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RLUK - The Costs of Scholarly Communication

A talk on the Open Access Button and the Costs of Scholarly Communication.

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RLUK - The Costs of Scholarly Communication

  1. 1. @OA_Button The Open Access Button and The Costs of Scholarly Communication Joe McArthur - @Mcarthur_Joe Assistant Director, Right to Research Coalition Co-founder of the Open Access Button
  2. 2. @OA_Button These slides, and more:
  3. 3. @OA_Button Today’s talk • What the Open Access Button is, and what it’s doing • The Costs of Scholarly Publishing from our view • How we’re moving forwards, and why we need you.
  4. 4. @OA_Button Launched in Summer 2009. Built around the Student Statement on the Right to Research: access to research is a student right International alliance of 77 graduate & undergraduate student organizations, representing nearly 7 million students We Educate + Advocate for Open Access
  5. 5. @OA_Button Begun in 2013, with the Berlin 11 Student and Early Career Researcher Satellite Conference Conference and Community empowering the next generation to advance open research and education. One major three day meeting each year, with year round satellite events and online community events. Three major events so far, with over 30 Satellite events, dozens of online events and hundreds of projects in the network.
  6. 6. @OA_Button
  7. 7. @OA_Button
  8. 8. @OA_Button Founded in 2013, by two undergraduates who knew not much about anything. The Button tracks and maps when people hit paywalls, and helps connect users with an alternative version.
  9. 9. @OA_Button How the Button Works
  10. 10. @OA_Button Desktop App Mobile App
  11. 11. @OA_Button
  12. 12. @OA_Button
  13. 13. @OA_Button The Firefox Web App
  14. 14. @OA_Button Web
  15. 15. @OA_Button Web Same image, circled button image
  16. 16. @OA_Button Web
  17. 17. @OA_Button Web Click wishlist.
  18. 18. @OA_Button Web Story
  19. 19. @OA_Button
  20. 20. @OA_Button Get Research • Google Scholar • CORE • More soon…
  21. 21. @OA_Button Make Progress.
  22. 22. @OA_Button 22 Professor Randy Schekman Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013. Sander Dekker State Secretary, Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Professor Stephen Curry The Guardian “The use of the Open Access Button will help more people to find research papers.” “I am even more impressed by the Open Access Button, a genuinely grass-roots initiative developed by two students.” “Tools like the Open Access Button can help catalyse change and create a world where science has more impact, is more efficient and importantly available to everyone.”
  23. 23. @OA_Button Around the world Talks given in: Australia Brazil France Germany Greece India Nepal Nigeria Pakistan South Africa South Korea Taiwan Tanzania Turkey UK USA Team based in: Australia Canada Costa Rica France Germany Italy Mexico South Africa The Netherlands UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales) USA 23Website: Email:
  24. 24. @OA_Button Communications 5000+ twitter followers 2,119 Facebook likes 1,287,211 Thunderclap reach In London, during Open Access Week, we packed a room with over 40 people for the Button’s launch and livestreamed it to 150 more. For the launch and other events, we were privileged to have Open Access Button talks all over the globe, a selection of which can be found on our map. This was accompanied by fantastic press coverage including: Huffington Post, VentureBeat, Creative Commons, EFF, The Varsity and Scientific American Blogs. In addition, during Open Access Week, we took part in a reddit AMA alongside EFF, Creative Commons, the Right to Research Coalition and Fundacion Karisma. 35,000+ Blog hits Above: Roshan Karn speaking about the Open Access Button in Nepal (photo credit: Iryna Kuchma). 24Website: Email:
  25. 25. @OA_Button Annual Report 2014 Push Button. Get Research. Make Progress.
  26. 26. @OA_Button SPARC Innovators
  27. 27. @OA_Button The Open Access Button, Supported by SPARC
  28. 28. @OA_Button When you say cost, we don’t immediately think $$$
  29. 29. @OA_Button Because… We think of the cost of not having access
  30. 30. @OA_Button
  31. 31. @OA_Button Source: legally-obtained-paywalled-article-is-circumvention.shtml
  32. 32. @OA_Button Source: might-have-prevented-much-ebola-outbreak.shtml
  33. 33. @OA_Button
  34. 34. @OA_Button
  35. 35. @OA_Button “Trying to develop a simulation training program in pediatric resuscitation in Rwanda” Doctor
  36. 36. @OA_Button
  37. 37. @OA_Button
  38. 38. @OA_Button
