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How to share your searches not just your results. A simple recipe


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How to save searches as well as search results.

We love to share

We love to search

We love to collaborate.

Heres a simple recipe to do all three.

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How to share your searches not just your results. A simple recipe

  2. 2. share We share to be helpful, to build our brand & to find people like us
  3. 3. We search to find cool stuff, to solve problems & help others in need Search
  4. 4. search Don’t just search for results, share how you search shared
  5. 5. collaborate Searching & sharing together is more fun, more effective plus you never know who you’ll meet in the process
  6. 6. Recipe How to combine Sharing, Searching & Collaboration with Listly
  7. 7. Setup Process (For You) II. Signup/login to Listly III. Install Listly bookmarklet IV. Make a list & give it a name V. Add searches or key results to the list VI. Share your list URL e.g. VII. Invite friends to help with your search
  8. 8. Your Ongoing Process I. Search (via Google, Instagram etc) II. Save your search via “Add to Listly” button III. Share your searches via Listly (share the list and/or the items on the list IV. Click on Listly item link to reopen your search Add to Listly Pick List Save search list
  9. 9. Collaborator Process I. Signup to Listly II. Follow your friends list III. Click on links on the list to reuse the searches IV. Install the bookmarklet (so you can add while searching V. Add to their lists (each searches or results) VI. You can embed the list or share with your network
  10. 10. Lists made social Lists made embeddable Lists as a tool (with many apps) Lists for all occasions Lists that evolve with time What’s your Listly? Listly