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i only mean to get general knowledge about the aircraft.

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General knowledge

  1. 1. Control stick of an Aircraft Brake lever
  2. 2. Control Mechanism of Aircraft Brake / Foot Pedals Brake lever
  3. 3. Key elements of carbon brakes Rotors: keyed to the wheel and rotate with the wheel Stators: keyed to the central torque tube, and are stationary Brakes are primarily stators and rotors, forced together to generate friction, which is converted to heat.
  4. 4. Aircraft multi-disc brake
  5. 5. Aircraft multi-disc brake (Break down diagram)
  6. 6. Main wheel brake of F-7 II K aircraft Stator disc Rotor disc Brake unit Inertia sensor
  7. 7. Nose wheel brake of F-7 II K aircraft Inertia sensor Brake shoe Rubber tube Cast iron brake drum
  8. 8. Aircraft wheel brake Stator disc Rotor disc Piston Wheel hub
  9. 9. Photo of Aircraft multi-disc brake
  10. 10. Aircraft double expander tube brake assembly
  11. 11. Cross section of double expander tube
  12. 12. Nose wheel brake of F-7 II K aircraft Brake shoe Leaf spring Expander tube Half of brake unit
  13. 13. Aircraft Applying Drag Parachute for Landing Cross Type Drag Parachute Air Brake
  14. 14. Su-27 Aircraft Applying Air Brake for Landing Air Brake
  15. 15. Air Brake and Drag Chute Compartment of F-7 II K aircraft Air brake Drag chute compartment
  16. 16. Thrust Reverser
  17. 17. Thrust Reverser
  18. 18. Thrust Reverser Nose cowl Fan cowl door Fan cowl door Fixed cowl Thrust reverser
  19. 19. Thrust reverser
  20. 20. Thrust Reverser of C-17 Aircraft
  21. 21. Thrust Reverser of DC-9 Aircraft
  22. 22. Tail hook
  23. 23. Inertia Pick-up or Skid Detector
  24. 24. Skid Detector
  25. 25. Drag Rudders of B-2 Spirit Aircraft Drag rudders
  26. 26. Ribbon Type Drag Parachute of F-117A Stealth Aircraft Ribbon type drag parachute
  27. 31. F-14 Tomcat