  39. 39. @OA_Button “Demonstrate scholarly research dedicated to exploring the impact of OER.” Librarian
  40. 40. @OA_Button Paywall Stories Pediatric Intensive Care in South Africa: An Account of Making Optimum Use of Limited Resources at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital* “I am developing the PCCM curricula at the University of Rwanda.” (doctor) “I was researching on Open Collaboration - a concept that will help me in structuring my venture - a co- creation community for high school graduates. This paper suggests a documentation of principles that would be useful to create structure. Clearly, I can't access it coz it has a pay per article paywall.” (undisclosed) “understand my disease better.” (student) “to compare our own research results with those reported in this paper.” (academic) “Databases embargo the last 12 months of this journal, so we can't obtain a copy for a student.” (librarian) Milestones in cell division : To cycle or not to cycle: a critical decision in cancer “I am researching the background for my PhD thesis, which is in an area of importance to human health (cancer biology) “ (student) Document supply of grey literature and open access: ten years later “Article about my area of work (open access) that is closed access : (librarian)
  41. 41. @OA_Button But if we did say cost, we’d think about: Opportunity cost
  42. 42. @OA_Button
  43. 43. @OA_Button Access is, and will continue to be a HUGE issue
  44. 44. @OA_Button So we need your help.
  45. 45. @OA_Button 1. We’d like to get the Button installed on your campus computers (or, at least promoted) 2. We’d like to use our stories and data to drive support for Open Access on your campus. Help us do it well.
  46. 46. @OA_Button Moving forwards
  47. 47. @OA_Button Using paywalls to make change • Emailing Authors and encouraging them to deposit (and making it easy) • Local organising • Collaborations with other services/sites
  48. 48. @OA_Button How to connect people with work post-paywall • Currently, jarring and unwelcoming • We must think about designing ways to help readers find work behind paywalls • Can we connect them to other resources?
  49. 49. @OA_Button Note: Logo is only provisional • Image is CC-BY-NC from e3egTX-bZWq9N-7rtbKN-9iZAAQ-4zXiLn-5pvWjj-518iWQ-fLJJTV-5Xhazx-jEDw4p-evsWp-5KGSrL- ajzYvf-bLK3Vx-wq3XW2-wgC9FG-pfNVHB-4G1P1i-ehZNoA-p4p5f2-jXy74D-boozY5-Picbm-a9cPyE- a9cPkh-4ru9-7WL2J9-nfRKRH-ksmU9-neMQmb-cc6Azd-4SU6p-yfVAdH-a9a2wg-a9cP8h-c4LNdh- 8PgKiy-nvZnXx-8tWkkR-soT7J-cmJZBC-55p7YE-6XxxgE-dGtYq-e5du7o-4EvnvQ-cmCxas-4Vnn48- 6Uda6v
  50. 50. @OA_Button With Thanks To Cottage Labs Open Society Foundations Jisc Centre for Open Science Right to Research Coalition Medsin For everyone, head to Mozilla Science PLOS Crowdfunders Content Mine SPARC The team, friends, family and partners
  51. 51. @OA_Button Co-leads and Co-founders David Carroll Medical student. Belfast, Northern Ireland Joe McArthur Assistant Director, Right to Research Coalition. London, England. Georgina Taylor Medical and Arts student. Hobart, Australia. Communications Dave Bennett (Coordinator) PhD student. London, England. Margaux Larre-Perez PhD Student. Paris, France. Megan Waples MLIS Student. London, England. Lydia Zvyagintseva Graduate student in Digital Humanities and Library and Information Studies. Alberta, Canada. Alexandra Giannopoulou PhD Law Student, Universite Paris II Pantheon Assas Jess Warren MA Publishing, University of Sydney Community and Advocacy Reshma Ramachandran (Coordinator) MD/MPP Student. Providence, USA. Sarah Melton (Coordinator) PhD Student. Atlanta, USA. Consultation and Partnerships Minuette Le (Coordinator) Researcher, Leuphana Universitaet. Berlin, Germany. Funding Natalia Norori Medical student. San Jose, Costa Rica. Joseph Paul Biology Student. North Carolina, USA. Launch Chealsye Bowley (Coordinator) Master of Library and Information Studies, and MSc in Science, Technology and Society. Florence, Italy and London, UK. Strategy Lead Penny Andrews Secretaries Luke Barnes Molecular Biology student. Cardiff, Wales Juan López-Tavera Medical student. Mexico. Natalie Catherwood Medical student. Belfast, Northern Ireland. Technology Team Martin Bentley Geology/computing science MSc student. Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Rigel Hope Past Members Heidi Dowding Jim McGrath Rachael Patton Fabian Falkenbach Sucheta Tiwari 51
  52. 52. @OA_Button These slides, videos and more: Questions? Email me: Tweet me: @mcarthur_joe

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  • ImperialCollege

    Apr. 20, 2017

A talk on the Open Access Button and the Costs of Scholarly Communication.


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