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Ds netsuite-two-factor-authentication

  1. 1. Data SheetAre you looking to enhance your security management methods?Do you need to comply with federal regulations governing ITsecurity, such as Sarbanes Oxley? Join the increasing number ofcompanies deploying token devices to enhance the security oftheir corporate data.With NetSuite’s newest security offering, NetSuite Two-FactorAuthentication, you can add a layer of security to the desktop byrequiring users to physically possess a token, and have knowledgeof a password in order to access company data. This providesincreased protection of your data against unauthorized access.Two-factor authentication is often requested by public companies,financial institutions, government agencies, and companies withhighly sensitive data.What is Two-Factor Authentication?Also referred to as “strong authentication,” two-factor authentica-tion is a system in which two different methods to authenticateusers at login — similar to the way one ‘authenticates’ to any ATMbanking machine. You use something only you have (your uniquebank card) and something only you know (your secret PIN) toidentify yourself to the system.For two-factor authenticatedlogin to NetSuite, you use atoken only you have, then entersomething only you know: yourusername and password. Thetoken generates a randomone-time key – a random set ofnumbers – that you enter on thescreen. It generates a new keyevery time a user logs on so thesame key will never work twice. The one-time key is synchronizedwith a key generated by the authentication server on the backend.If the two match, the user’s identity is verified and he or she isgranted access.In addition, two-factor authentication protects against key logging,shoulder surfing and password cracking, and also helps guardagainst phishing attacks when connected to the network.NetSuite Makes Two-Factor Authentication SimplerMost software vendors require their customers to source andimplement two-factor authentication on their own. In contrast,NetSuite facilitates the program for you from sale through setupand support.When your company receives the tokens from NetSuite, youradministrator assigns them to employees based on their roles in theNetSuite application. You can choose one or more roles based onyour company’s security policies. Once activated, each user will seea one-time code (referred to as a “key”) that will be automaticallygenerated by the token each time the user logs into NetSuite. Theuser then enters the key shown in the window on the token eachtime he or she logs into NetSuite.NetSuite is committed to ensuring your corporate data is notcompromised through invalid user access. With use of NetSuite’stokens, you can easily and economically add an additional levelof security to any of your NetSuite applications.Features•LCD display of up to eight digits.•IP65 protection classification (resistant to dust and protectedagainst water jet)•Auto-test and display of token ID•Dimensions: 70mm x 29mm x 8mmFind out more: contact NetSuite, Inc. at 1-877 NETSUITE or visit www.netsuite.comR0308 NetSuite Two-Factor AuthenticationNetSuite Two-Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor AuthenticationYour token is your key to thenetwork – it generates a newpassword every time youlogon. Your username andpassword validate that youare the rightful owner ofthe token.