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Six Heartfelt Truths of Social Media


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These are 6 hard earned heart felt truth I've learned about Social and Digital Media.

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Six Heartfelt Truths of Social Media

  1. Listly Six heartfelt truths OF SOCIAL MEDIA in 2015 TIPS TO power an army of artists & activists
  2. Listly Truth #1: The 1% RULE 1:9:90 • Consumers (the 90%) have power because they can self serve. Brands need strategies to bring lurkers out of the shadows • Lurkers are a hair’s breath from being active participants (the 10% who create & curate). • Lurkers need to feel that they can contribute (aka Add Value)
  3. Listly LURKERS - 1:9:90 & EVERYONE ELSE 1:9:90 does not include everyone. The 90% are interested in you in some way. There’s a very large other group beyond lurkers (the 90%) who as of now don’t care 1 jot about you (this group needs a name). Getting them interested is a different problem than getting lurkers to engage
  4. Listly Truth #1: The 1% RULE 1% CREATE 9% CONTRIBUTE 90% CONSUME LURKERS
  5. Listly Truth #2: MEDIA MODELS V1: POEM • Paid, Owned & Earned Media V2: SCOPE • Social, Collaborative Owned, Paid / Earned We need MORE/BETTER mental models to explain our new Digital reality
  6. Listly Truth #2: MEDIA MODELS
  7. Listly TRUTH #2: SOCIAL CONTENT Shared Links Curated Content Managed Media
  8. Listly TRUTH #2: SOCIAL CONTENT EXPLORED Shared Links Managed Media Curated Content Scoopit Paperli Storify Listly Pinterest Rebelmouse Social Networks: G+, Facebook Linkedin, Twitter Sourcing: Reddit, Digg Delicious, StumbleUpon Collaboration: EmpireAve, Triberr, Listly Platforms: Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck Video: YouTube, Vimeo, etc Slides: Slideshare, Prezi etc Images: Instagram, Flickr, Imgur, etc Lists: Listly, Ranker Audio: Soundcloud, Audioboo, etc Text/Docs: Scribd, Blogs, Pulse, Medium etc Shared Links Curated Managed Content Media
  9. Listly Truth #3: SOCIAL & MEDIA Social is People Media is Content They are NOT the same They need/demand unique strategies
  10. Listly TRUTH #3: SOCIAL & MEDIA Social Networks • Content revolves around people Media Platforms • People revolve around content SOCIAL NETWORKS MEDIA PLATFORMS (aka content networks)
  11. Listly Truth #4: MASLOW FOR MEDIA There’s a hierarchy in the way we should approach Social / Media MASLOW’S MODEL • Perfect to express how PAID, OWNED, EARNEd, SOCIAL and COLLABORATION blend.
  12. Listly TRUTH #4: MASLOW FOR MEDIA Self-Actualization: Own, Earn & CoLab • Be An Expert • Help People Become Experts. Share your vision - let like minds find / join your cause. Esteem : Earn • Accrue reviews, ratings, recommendations & social status. • Generosity: Help others Love & Belonging: Social • Build an army Safety: Own: • Own Your Home (Blog) • Own Your Connections(Email List) Physiological: Share, Social & Paid: • Find & Get Found • Content & OutPosts
  13. Listly Truth #5: Less is MORe We don’t need more tools. We do need more competency. • Brands need to strive for mastery • A BODY of WORK is when the magic happens
  14. Listly TRUTH #5: Less is More Less Tools / More Mastery • Benchmarking your best 2 media types • Pick a few tools & commit • Find your voice Experiment • Fight personal bias & your mom (Baby isn't beautiful) • Pick Faves: Share the work of a few (make lists) • Learn from others who also experimenter
  15. Listly Truth #6: Resistance IS FUTILE Don’t ignore SOCIAL ‘cos it’s hurting you. • Embrace it! follow the path of least resistance Be the one who blurs the lines and pushes people. LEAD & DISRUPT. Drive the bus. Don’t be a reluctant passenger.
  16. Listly TRUTH #6: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE Producers vs Consumers • You are a producer • Adopt “Producer” tools • Empower consumers to share and curate • Be the giant. Blur the lines. • Line of least resistance Find Flow / Don’t Fight Evolution Image via Flickr/ toddle email newsletters
  17. Listly Bonus Truth #7: SEARCH is A MindGAME When it comes to getting found (Level 1 of Maslow) then…. Psychology TRUMPS Technology How peope search should impact your action more than any Google Algorithm change.
  18. Listly BONUS TRUTH #7: SEARCH IS A MINDGAME Where we go to find WHAT We Search for Search, Print, Blog Ads Outdoor Ads Search ranking for owned media 1. Media Networks 2. Curation Tools 3. Shared Links Find via reviews, features & coverage Search Direct Curation Friends Top /Best Alternatives Recommend Share Links Search Bookmark Ads Google is not only search destination site Media Platforms play big role (eg YouTube/ Slideshare, Listly etc) We don’t want one answer. We want the best/top etc Millennial want human curated lists.
  19. Listly Six heartfelt truths OF DIGiTAL MEDIA in 2015 TIPS TO power an army of artists & activists