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Danville High School           an        Case Study
Danville High School                                                   BackgroundProfile                                  ...
conclusionThe following graph illustrates the Danville High School’s decreased dropout rate and increasedgraduation rate s...
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Danville High School Success Story


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Find out how ODYSSEYWARE partners with Danville High School (Illinois) to maximize student success.

Published in: Education
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Danville High School Success Story

  1. 1. Danville High School an Case Study
  2. 2. Danville High School BackgroundProfile The Danville School District serves approximately 6,300 students in grades K-12, including 150SCHOOL students in the alternative program. This program provides high school age-appropriate studentsName: Danville High School with an alternative setting within which they can work to complete the credits necessary for Danville School District graduation from Danville High School. The alternative program, which has been in place for 25 years,Location: Danville, Illinois – Vermillion County is now housed two blocks from Danville High School in the administration building. Students in theLocation Type: Town – population 35,000 alternative program have been using ODYSSEYWARE as their primary curriculum since 2008.ODYSSEYWARE ChallengeEnrollment: 150 students in alternative program Danville School District was looking for a curriculum/learning management system to replace anotherFocus: Credit Recovery, Alternative Learning online program that they had been using. They required a program that was online and suited forGrade level: 6-12 alternative access; included elementary level courses to close learning gaps for students workingPeriod Examined: 2008 - present below grade level; included complete core and elective courses without requiring supplemental materials; included text translation features; engaged learners who were challenged in a traditional setting; and allowed access by multiple students throughout the term to accommodate students beginning and leaving the program. approach Students enrolled in Danville’s alternative program have the opportunity to further their education outside traditional classrooms with ODYSSEYWARE. The local school district provides licensed teachers who use ODYSSEYWARE Skills Diagnostic Tests to correctly place students within the ODYSSEYWARE curriculum. Teachers can easily create and tailor courses for underachieving students who do not qualify for special education or intervention. Alternative students at Danville work primarily on core courses. Because of the flexibility of the program, teachers are able to customize these courses to meet the specific needs of students in their classroom. The online option has been well received by many students who can achieve mastery and complete their courses at a faster pace than was possible in a traditional setting. While recovering the credits they need and completing their coursework successfully on ODYSSEYWARE, students also feel a sense of personal accomplishment. In addition, many students who come in to recover credits have a wide variety of electives available to them to enrich their learning experience. Because students can be rotated each period, ODYSSEYWARE is a cost effective solution that accommodates more students than other online learning options while helping students make progress toward graduation, allowing many to return to their home school to continue their secondary education. ODYSSEYWARE is an important partner with Danville School District in providing individualized educational options to alternative students, with customizable lessons that allow teachers to create courses around students, and not try to fit students into a pre-set lesson. Diagnostic testing assures teachers that students will be placed at the correct level within lesson content to avoid learning gaps and maximize progress. Administration tools integrated into ODYSSEYWARE, like automatic grading, lesson planning, and report generation, allow teachers to focus more on students and less on paperwork.
  3. 3. conclusionThe following graph illustrates the Danville High School’s decreased dropout rate and increasedgraduation rate since ODYSSEYWARE was integrated in 2008. GRADUATION RATE DROPOUT RATE100% 75.7% before using ODYSSEYWARE 10% 8.2% before using ODYSSEYWARE 77.9% after using ODYSSEYWARE 5.8% after using ODYSSEYWARE 80% 8% 60% 6% 40% 4% 20% 2% 0% 0%ODYSSEYWARE’s motivating online lessons helped underachieving students at Danville continuetheir progress toward graduation, either by completing their diploma program while enrolled or by 93.1%returning to their home school to graduate with their class. Due in part to the academic successstudents have had in the alternative program, dropout rates continue to fall, continuing a five-yeartrend. 79.8%According to Danville Alternative School Principal Tracy Cherry, these students are excited abouttaking courses on the computer instead of attending classes in a brick and mortar classroom. Theyappreciate their ability to complete courses more quickly. Because they are able to use the Internet torevisit lessons and meet the pass threshold, they feel a sense of success, which makes learning more 40%enjoyable.Although the district generally uses a different curriculum for its summer school program, students’continual requests for ODYSSEYWARE courses have compelled the district to be sure someone whoknows the program is available for summer school students.Not only is Cherry enthusiastic about students’ success in the program, but also about the flexibilityteachers have to individualize learning and help individual students achieve their learning goals. “It’sbeen very beneficial for our teachers,” she said.Since 2008, Danville School District and ODYSSEYWARE have created a partnership that keepsstudent achievement at the center, evolving to meet new challenges through the use of technology.According to Cherry, “I really believe that ODYSSEYWARE takes a lot of the suggestions they get toheart, and try to make the program even better.”Danville School District is not dragging its feet when it comes to integrating technology to supportlearning. Additional online and alternative options continue to be a priority according to DanvilleSchool District’s 2011-2016 Strategic Plan, which includes expanding alternative program options forstudents and developing an alternative program for middle school students. With an online libraryaccessible on its website, digital tools and curriculum available for students, the implementation ofODYSSEYWARE, and a progressive vision, it is committed to preparing students with the digital skillsthey need to succeed in the 21st century.Quote: “The thing I like about ODYSSEYWARE is that some of the changes they’ve made through theyears have come straight from our teachers.”Tracy Cherry, Alternative School Principal ODYSSEYWARE • 300 N. McKemy Ave. • Chandler, AZ 85226 • 877.795.8904