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Mi g 29-upgrades


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Mi g 29-upgrades

  1. 1. MILITARY MiG-29 FULCRUM Piotr Butowski analyses the latest developments of the MiG-29 Fulcrum eries production at Lukhovitsy near Moscow. The opinion that the supply of build. India has purchased a of the Mikoyan From this stock, about 30 aircraft unfinished aircraft in Lukhovitsy shipborne variant the MiG-29K MiG-29 Fulcrum was were finished and sold in the has been already exhausted (izdeliye 9-41). The MiG-29KJ terminated in 1993 1990s. Since 2003 over 50 proved to be untrue as near Ms production takes place at the ::::~' after construction aircraft have been modernised the end of 2009 Russia signed Russian Aircraft Corporation {RAe} of 1,345 aircraft (excluding into the MiG-29SMT version the contract for delivery of 20 MiG Lukhovitsy plant, which has experimental ones). This figure and sold to Yemen, Eritrea and MiG-29SMT fighters to Myanmar the biggest aircraft assembly hall was made up of 620 Fulcrum As Algeria (this last batch came for about $600 million (in 2001 in Europe. The Sokol plant, which (izdeliye 9-12), 528 Fulcrum Cs eventually back to Russia), At Myanmar had already purchased produces welded steel elements (izdeliye 9-13) single-seaters as the same time the Sokol factory 12 MiG-29s). It is likely though for the fuselage and wings and well as 197 Fulcrum B (MiG- in Nizhnyi Novgorod made that the last of the 'old' airframes Hydromash, the manufacturer of 29UB, izdeliye 9-51) two-seaters. about ten modernized two- has now been used up. All the the landing gear, both located in Several dozen uncompleted seat MiG-29UBT (izdeliye 9-53) current Fulcrums in production Nizhny Novgorod, cooperate in airframes remained in the factory trainers for Yemen and Algeria. and those in the future are new- the aircraft production. ·············AI.07.10
  2. 2. New Lease of Life number 947 originated from were converted from airframes conversion training programme. the izdeliye 9-47 designation) made in the early 19905. In May 2009. Indian pilots On January 20, 2004, along two-seater made its first flight on In early 2008, series production conducted their first in-flight with the contract for the Admiral January 20, 2007. On June 25 of aircraft for the Indian Navy refuellings with their MiG-29Ks. Gorshkov aircraft carrier, the that year it was followed by the started. The first of them was They were also sent to the US Indian Navy ordered 12 single single-seat MiG-29K (941, izdeliye flown on March 18, 2008. Starting for deck landing training and on seat MiG·29K fighters and four 9~41). Both prototypes remain in the last quarter of 2008 the first board a French aircraft carrier MiG-29KUB combat trainers the property of RAe MiG. Jt is group of nine Indian instructor for operational training. On for $740 million. This order worth noting that these were the pilots and some 40 ground staff September 28, 2009, two new has revived the Fulcrum. Using first new aircraft manufactured by under command of Captain J. fighter aircraft, the MiG-29K #941 Indian money a new airframe was RSK MiG after a 15 year break in Mahapatra were trained with four belonging to RSK MiG and the developed along with upgraded production. All the aircraft made production aircraft at the MiG MiG-29KUB #762 belonging to engines and systems. The first by MiG until 2007. including most factory airfield at Lukhovitsy within Indian Navy (but both piloted by pre-production MiG-29KUB (side advanced MiG-29SMT versions, the Qualified Flying Instructors' Russian pilots) landed for the first AI.07.10 .......: Z7 : .......
