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Parker Aerospace | Bill of Material for Boeing Airplane 737 Max 9


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Parker Aerospace has a very robust bill of material for the Boeing Airplane #737Max that official rolls out on March 7, 2017

Published in: Engineering
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Parker Aerospace | Bill of Material for Boeing Airplane 737 Max 9

  1. 1. BILL OF MATERIAL Parker Aerospace on the Boeing 737 MAX FLIGHT CONTROL COMPONENTS Electrohydraulic servovalves Main rudder dual input power control unit Aileron & elevator power control units Standby rudder power control unit Elevator tab control valve Leading-edge flap actuators Leading-edge slat actuators Leading-edge slat shutoff valve FUEL COMPONENTS Fuel hoses Baffle check valves Refueling manifold Boost pump removal valves Auxiliary tank shutoff valve Center stores float transfer valve Surge tank relief valves Vent drain valves HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS AC motor pump Power transfer unit Engine-driven pump Reservoir drain valves Cartridge check valves Thrust reverser control module Brake hoses Quick disconnect assemblies ENGINE SYSTEM GE CFMI Leap-1B Fuel atomization nozzles* Fuel hose/tube assemblies OTHER AIRFRAME COMPONENTS Nosewheel steering metering valve Autobrake control module Thermal relief valve EE cooling check valves Manifold isolation valve APU manifolds APU fuel feed hose assemblies Grey water drain valve *