Agriya steps into 5 Industries and Develops various Products


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Agriya enters 5 industries and create various leading-edge products. Agriya's products will help you to develop dynamic websites in a short span of time. Have a look at them in the above-mentioned ebook.

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Agriya steps into 5 Industries and Develops various Products

  1. 1. Agriya Steps into 5 Industries and Develops Various Products Each idea has a potential to become a business model. Agriya is specialized in converting ideas into opportunities and presenting them to the online world. They have an expertise in selecting niches which will have a good scope in the near future. After selecting the niches, they nourish them as well. Let’s have a look at the 5 popular niches and industries selected by Agriya. Daily Deal Industry You can step into the daily deals industry and pave the way to success easily by using Agriya scripts. They have developed various scripts like Groupon clone script, RetailMeNot clone script, CoupRecoup and daily deal aggregator. These scripts will help you to create a vibrant daily deal website in a short span of time. By using these scripts, you can create the following websites easily.
  2. 2. A daily deal website An unused coupon selling websites A daily deal aggregator website After being a pioneer in this industry, they picked the online shopping niche. Online Shopping Industry The online shopping industry provides a hassle free way to shop products with several mouse clicks. The users can comfortably shop from home, café, workspace, etc. This industry will exit tills the human race becomes extinct. You can also enter this industry by using Agriya’s eCommerce scripts like BuySell and Private Shop. BuySell is an online marketplace script, which will help you to start an Etsy clone website. Private shop is a Gilt clone script, which can help you to start any kind of eCommerce websites. The following are the benefits of using this script. Easy to install in server Inbuilt revenue options Saves the time and cost of developing the product Web design that attracts your users Seo-friendly script They mastered this industry and moved on to the freelancing industry. Let’s have a look at it. Freelancing Industry
  3. 3. Freelancers and many unemployed citizens of the globe are searching for various job opportunities. Even some employed professionals are using the freelancing websites. There is a great demand for freelancing websites like Elance, oDesk, Thumbtack, Fiverr, AirTasker, TaskRabbit, etc. So, Agriya has developed various scripts, which will help you to build a freelancing website in a short span of time. They have various scripts like fever clone script, the Freelancing clone script and a Thumbtack clone script. Let’s see the specialty of these scripts. GetLancer - A combination clone of oDesk, elance, Freelancer and Guru. “Marketplace-Quote”- The first ever Thumbtack clone script which allows the webmaster to create his revenue options. FpPlatform - The first fiverr clone script with automatic job censor feature After being the leaders in the freelancing industry, the set to conquer the entertainment industry. Entertainment Industry Entertainment is the necessity of the human race and many people say necessity is the mother of invention. This necessity has even flowed in the online world. Various entertainment and social media platforms keep us stress free from our busy schedule. Agriya understands the necessity of the global users and it provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs to start websites in a short span of time. They can start websites like YouTube, Club Planet, Facebook, Picasa, Flick and TwitPic. These clone scripts have the following advantages.
  4. 4. They have beneficial and user-friendly features They help you to launch a website in 72 hours They can be adapted to various verticals After being the champions of this industry, they approached design contest industry and added another feather to their cap of success. Design Contest Industry Agriya enters into the creative and profitable design contest markets. They have developed 360Contest. It is a revolutionary design contest script, which has innovative features and multiple revenue channels. It is popular in the online world for the following reasons. User-friendly and SEO friendly web designs Anti-spam mechanism Dynamic ability to build forms for gathering information Various options for earning money The first ever clone script to feature Solve media advertisement captcha Final word From blogging to space, Agriya has served all the industries. So, if you have an idea to create a website, you can approach Agriya and get them developed in real time projects. They are listed in various online magazines like WallStreetJournal, Forbes and Times Magazine for their products and services. Website: