuss that are not immediately obvious.
  6. 6.  To explain To evaluate You might compare You might compare and contrast kinds of and contrast kinds of food, for instance, to food to show why one help someone kind of food or brand understand which of food is better than food need to be another. For example, refrigerated and apples are a better which can be stored snack than butter. in a cabinet or in a bowl on the counter.
  7. 7.  Determine your emphasis on similarities, differences, or both. Determine the major focus of your paper. Make sure you treat the same or similar points for each subject you will discuss
  8. 8. Mountain Beachvacation vacationClimate Types of activitiesLocation HotelsRiver Sea
  9. 9.  Besure that your essay has a purpose. Ask yourself this important question: Why would anyone want to read this comparison or contrast? Considergiving the essay a specific audience. Imagine the essay is a letter to a specific person.
  10. 10. Block organization ( subject-by-subject)Subject •Point X A •Point ySubject •Point X B •Point Y
  11. 11. Subject A •All about point XSubject BSubject ASubject B •All about point YSubject A •All about point ZSubject B
  12. 12.  The statement in a comparison- contrast essay should clearly name the topics of the comparison. It should also indicate that this is going to be a comparison – contrast analysis. The thesis statement sometimes also names the points on which the topics are going to be compared and contrasted However,a comparison of schoolSystems in Europe and the United States reveals several similarities but a great number of differences
  13. 13. For comparison  For contrast Also  Although As well as  But Similarly  Differ Likewise  On the contrary Similar  On the other hand Too  Unless In the same way  Unlike As  But The same as  While equally  Yet
  14. 14.  I.Write a contrast sentence using the following information Baku is overcrowded. Ganja is a quiet city. Living in a city is interesting. Living in a suburb is boring. Leyla knows English well. Cavid knows poorly. Men are egoist. Women are not. Azerbaijan people like drinking tea. American people like to drink coffee. II.Write a new sentence comparing the two sentences in each of the following pairs. Internet gives us additional information. It helps us to connect with our friends. Baku has traffic problems. Istanbul has traffic problems. University gives education. It helps students to take part in social activity-. Serials have bad influence on the people’s behavior. It is a waste of time. Sarah loves animals. Her sister likes animals.
  15. 15.  Purpose & Supporting Details Organization & Structure Transitions & Coherence
  16. 16. We will missyou our dearteachers ! ! !