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Alliance high school_bi_fold

  1. 1. Alliance™ High School Many students enter high school unprepared academically to perform at grade level. Statistics show that two out of three students either drop out of high school or graduate without the skills they need to succeed in college or at work.* These statistics can be more staggering in our nation’s Making the change to a culture poorest or lowest-performing communities. of achievement and engagement EdisonLearning developed Alliance High School to A culture with high expectations where all students help change these statistics. The model is a proven believe they can succeed is a vital component of all great solution designed to increase achievement in all high schools. In high school, a school’s culture is even more school students, specifically targeting the needs of low- critical to how students interact, learn and ultimately performing schools. succeed. Do students feel safe? Do they feel connected to With Alliance High School, EdisonLearning partners with their own learning? Do they feel there are opportunities schools, giving them the tools, resources and support for advanced coursework? Do they believe that if they to create a high school environment of respect; where want to attend college they can? students are engaged in their own learning, there is The Alliance High School model addresses these questions, order and safety, academic expectations exist with a establishing a culture that builds strong teacher and curriculum to support it and college is believed to be an student relationships, engages students in their own achievable goal for any student who wants it. learning and gives them both the encouragement and With Alliance High School, EdisonLearning works with resources to believe they can succeed. EdisonLearning you to achieve these ultimate goals: increased student has developed programs specifically for high schools achievement, improved graduation rates and students that helps create this culture. prepared to meet the challenges of college and the 21st The Alliance Achievement team works with you to create century workplace. your school’s Learning Environment Plan, a framework to how your school will achieve its vision. The plan covers A comprehensive approach a wide range of topics, including: to turn-around in high schools • Foundational principles for effective high school design Alliance High School provides a comprehensive approach to high school turn-around. Built on EdisonLearning’s Four • Student advocacy and efficacy programs Cornerstones of highly effective schools: Top Talent; A • Character and Ethics education Culture of Achievement and Engagement; Demanding Content and Customized Instruction; and Achievement- • School and Classroom Management Driven Management, the model utilizes the proven • Physical Learning Environment methods, best practices and research-based tools from EdisonLearning’s 20 years of success in increasing student • Emergency Procedure and Safety Plan achievement in schools across the United States. This plan serves as the basis on how your school will operate to achieve its goals. A dedicated on-site team, the Alliance Achievement team, becomes your partner in planning and implementing the Another aspect of creating a culture of achievement is Alliance High School model. The team comes with special setting up a learning structure that most engages students expertise in high school curriculum, instruction and in their own learning. In the Alliance High School model, leadership, helping to create the capacity at your school this is achieved through small learning communities. Small for teachers and leaders to continually implement the learning communities provide students and teachers the principles of Alliance High School into daily school life. means to form closer working relationships that fully
  2. 2. engage students in their own learning, goal-setting and an College NEXT! is a program designed to change that mind set. achievement plan for graduation. Students learn to believe that The program is comprehensive in that it addresses all aspects of someone values their work, is intimately involved with their college preparation, including attitudinal shifts, social changes learning and cares about their success. and curriculum enhancements. With College NEXT!, guidance counselors are provided with numerous resources to engage The Alliance Achievement team assists you in setting up a small both students and parents in the college planning process as learning community environment in your school, using the best early as 9 th grade, including the Academic Guidance Tool, a practices from EdisonLearning’s years of successful school design quarterly checklist to help school counselors monitor student’s built on the following principles: four year academic plan and the Master Schedule, a curriculum • Organizing schools into houses with small teams of teachers plan, driven by student need, which includes rigor and AP course linked to groups of students access, preparing students for college. • Creating an environment where teachers get to know students as individuals and be able to respond to their specific learning needs • Building a supportive environment where teachers can collaborate The College NEXT! program focuses on for more effective student learning the following key areas: The design of these communities is flexible, based on the needs • Academic Guidance and structure of your school. • Master Scheduling One of the most difficult parts of a culture shift, particularly in • Learning Environment low-performing schools, is making students believe they can aspire to high achievement. Many students in these schools • Parent support and training on “Getting lack the belief that they have a chance to attend college. Schools Students Into, then Through College” don’t have the resources to support a rigorous curriculum and a robust guidance system. Students lack the encouragement from parents who don’t understand the college preparation process. Providing demanding content and customized instruction In order for students to believe they can aspire to high achievement, they need a rigorous curriculum to support it. The Alliance Achievement team, with its high school curriculum specialists, will work with your school to design a curriculum that fits the students’ needs at all academic levels. With the College NEXT! program, a curriculum is designed to provide access to rigorous course, including AP courses. In addition, special programs are infused in the daily curriculum to help all students succeed. Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum is an online program that shows all teachers (Math, Social Studies, etc.) how to embed literacy and writing strategies and skills into the content they teach. Students are continually exposed to essential literacy skills and comprehension that they need for success on high stakes tests and college entrance exams. Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum uses three strategies to ensure student success: Note-taking Strategies: Students learn to more easily review and understand what they are reading. Vocabulary Strategies: Through the use of definitions, illustrations, games and activities, vocabulary development is enhanced. Summarization: Students learn this important skill, critical to success in college and the work place where people are asked to understand, interpret, and act on information they’re given.
  3. 3. The Alliance Achievement team takes every step to ensure your At the high school level, assessments are designed to match the curriculum meets the needs of all students. In preparing your method in which a state’s high school high stakes assessments plan, gaps in the curriculum may be identified. To ensure there are designed and delivered (comprehensive vs. end-of-course). is content and courses to meet all students need, eCourses, self- Assessments are provided up to the year that the state’s assessment paced online courses, are offered as an optional component to is administered (9th, 10th or 11th grade). Alliance High School. eCourses may provide a flexible option Alliance High School is your comprehensive solution to meet the to fill these gaps through summer school, after school or other challenges of under-performing high schools, preparing students intervention programs. Or if a core group is excelling above all for the challenges of college, work and life in the 21st century. students, eCourses can provide a way for these students to be challenged and keep progressing in their learning. Find Out More For more information, email us at, eCourses: call us at 1-877-I-CAN-LEARN (1-877-422-6532), or visit are self-paced courses taken online Working together for student success™ include a full catalog of modular, standards- based subjects including both core academics and electives give students the opportunity to be exposed to content otherwise not available at the school prepare students for higher education where online courses are increasingly being used Ensuring effective leadership and teaching with top talent Strong leaders and teachers are crucial to an effective high school environment. As part of Alliance High School, principals take part in professional development based on EdisonLearning’s research- based frameworks for effective principals. The frameworks help principals understand what highly effective principals do, reflect on their practices and set goals and strategies for personal development to grow their leadership skills over time. Principals and leadership teams receive intensive coaching and training including national conferences, local meetings and on- site one-on-one and team sessions with Alliance Achievement Team specialists in high school leadership. A program for improving teacher quality – the single greatest factor in driving student achievement gains – provides teachers with intensive coaching and training in local and on-site training to address specific professional development needs as identified using EdisonLearning’s research-based teacher frameworks. Embracing achievement-driven management EdisonLearning’s eValuate™ system is fully utilized in the model. eValuate is an online formative assessment system that provides monthly benchmark assessments aligned to individual state standards, combined with powerful reports and analysis tools to monitor student progress. The Alliance Achievement Team with support from EdisonLearning’s Research and Assessment Center of Excellence helps schools analyze the eValuate data, as well as student achievement data from other sources, to drive decision making and adjust instruction to improve learning outcomes. * Source: Alliance for Excellent Education