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Pop art inspired portraits


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Pop art inspired portraits

  1. 1. Mrs. Hurd Art Rm 201/Lab 109 Pop Art Inspired Portraits Pixlr/ PS Combo… Step 1: Internet /facebook/google search a portrait reference. I found typing in these for a search washelpful Expressive photography High ContrastPortraits Expressive Portraits Step 2: Save desired image to your folder. Right click <Save Image As
  2. 2. Mrs. Hurd Art Rm 201/Lab 109 Step 3: Go to and click on pixlr editor Step 4: Open image from computer.
  3. 3. Mrs. Hurd Art Rm 201/Lab 109 Step 5: Click Adjustment<Brightness/Contrast Adjust so that it is mostly black and white- no middle values. <OK Step 6: Click Adjustment<Levels Adjust again to deepen the black and bring out the white values. Slide the black square to the right Slide the white square to the left Click OK
  4. 4. Mrs. Hurd Art Rm 201/Lab 109 Step 7: Click Filter<Halftone Adjust so that it appears to look like a comic book design/newspaper printed…benday dots. Step 8: Click File<Save Save image to your folder YOU ARE FINISHED FOR TODAY.