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Unlurk Me? Exploring the value of Lurkers & Lurking (in the looker centric self-service economy)


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UnLurk me?

Brands & Consumers Lurk, but what makes us unlurk?

There's an art to participation.

24 Social Laws to entice the 90% from the shadows

Brands & consumers have a new relationship.
Few consumers leverage their new powers in a self-service economy.

Few brands involve consumers in their brand story.

Self-serve has changed everything.

UnLurk Me explores both sides of the new economy where everyone creates, curates & consumes.

24 Social Laws explain how brands & consumers can benefit from a more productive exchange.

We all lurk, but the big question is what does it take to entice people out of the shadows.

This book explores the art of participation.

Published in: Marketing, Social Media
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Unlurk Me? Exploring the value of Lurkers & Lurking (in the looker centric self-service economy)

  1. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd
  2. front cover Back cover Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd
  3. dl=0 dl=0 dl=0 • book project by • Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd • 100’s of stories from brands & consumers (could be you) • sponsor partners • Built on a foundation of 24 Social laws in 3 sections • crowds + community • mindful Psychology • Emerging truths • supporting Media • Static content : Slideshare • Live Content : Listly • Images : Instagram • video : YouTube • Audio : Soundcloud & Audioboom summary: UnLurk me? Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd
  4. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd SYNONYMS + ALTERNATIVES Unlurk Me includes 24 Social Laws. We’ve added synonyms for each law to help you quickly get the context. Alternatives are a great coping mechanism for fast changing culture. You can be part of developing new synonyms for each of the laws too! Click on the link to share your ideas. Lurking Synonyms: Lurk, Lurkers, Lurker, Silent Majority , Tire Kickers, Passive Consumers, Observers, The 90%, Browse, Gather, Observe, Learn
  6. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd The Self-Service Economy has emerged as the web matures. The 1% Rule (1:9:90) explains how people participate in online communities. The Law of Majority puts community in context of the larger population to explain the key role of the silent majority (the 90%). creators contributors consumers find fringe Law of Majority • Law of Context • Law of the Silent Majority • Law of Self-Service • Law of Create, Curate, Consume • Law of Beyond 1:9:90 Synonyms Summary
  7. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd YOUME A million third PERSONS Law of A Million Thirds Imagining there’s a 3rd person in every two person exchange is a great mental model to explain why being overheard is scalable. When you know everything you say is being overheard it changes how to speak, or it should. This is social selling. • Law of The Invisible Third • Law of Cocktail Party • Law of Social Inclusion • Law of Always Listening • Law of Never Alone Synonyms Summary
  8. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd HotWarm Not Hot Again? cooling off getting hotter Law of hot or not Life is a constant churn of what’s hot or not. The internet has accelerated the speed at which things come, go & return once more to favour. • Law of Come & Go • Law of the Revolving Door • Law of Goes Around, Comes Around • Law of Shiny Object Syndrome • Law of Cohorts Synonyms Summary
  9. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd community ENGAGEMENT Content Law of creation Creating anything of value takes three elements. • The idea (your content), • The people (the community of interested parties) • Their participation, visible or not (i.e. engagement). • Law of Original Content • Law of Your Art Matters • Law of Build Your Body of Work • Law of Less Curation • Law of Stand for Something Synonyms Summary
  10. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd backchannel Law of the LOW impact HIGH Volume low volume HIGH IMPACT VS Back FRONT The backchannel is about a small number of high-impact non-public exchanges; ironic in a world of social visibility. The backchannel exists even if you don’t know about it. Learning to cultivate backchannel influence is key. • Law of Sidebar Conversations • Law of Hidden Influence • Law of Invisible Collaboration • Law of Old Boys Network • Law of Influencer Connections Synonyms Summary
  11. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd CreateCurate Alone Together FewInternal External 0% 100% 100% 0% ♥♥ " ♥♥ " many " " together Law of Today you can easily find others with shared passions, no niche is too small. Collaborating locally & globally is both possible & highly scalable. Consumers & brands can benefit from this tribal togetherness. • Law of Collaboration • Law of Tribes Scale • Law of Multiplication • Law of 100 People Like Me • Law of Many Hands / Light Work Synonyms Summary
  12. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd REAL WORK BUSY WORK Private public (Your CONtENT) Curated (work of others) anonymous Secrecy Law of self + It’s easy to begin by working anonymously or privately or by sharing the work of others. The real real value comes from publicly creating & sharing your own original work. • Law of Self-Service / Anonymity • Law of Self-Discovery • Law of Fake Research Identities • Laws of Personal Preferences • Law of Self Projection Synonyms Summary
  13. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd TIME CONTRIBUTORSRISK OF FAILURE Time creating Intrigue Thriving Law of Ideas thrive when people get involved. People want to belong & share ownership of their ideas / beliefs. The risk of failure goes down as the number of contributors go up. • Law of Natural Momentum • Law of Me to We • Law of Shared Vision • Law of Community / Belonging • Law of Living Content Synonyms Summary
  14. Mindful psychology Part II
  15. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd Soft Signals Law ofSIGNALS accrue S1 T1 IMPACTs DECAY TN S1 S2 S2 S3 S3 S4 S5 There’s many digital platforms to send / receive soft signals. Getting noticed & noticing others is a gentle art. It can take many touches to trigger action. Because we forget & leak, we need constant reaffirmation. • Law of Getting Noticed • Law of Cross Platform Comms • Law of Gentle Touches • Law of Dispersed Dialog • Law of Matching Learning Styles Synonyms Summary
