Scc soft token datasheet


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Scc soft token datasheet

  1. 1. DatasheetSecurAccess TwoFactor AuthenticationThe future of authenticationfor the modern businessNo tokens, no fuss… Just rock-solid, two factor security on themove. Changing the game for business security.Key Benefitsn Strong, affordable,convenient two-factorauthenticationn Enhanced securityn Reduced helpdesk costsn No password reset or PINmanagement issuesn No token/smartcarddeployment, renewal orreplacement costsn No need to carryadditional devicesn No software required onthe mobile phonen No delays waiting for apasscoden Passcode always availableeven if temporarily out ofCommunicationToday’s organisations need watertight security,particularly now that ‘cloud computing’ has empoweredusers to access data any time, from anywhere. However,they also need cost savings, optimum productivity anda renewed focus on environmental action. Our solutionsgive control back to businesses and users withoutcompromising on security or access.Unlike traditional authentication solutions, working withSecurEnvoy allows us to quickly install and integrateinto existing IT systems. Crucially, we avoid the need formuch of the additional cost or remote deployment of thetraditional approach to security software, creating anunprecedented zero-footprint solution while ensuring long-term cost benefits.Deployment or Fully Managed Hosted Service?We can deploy Two Factor Authentication on premise oras a fully managed hosted service. The benefit of a fullymanaged service, is that it eliminates the time, effort andmanagement overhead required, allowing organisationsto maximize operational efficiencies, manage capitalexpenditure and release hardware, reducing theburden of administrative and resource intensive services.Whichever approach you take, we will work with you tomanage any risks and maximise rewards, making sure thatcontrol of your sensitive data is
  2. 2. Key Featuresn Any GSM mobile phonecan be transformed into anauthentication tokenn No additional hardwaretoken requiredn No end-user hardwaredeployment costsn No end-user hardwarefailure problemsn Supports any system thatincludes a Radius client,such as all known VPNserversn Direct integration to yourexisting user directory, noadditional database isrequiredn Protects applications thatrun on Microsoft IIS, nointegration or code changesrequiredn Simple six-digit SMSauthentication coden Single-use passcodesprevent all known passwordattacksWhy SCC?n Europe’s largestindependent provider ofinfrastructure optimisationand technology solutionsn Over 36 years’ experience inhelping customers facilitatetheir business strategiesn Over 7,000 results focusedemployees, supportingover 5,000,000 users acrossEuropen Proven ITIL, OGC and ISOcompliant delivery processesand proceduresCopyright  2011 SCC. SCC and the SCC logo are registered trademarks of SCC.What do we do?Our solutions are based onSecurAccess from SecurEnvoy whichturns any mobile phone that canreceive SMS into a ready-madeauthentication device. This pioneeringzero-footprint solution cuts costs byusing hardware that is already incirculation. Unlike traditional tokensthat take months to deploy andreplace, SecurAccess can roll out morethan 15,000 new remote staff per hourwithout the pain, cost or environmentalimpact created by legacy hardwaredistribution.How does this integrate with myexisting systems?The solution fully integrates intoMicrosoft Active Directory, NovelleDirectory, Sun Directory Server andOpenLDAP. Integration is simple asit requires no additional databasesor hardware – not to mention theirassociated cost. SecurAccess alsointegrates with all leading remoteaccess servers and web servicesincluding Microsoft OWA, Citrix, Juniperand Cisco. There’s also no need forextra software, eliminating costly andtime-consuming testing and trainingschemes. SecurEnvoy has beendesigned to respond to the constantchanges in mobile technology toensure a competitive ROI.What about network coverage or SMSdelivery delays?SecurAccess is fundamentallydesigned to let you:• Pre-load one-time passcodes• Reuse session passcodes thatchange daily or after multiple days• Request temporary passcodesthrough self-help website• Obtain passcodes via email ifnecessaryWhy do we partner with SecurEnvoy?SecurEnvoy are the inventors ofSMS based tokenless two factorauthentication and have been leadingthe way in the development of thisnext generation of authenticationtechnology since 2000. A global leaderin business authentication, SecurEnvoyare a UK based company, privatelyowned with products distributed acrossthe world.Can two factor authentication beprovided as a service?Yes. We offer a range of servicesfrom on-site deployment to a fullymanaged, comprehensive hostedservice. Where organisations cannotjustify expenditure on skills andinfrastructure to deploy an on-site twofactor authentication solution, or wheretheir internal IT teams are already overburdened, our hosted SecurAccessManaged Service is the ideal solutionto meet your business and securityrequirements.Two factor authentication is aspecialised area and we have investedin specialist, trained and dedicatedengineers that not only fully understanduser authentication solutions, butalso how to deliver a quality service,following industry best practicestandards.How resilient and flexible is the service?Our Hosted SecurAccess ManagedService is delivered via our secureTier 3+ Data Centre, which utilisesthe ‘best of breed’ Technology asa Service infrastructure. This allowsorganisations to benefit from a highlyscalable, highly available, resilientplatform for delivery of authenticationservices. The infrastructure is monitoredand supported 24x7x365 resulting inperformance and availability that istruly enterprise class.Our service allows an organisationsuser base to be fully administered bySCC, or alternatively in-house via asecure web portal. This gives businessesthe additional flexibility to deliver theservice deemed most appropriateto their uses and to take advantageof a true cloud service. Our flexibleinfrastructure ensures that largenumbers of users can be brought onboard quickly and with confidence.SecurAccess Two Factor Authentication - The future ofauthentication for the modern businessFor further information please call0121 766 7000 or visitwww.scc.comInternational HQSCC, James House, WarwickRoad, Birmingham, B11 2LE