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Zines – an informal presentation!


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a little talk i gave at a zine fair in southsea.

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Zines – an informal presentation!

  1. 1. zines ;an informal presentation
  2. 2. disclaimersI am not an authority, just a fan!!! This show contains nudity, far out ideas and personal opinion why I lik e them  Mostly, this is abo ut zines I’m into and
  3. 3. zines Vs main stream media• Short for “fanzine“ not “magazine “• Have always represented the marginalised & underrepresented• Positive flipside to dark side of internet democracy ?• Pre-internet era of the ‘pen pal’ (meeting new people was less creepy then)• Creative, not consumptive!• Choose your own agenda, define your own terms
  4. 4. People need to know that freedom of expression on the printed page is something we can all do and something that is fulfilling and necessary in aworld where everything is mediated and more and more of it by companies with more power than governments! because all information has an agenda, right, especially profit-making media.!!
  5. 5. Fanzines; for the common people!Pre internet global A direct link with the band ! !!
  6. 6. queer zining!?Not just for the gay and lesbian community!- d-i-y ethics aligned with punk- “where radical politics are never sidelined for an easier ride,where good times are never in doubt and where subsumed experiences arerevealed as real… “ 1985 to 1991, J.D.s zine - prototype of homemade, unstylized, d.i.y photocopied queer zines. 1989+ 90s - unapologetic pushing of boundaries and de-intellectualised music journalism (rollerderby, riot grrrl, etc) Now – vampire sushi, shotgun seamstress, vaginas in turmoil, distros, active scene in the uk Here are some that rly inspire me:
  7. 7. Rollerderby zineStarted by lisa carver of the band SUCKDOG originally a zine by bill callahan of smog but sh e kind of took ov er
  8. 8. Tukru – runs an excellent zine distro calledvampire sushi, and plays in a band called seanbean death scene! I read her zines for 6 yearsbefore I decided to make one of my own. Yes darling, but is it art or arse? Your pretty face is going straight to hell
  9. 9. femme barbe – a zine not just forbearded ladies and gender outlaws Zines like this are so vital, because? A counter to the illogical gleaming hairless legs in every women’s gillette advert Media has us incapable of handling the sight of body hair on a woman. However I think it’d be easier for us to if it was as normal in the media as it is on many of us.
  10. 10. It hink we need!• More public access to decent photocopiers!• More events like this• More calls for collaboration/contributions• More discos to dance at that aren’t in expensive bars full of binge drinkers, as well as more d.i.y gigs and nights and venues• More lady djs and bands• More sun. C’mon Its April!
  11. 11. finally…I dedicate this presentation to Lucy Meadows, who was persecuted by the Daily Mail and as a result took her own life.Popular media breeds hatred for a reason. Transphobic rhetoric is just another word for hate.Richard Littlejohn accused the popular teacher of “putting his (sic) own selfish needs ahead of the wellbeing of the children”But I think that that Lucy understood the needs of children, because children need acceptance, whereas Richard denied her the same.I JUST HAVE TO SAY! Children are lied to often by people who are ignorant or don’t understand. It is so easy to explain these things are nothing to be scared of, it’s just different. Without this information, they may feel threatened and that can lead to prejudiced views. The kind that tabloid culture supports and RELIES on.Heres to independent media and zine culture, and screw you Rupert Murdoch!
  12. 12. finALLY ACTUALLY fi nally……