  3. 3. MILITARY MiG-29 FULCRUM time on the deck of the Admiral of carrying 30 aircraft comprising KuznetsDv aircraft carrier in the a mix of MiG-29K and the naval Barents Sea. variant of the Indian designed On February 19, 2010, at Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Navy Station (INS) Hansa in Goa, but in view of the slow progress the formal induction ceremony of of the LCA, the Navy is looking the initial four MiG-29Ks entered at alternatives. In November service with the 303rd 'Black 2009, it has issued a Request for Panthers' Squadron. The aircraft Information to Boeing, Dassault had been delivered to India on and RAC MiG for "an alternate December 4,2009. The aircraft deck-based aircraft" for IAC-1. carrier they will fly from is the INS The second Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (it was originally IAC-2 will not be the copy of being built for the Russian the first one; it will be larger and Navy as the Admiral Gorshkov). Currently, India has six MiG-29K! 1 Malaysia will keep its MiG-29Ns for at least the next several next years, despite earlier reports about aircraft's single- KUB fighters and remaining ten role limitations and rapidly increasing costs. 2 MiG-29K #941 after its first landing on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft are to be delivered before the carrier on September 29, 2fXJ9. RAe MiG 3 The wing of the MiG-29K1KUB is fitted with a double-slotted leading edge slat and a large trailing edge flap. Small leading-edge vortex controllers (LEVCON; Krueger flaps) extended at the wing end of this year. root improve the aircraft's stability at low-speed. 4 The two-seat MiG-3SD #967 (ex MiG-29KUB #947) is taking part in In March 2010, during the visit evaluation flights for the Indian MMRCA contest. The aircraft is pictured carrying four R-73 and RW-AE air~to-air missiles, of the Russian Prime Minister two KAB-SOOKr lV-gUided bombs and three auxiliary fuel tanks. Victor Drushlyakov 5 The cockpit of a MiG-29K1KUB has Vladimir Putin to New Delhi, India been arranged by RPKB avionics design bureau of Ramenskoye and features the IKSh-1 M head-up display and three large signed another deal for 29 more multifunction MFI-10 liquid-crystal displays. MiG-29Ks for $1.2 billion (the option for the purchase of this additional batch of the fighters has been already included in the contract of 2004). The delivery of this batch of aircraft will start in 2012. Together with 16 Fulcrums delivered within the present contract, all 45 aircraft will form three fighter squadrons in the Indian Navy. The change of the contract for repair and modernization of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya was agreed during the same visit for a much higher price and with a new date for delivery at the end of 2012. After purchasing this Russian vessel, India intends to build its own aircraft carriers. The first Indian Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC-1) named INS Vikrant is now under construction at Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL) and is scheduled for delivery to the Indian Navy by the end of 2014. The ship will be capable (;.~.> ....·.. ·......·.. AI.Q7.1Q
  4. 4. equipped with steam catapults (both Vikramaditya and Vikrant are equipped with skHumps). The Indian Navy has started looking for" more capable carrier- borne aircraft" for the IAC-2. Russian .~.~~Y..C:::C:>.r1.!~il.c:.! Rumours about the Russian Navy purchasing the MiG-29K appeared for the first time in 2007. MiG-29K shipborne fighters were presented to an Indian delegation at Zhukovsky near Moscow in June 2007. The presence of Russian Chief of the Naval Aviation Lt General Yuri Antipov during this presentation was very meaningful. Antipov spent some time in the fighter cockpit finding out about the equipment. Sources in the Russian Ministry of Defence 4 confirmed in 2009 that a batch of ·at least 24· MiG-29K1 Russian intentions of constructing in the basic MiG-29, as well as higher by 40"C, which results KUB fighters would soon be four aircraft carriers, RAC large double-slot rear flaps and in a maximum generated thrust ordered. The information was MiG intends to continue the adaptive nose flaps. Rectangular of 88,3kN (19,850lb), 6,9 kN also confirmed by some sources development of shipborne leading-edge vortex controllers (1,551 Ib) more than the RD-33 in RAe MiG; moreover, although fighters beyond the MiG-29K. (LEVCON; K",eger flaps) have engine. One of the significant the formal contract for MiG-29Ks The subject matter of carrier- been fitted at the wing root improvements of the MiG-29K for the Russian Navy has not been borne fighter will become the extensions for increasing the is the implementation of the concluded, RAC MiG has already specialization of RAC MiG within lifting force and aircraft stability. on-<:ondition maintenance ordered the subassemblies the confines of the Russian United The arresting hook is fitted to