  16. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd SMALL BIG MANYTIMES/ MANYPEOPLE ONETIME/ ONEPERSON culture communitysize culture Law of Every cultural norm began when one person dared to be the change …. then others copied. Culture for small & large groups operate on a continuum of scale & influence. Humans mirror the good, the bad & the ugly. • Law of Crowd Think • Law of Crowdsourced Behaviour • Law of Mirroring/Herding/Sheep • Law of Cultural Norms • Law of Lets Copy Them Synonyms Summary
  17. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd learning Law of expert novice 2 3 6 7 4 5 1 We’ve shifted from learning alone to learning together & from learning whole topics to learning what we need to get by. Stepwise, “search first” learning is a survival mechanism for coping with information excess. • Law of Bit by Bit • Law of Accumulated Knowledge • Law of Layered Learning • Law of Self-Serve Education • Law of Minimal Learning Synonyms Summary
  18. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd numbered lists Law of # $ % & ' %Posts including %blogsUsing 98% 30% 81% 20% 80% 15% 30% 5%40% 3% Numbered lists equate to 30% of digital media. Lists are shareable, snacks & how we learn. People are willing to contribute, hence lists build community. • Law of Listicles • Law of Resources, Tricks & Hacks • Law of the Best /Top / Worst ... • Law of Bite Size Content • Law of Skimmable Media Synonyms Summary
  19. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd exchange Law of minimal ( ( ( ( e1 ( ( ( ( e2 e3 e5 e6 e7 e8 e4 Say just enough, but not too much. Be helpful, but don’t overload people. Keep the dialogue alive. Multiple minimal exchanges allow you to slowly build real relationships. • Law of Keeping Conversation Alive • Law of Taking Turns • Law of Back & Forth • Law of Ping Pong Dialogue • Law of Reciprocal Conversation Synonyms Summary
  20. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd Adding Value Law of ( (B1 p1VALUE Always leave room for others to add value. You are more attractive when you leave the door open for community contribution one person at a time. Don’t be too smart, be accessible. • Law of Utility • Law of Contribution • Law of Matching • Law of Equality • Law of Leaving Room for Others Synonyms Summary
  21. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd Made Asks Law of Ready s ML XL XXL We suck at asking for & accepting help. Prepare a number of “pre-sized asks” so you can leverage your network. Ready made ask help you get more from people’s support and you’re more likely to find people offering support. • Law of Accepting Help • Law of Matching • Law of Saying Thanks • Law of Knowing What You Need • Law of Helping & Being Helped • Law of Want to Help? Here’s How Synonyms Summary
  22. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd discovery Law of social ) * +$ , % & # - Social exchanges, connections & people influence individual discovery & search. How we find stuff is less dependent on Google than we believe. • Law of How we Search • Law of Human Curation • Law of Getting Found • Law of Fighting the Gamed Results • Law of Psychology Trumps Tech Synonyms Summary
  23. Emerging truths Part III
  24. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd self doubt Law of creative output Self doubt Low High Your inner critic obstructs your creative output, your ability to show up & how you participate. Push through self doubt & your creativity & contribution increases. Build your creative muscle & learn to be vulnerable. • Law of Not Worthy • Law of Out of My Depth • Law of Can’t Start • Law of Excuses • Law of Smarter Than Me Synonyms Summary
  25. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd the grind Law of 1 3 4 5 6 7 2 Commit for the long haul. Think of your journey as a marathon - not a sprint. Everything takes work, by making it a social journey; you’ll have an army of people who won’t let you fail. • Law of No Overnight Successes • Law of Doing the Hard Work • Law of Pushing Through • Law of Stuff Worth Doing Takes Time • Law of It’s a Journey Synonyms Summary
  26. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd imperfect Law of Which is more fun? The more you learn to have fun with your imperfections, to be vulnerable & to be open about your mistakes the more enticing you become. Nothing & nobody is perfect. • Law of Messy is Okay • Law of Done is Better Than Perfect • Law of Dive in & Hit Publish • Law of Approachability • Law of Vulnerability Synonyms Summary
  27. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd #$ % & ' . ./ hybrid transform INPUT output lists slides videos infographics podcasts Text snack media Law of Create content that can be shared via multiple formats & in small chunks. Use multiple platforms to create various types of content. Pick the length & format to fit the function/story. • Law of Bite Size Content • Law of Breaking Content Up • Law of Repurposing • Law of Transmedia • Law of Hybrid Media Synonyms Summary
  28. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd the fishbowl Law of Every single person experiences life through the lens of living in multiple fish bowls. Each fish bowl is a small community with unique culture, boundaries & norms. We each experience every fishbowl uniquely. • Law of My World/Reality • Law of My People / Lens / Lingo • Law of Little Fish in Big Pond • Law of Bubbles • Law of Language & Context Synonyms Summary Non Profit tech ChurchSoccer moms
  29. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd new extroverts Law of the Face to Face Social Media Low High Energy Reach Introverts have figured out how to use social media & the various online platforms to level the playing field with extroverts. An online presence can outperform physical presence. • Law of Expertise is My Persona • Law of I am My Output • Law of Big Content vs Big Presence • Law of the Skilled Observer • Law of Listening First Synonyms Summary
  30. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd gender Law of M W Words account for 7% of all meaning, & can easily be misconstrued. Gender differences amplify this impact, as such gender is one of the most under utilized forms of segmentation & persona profiling. • Law of Gender Bias • Law of Mars & Venus • Law of Feelings • Law of Metrics • Law of Persona Marketing Synonyms Summary
  31. Copyright 2015 Nick Kellet & Jane Boyd never done Law of TASKS SOCIETY YOU Nothing is ever done, not completely. This is an undeniable truth because it’s a reality we all face daily. What things mean, the tasks we complete & our own beliefs are in a state of ever accelerating flux. • Law of the Living Dictionary • Law of Burn out Syndrome • Law of Always More / Undone • Law of Guilty Workload • Law of Excessive Demands Synonyms Summary
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