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Slides for a talk given by Aram Sinnreich to the Russian government and Google in Moscow, Spring 2011. Part of a daylong conference on intellectual property in the digital age, this talk focuses on six communities (three traditional, three emerging) that thrive in the absence of traditional copyright controls

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Sinnreich Moscow Address

  1. 1. Innovation and Ownership in Creative Communities<br />Aram Sinnreich, Ph.D.Rutgers University School of Communication & Information<br />
  2. 2. Traditional Culture: Quilting<br /><ul><li> Poor, rural community in Alabama, US
  3. 3. No concept of authorship or copyright…
  4. 4. …UNTIL a lawsuit against the art dealers who “discovered” their work</li></li></ul><li>Traditional Culture: Food<br />Robin Wickens,<br />Melbourne’s Interlude<br />Wylie Dufresne,<br />WD-50 <br />"We all plagiarize all the time. All we can do is stand on the shoulders of the people before us. It's a grey area. None of us is completely innocent.”<br /> - Wylie Dufresne<br />“I guess I did something bad and have to pay the punishment - but it happens a lot more regularly than people realize.”<br /> - Robin Wickens<br />
  5. 5. Traditional Culture: Fashion<br />“I don't think this diminishes Balenciaga's creativity at all. . . My question is always: Who can do it better? We're all savvy enough to know what's been borrowed and what hasn't.”<br /> - Julie Gilhart, Barney’s NY<br />“Yes, I made a mistake. Now my team and I laugh about it, but at the time I was hurt by some of the things people wrote. But yes, absolutely I made a mistake. It was my fault.” <br />- Nicolas Ghesquiere<br />Kaisik Wong<br />1973<br />Nicolas Ghesquiere<br />2002<br />
  6. 6. Emerging Culture: Mashups<br />Danger Mouse, The Grey Album, 2004<br />“Unfair competition and dilution of our valuable property.”<br /> - EMI<br />“Best Album of 2004”<br /> - Entertainment Weekly<br />"I think it was a really strong album. I champion any form of creativity, and that was a genius idea”<br /> - Jay-Z<br />
  7. 7. Emerging Culture: Dojinshi & Fan Subs<br />“Companies like industry leader ADV wouldn’t have been successful without a fansubbing-built customer base. Indeed, the founders of ADV wouldn’t even have known about anime without fansubs.” – IP Attorney Jordan Hatcher<br />“Without fan distribution, the fan network, the domestic industry, and thus the anime explosion, would not have taken off as it did in the 1990s.”<br /> - Sean Leonard, MIT<br />
  8. 8. Emerging Culture: Filipino Cover Bands<br />Arnel Pineda<br />Journey<br />The Zoo<br /><ul><li> 2007: Journey hires Pineda as frontman after seeing his YouTube cover videos
  9. 9. 2008: Journey’s “Revelation” album goes platinum
  10. 10. 2008: Concert revenues for the band top $35,000,000</li></li></ul><li>Thank you. Спасибо.<br />Aram Sinnreich,<br />