procedures and lengthening for these aircraft. Alexander Aircraft Corporation. the rear fuselage. The aircraft the airframe lifetime to 4,000 Karezin, CEO of the Sokol plant is equipped with a t<SU-9.41 flight hours or 40 years. RAC in Nizhnyi Novgorod announced MiG-29K Features quadruple digital f1y-by-wire flight MiG stated that the flight hour in February 2010 that his factory control system. cost would be 40% cheaper would soon complete production To reduce the landing speed The new RD-33MK engine, than that of the earlier versions of assemblies for 16 Indian onboard the ship, the MiG-29K called the Sea Wasp, has an of the fighter. Exploiting to the MiG-29KUBs and would start received larger wings - the improved fan that increases maximum the aircraft's interior, production of assemblies for "the wing span is 39ft 4in (11.99m) in the airflow by 6.5% and the the fuel weight was increased to new version of shipborne aircraft comparison to 37ft 3in (11.36m) turbine entry temperature 5,2001<g (ll,464lb) - 50% more for another client". According to common opinion this client is the Russian Navy. The MiG-29K will serve on board the one and only Russian aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, along with the Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker air defence fighters. The 279th Shipborne Fighter Air Regiment stationed in Severomorsk operates 23 Su-33s. The original service life of these aircraft will expire in 2012, but for some of them at least it will be prolonged by ten years, which means that the Su-33 will remain in service together with the new MiG-29K. As the MiG-29K aircraft came into existence due to the Indian order it was equipped with some foreign systems, for example the French inertial navigation system the Sagem Sigma 95 is used. In the version for Russian Navy some of these foreign devices will be replaced by Russian equipment; the Sigma 95 system will remain though and the French company will establish a servicing centre in Russia. Because of a further possible order from India, as well as ..... A1.07.10 .··········.. ·····(29)
  5. 5. I than in a standard MiG-29. A new, very large 2,' 50 lit (473 Imp gal) ventral tank, instead of a 1,520 litre (334 Imp gal) tank on a standard Fulcrum, and two underwing 1,150 litre (253 Imp gaQ tanks, are also added. MiG-29K is also fitted with an in-flight refuelling system. New MiG-29M/Ks have 50% longer range and will carry twice as heavy a weapon load. The avionics have been integrated into the PrNK-29K, navigation-targeting suite by the RPKB design bureau of Ramenskoye. All devices are connected by the data bus complying with the MIL-STD- , 5536 standard, controlled by a computing system made by RPKB. The basic fire control systems are Russian: the Zhuk-M1E radar and the OLS-UE imaging infrared search-and-track sensor. The Zhuk- ME radar, made by the Phazotron- NIIR company in Moscow, has been produced since 2004 for MiG-29SMT fighters. The Zhuk- M1 E variant for the MiG-29K has additional specific modes of work and cooperation with the remaining equipment. The radar has a range of 130km (70nm) and enables simultaneous engagment of four aerial targets with RW-AE missiles. The OLS-UE imaging infrared search-and-track sensor was developed at the NIIPP precision instruments institute in Moscow, which formerly used to specialize in optic and laser instruments for measurements of the trajectory of rockets and space stations. This is the first work. of the institute intended for an airaaft. The device can detect and automatically track aerial targets at a distance to 60km (32nm); the embedded laser rangefinder ranges to 20km (11 nm). ' Nine non-Russian components 1- belong to the MiG-29K equipment. 1 An Indian Navy MiG-19K over lukhovitsy near Moscow where the aircraft are assembled. RAe MiG 2 In May 2009, Most of the components are Indian: Indian Navy pilots conducted their initial in-flight refuelling from an 11·78 tanker. RAe MiG 3 The MiG-29SMT upgrade the VHFIUHF radio, the TACAN retains the airframe of previous versions of the MiG-29, but features 950 litre dorsal fuel tank as well as an in-flight refuelling navigation system, the VORllLSl probe. 4 After recent force reductions the Russian Air Force has only three large air bases operating 42 MiG-29s each: MKR receivers package, the IFF Kursk in the Moscow region, Millerovo near Caucasus and Damna dose to the Chinese border. More aircraft are also system, the Tarang radar-waming operated at Kubinka Air Base (by the Strizhi aerobatics team), Upetsk evaluation centre, pilots schools as well as Russian Air receiver and the radar altimeter. Force base in Erebuni, Armenia. 5 A single-seat MiG-19K of the Indian Navy's No.303 'Black Panthers' Squadron. This The Thales TopSight-E helmet shot illustrates the wing folding capability of the aircraft which saves space on the aircraft carrier. r---------------~-----------..,2 I - ,. 30'; ·········AI.07.10 .........
