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Guten free : get out of gutenberg free


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Guten free : get out of gutenberg free

  1. 1 GET OUT OF GUTENBERG FREE Free yourself from the tyranny of one-time / one-author publishing. How to Win at Content Monopoly by dumping 8 Print metaphors
  2. GUTEN FREE Are you Publish averse? 500 years after Gutenberg’s death, his metaphors limit our collective creativity PS: that’s bad!
  3. 8StepstoBecoming anAgileAuthor NickKellet/ CoFounder@Listly Guten Free Are You Publish Intolerant?
  4. You've got to love Gutenberg for his innovation. The printing press was a transformative metaphor. In the digital age, this metaphor is holding us back.
  5. This talk will explore how printing press metaphors are holding us back. WordPress is a perfect example. YouTube is another. Want to know how? Vote for this talk on Listly at LAVACON 2015
  6. What’s next? 1. Publish once vs ? 2. Write before Publish vs ? 3. SINGLE AUTHOR/ static content vs ? 4. PAGE CENTRIC & Linear vs ? 5. CONTENT = LAYOUT vs ? 6. Single Medium vs ? 7. Isolated Readers vs ? 8. Publishers & Consumers vs ?