  6. 6. ~ .. , . MiG-29 FULCRUM MILITARY mounted display and sight (HMDS) 3 , . . - - - - - - - - - - - - . , .....- - - - - - - - - - - - - -.......- - - - - - - - - -...... and Sagem Sigma 95 inertial navigation system (INS) with embedded GPS are Frend1-made. An Israeli Elta EUM·8222 podded self-protection jammer is mounted on the outer starboard underwing pylon. The communication suite has a Russian VHF/HF R-800L2 radio and R-Q98 datalink system developed by the Polyot company in Nizhnyi Novgorod. The aircraft has a glass cockpit with three colour 15 x 20cm (6x 8in) MFI- 10 l;qu;d oystal d;splays and a monochrome panoramic 1KSh-1M head-up display, all the displays are made by the RPKB Company. In the two-seat version, the rear cockpit is equipped with four MFI- 10 displays. All the international equipment has been integrated on a test bed at the GosNIIAS aviation systems institute in Moscow. The MiG-19K is a multi-role naval fighter which can attack aerial targets with medium-range RW-AE and close-air combat R-73 missiles. The surface targets can be engaged with a subsonic Kh-35E anti-ship missile at a Multi Role Combat Aircraft 4 distance of 130km (70nm) and with (MMRCA), the Russians a supersonic Kh-31 missile out to decided to participate with a a distance of 70km (38nm) - the 'de-navalised' variant of the Kh-31 was tested with the MiG-29K MiG-29K named later as the but was not ordered by the Indian MiG-35. Afterwards, along with Navy. It is possible, that in the growing requirements of India, future the Indian Navy will buy the aircraft equipment became longer range air-to-surface missiles more and more sophisticated. for the MiG-19K, for example the The present variant of the aircraft 3M14 and 3M54 missiles of the is equipped with an active Kal;br-A (Club) system. electronically scanned array The single seat version (AESA) Zhuk-AE radar, air-to-air MiG-29K and two seat version OLS-UEM electro-optical sight MiG-29KUB have almost no built-in ahead of the pilot's differences. Both have a double canopy and the air-to-ground cockpit with a large canopy OLS-K targeting-reconnaissance and identical armament and electro-optical sensor in an under equipment. The only difference fuselage pod. The self-defence is an additional fuel tank in the suite of the MiG-35 includes a warning device. All electro- version has 680 transmitting- single seat version instead of the radar warning receiver (Indian optical sensors for the MiG-35 receiving modules; the bigger rear seat and instrument panel. Tarang Mk2 or Russian L150 - OLS-UEM. OLS·K. SOAR and version FGA35 with 1,064 modules Pastel), the SOAR (Stantsiya SOLO have been developed by is being planned for production MiG-35 gets Obnaruzhen;ya Atakuyushchikh the NlIPP institute. Russian RAC aircraft. For the first time. the Raket) infrared missile-approach MiG and Italian Elletronica S.p.A. Zhuk-AE radar was switched on AE5A Radar warning device and the SOLO declared that they cooperated in the airplane in June 2008 in When India announced the (Stantsiya Obnaruzheniya in integration of the Ell/568(v}2 a demonstrating configuration tender for 126 Medium Lazernogo Oblucheniya) laser self-protection jammer into with 240 T/R modules only and in the MiG-35's self-protection October 2008 in full configuration 5') system. The ELT/568 unit covers with 680 modules. bands H-J (onboard section) The MiG-35 will be capable of and E-G (podded section). The ca''l';ng up to 6.S00kg (14.330Ib) Russian option for jamming of weapons and stores on eleven • /. units is the SAP-518, made by hardpoints (ten under the wings the KNIRTI institute; it includes and one under the fuselage). high-band build-in section and In 2008, RAC MiG disclosed medium-band podded section. an expanded list of available The aircraft is also equipped weapons, which includes the with two 16·round launchers of new-generation Zvezda Kh-38ME 50mm chaff/flares installed in the module air-to-surface missile, empennage beams at the sides of extended-range Raduga Kh-59M the engines; the decoys are shot miss'le, including its new variants downwards. Kh-S9MK. Kh·S9M2E and Kh· The Zhuk-AE radar was 59MK2, as well as heavy Novator developed by the Phazotron-NIIR 3M-14AE and 3M-54AE1 cruise Company and the initial FGA29 missiles. The weapon options Al.07.1O··.. · ..····.. ·· ...{ ';'~"" '" ..'
  7. 7. MILITARY MiG-29 FULCRUM ................... (side number 961 originating from Upgrades of the izdeliye 9-61 designation) is the production MiG-29K 02-04 Older Fulcrums (fourth aircraft of second production RAC MiG is offering a deep series) taken from the production modemization of its earlier line at l.1Jkhovitsy, whereas two-seat aircraft to MiG-295MT standard. MiG-35D (#967, izdeliye 9-67) This upgrade includes several has been converted from the modules, which may be ordered first MiG-29KUB (ex #947). The independently. The first module t'NO-seat aircraft #967 has been includes replacement of the equipped with the Zhuk-AE radar. N019 radar with a newZhuk-ME On October 14, 2009, both aircraft, radar with slot-type aerial, as MiG-35 #961 and MiG-35D #967 well as installing new armament: landed in Bangalore for the first the RW-AE air-to-air missile, the stage of evaluation tests in India. Kh·29 and Kh-31 air-to-surface Unfortunately, there is no reliable missiles and other weapons. The data on the tests of the pretenders second module of modernisation for the Indian order. Alexei indudes a new avionic system Fedorov, chief of United Aircraft built around the MIL-STD-1553B D Corporation estimated the chance data bus as well as new man-to- of MiG·35 in the MMRCA tender machine interface: 'glass' cockpit 1 Two RD-33 turbofans combined with outstanding aerodynamic configuration as "pretty high". Fedorov is basing and hands-on-throttle-and-stick give the MiG-29 high maneouvrability especially at low speed. 2 A Malaysian this on the good characteristics of (HOTAS). The third module of MiG-29N being prepared for flight. The main air intakes are covered to avoid the MiG-35, many years of dealing modemization involves increasing foreign object damage with the air reaching the engines through additional intakes on the upper side of the wing roots. Note also three small rear-looking with the Indian aircraft industry (the the fuel volume. The 950 litre (209 mirrors on the cockpit canopy's frame. 3 The active electronically scanning license manufacturer of Russian Imp gal) fuel tank can be installed antenna of the Phazotron·NIIR Zhuk-AE (FGA29) is the first Russian AESA fighter MiG-21 and MiG-27 and now on the back of the fuselage behind radar ever flown. It has a range of l20km (65nm) and a multi-target engaging 5u-30MKI fighters), as well as "strict the pilot's cockpit. A very large capability. Further FGA35 version with over 1,<XX> modules (the FGA29 has 680 political contacts between Russia 2,150 litre (495 Imp gaO fuel tank modules) and a new computer will reach a search range of 200km (108nm). Piotr and India." At the same time is carried under the fuselage Sutowski 4 Most MiG-29s still have Cassegrain·antenna Phazotron N019 radar Fedorov added that "for the time and two 1,150 litre (253 Imp gaO with a search range of 70km (38nm) against a fighter-size target and single target being no offer is entirely satisfactory tanks are carried under the wing. engaging. 5 The MiG·29K has a larger wing when compared to basic MiG-29. for the Indian party." The aircraft is equipped with an for the MiG-35 also include The final configuration of in-flight air refuelling system. The guided bombs of 250kg (551Ib) the MiG-35 and particularly its first client, Yemen, ordered 18 to 1,500kg (3,3071b), with various equipment is still undefined. For MiG-29SMTs in December 2002 homing types. Apart from the the time being the offer includes in the version designated izdeliye existing close air combat missiles the Zhuk-AE radar developed 9- 18 without the additional dorsal of R-73E and medium range by Phazotron-NIIR. The head fuel tank. In 2004, Eritrea ordered RW-AE, the list of weapons for the of RAC MiG (and also of Sukhoi two MiG-29SMT fighters. MiG-35 includes two new types of Group) Mikhail Pogosyan suggests, During the visit of Vladimir air-to-air missiles codenamed RW- however, that in the future the MiG- Putin, who was Russian President MD (Vympel R-74M) and RW-5D 35 may be equipped with a variant at the time, to Algeria in February (Vympel R-ll-1). of the Sh121 <ad" borrowed from 2006 both countries signed a For a long time, the ex MiG- frfth-generation PAK FA fighter. large weapons deal including 29M #154 originating from 1990, The Russian Air Force intends the purchase of 28 single-seat was presented by the company a future purchase of between MiG-29SMT (izdeliye 9-19 version t::;;~::~;;;;;;;;~:;:~;;;;;;;;~~;::::_..J ii as the 'proof-of-eoncept' MiG- 2448 MiG-35 fighters; the deal with 950 litre [209 Imp gal] dorsal 35. However, since its airframe is promised to be signed after fuel tank) and six two-seat MiG- differed considerably from the completion of the trials in 2011. 29UBTs. Deliveries started and 15 planned target configuration of aircraft (induding five trainers) were the MiG·35, two new aircraft were Syria Expects handed over by February 2008, at prepared for evaluation flights in which point the Algerian President India. As a matter of fact, they MiG-29M Abdelaziz Bouteflika cancelled have been converted from two Not every client needs (and can the contract during his visit to MiG-29Ks and therefore retained afford) to have the most modern Moscow. Algeria complained some elements of the shipbome equipment, such as an AESA radar. about the quality of the aircraft aircrah, including wing folding gear For such customers RAC MiG offers manufacturing, particularly the fact though the arresting hook has been the MiG-29M, an impoverished that the airframes were not brand .!J dismantled. Single-seat MiG-3S variant of the MiG-35 equipped new. After some negotiations, with the mechanical scanning Algeria sent these aircraft back 4'i Zhuk-ME radar; its two-seat and they were acquired by the derivative is designated MiG- Russian Air Force in December 29M2. MiG has a dient for this 2008. In February 2009, the fim version in Syria. The Syrian order ex-Algerian MiG arrived at the has never been offidally confirmed 14th Fighter Air Regiment in Kursk- by Russia. Unofficially it is known Khalino Air Base. Today, the unit that the preliminary agreement was operates 24 MiG-29SMTs and four concluded as early as January 2007, trainers; the remaining six aircraft while the contract for a squadron are with the combat training (of about 15) MiG-29M and M2 and evaluation centre in Lipetsk. aircraft and for modernisation of The equipment on the aircraft 20 Syrian MiG-29s to MiG-295MT rejected by Algeria is now being standard was eventually signed changed; among other things near the end of 2009. The first Russian IFF systems are being MiG-29M will be built in 2010. installed (instead of their export ........ :.. 32: ....·.... ···A1.07.10