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  1. 1. The world’s leading software company specializing in Internet SecurityDIGIPASSLeading online gaming operators rely on VASCO’s solutions to protect their gamers fromphishing and account hackingPlay it Safe with Two-Factor AuthenticationINTERNET GAMING: LUCRATIVE MARKET FOR FRAUDOne of the fastest-growing Internet entertainment industries,online gambling is estimated to reach $433 billion by2012, according to Global Betting and Gaming Consultants.Consequently, it comes as no surprise that this lucrativemarket is being challenged by fraudsters almost daily.THE THREAT: ACCOUNT HACKINGOnline attacks such as keylogger viruses, phishing, and man-in-the-middle exploit one of the key security weaknessesof the Internet gaming sites: the inability to ensure theauthenticity of the user and the transactions he/she initiates.Inevitably, this leads to account hacking with thousands ofdollars in stolen funds and countless upset customers.THE DANGER: UNSUSPECTING GAMERSMost online fraud occurs when unsuspecting users havetheir online identity compromised via sophisticated electronicattacks designed to steal a user’s online credentials(username and password). Once this information is stolen,fraudsters are able to impersonate a legitimate user andconduct in-game activities at will.THE PROBLEM: INSECURE STATIC PASSWORDSOnline gaming accounts are traditionally protected by staticpasswords that provide almost no security and are easy tosteal or crack.Their use makes online gamers, their accountsand identities vulnerable to a vast number of keyloggers,trojans, and malware, which were designed to steal usercredentials, hack the account, and strip it off valuable assets.THE SOLUTION: LOW-IMPACT SECURITY ENHANCEMENTVASCO’s two-factor authentication devices offer electronicproof of identity for online gamers with a security level similarto the photo ID cards.SAY “NO” TO ACCOUNT HACKINGVASCO’s two-factor authentication solution drasticallyreduces the risk of online fraud by replacing insecure staticpasswords with strong, constantly changing passwords.IDENTIFY AND PROTECT THE USERBecause a new password is required at each login, theuser must be in possession of a DIGIPASS®authenticationdevice at all times. Therefore, online gaming operators canbe assured that only properly authenticated users can gainaccess, transfer funds, and play safely.SECURE ONLINE PAYMENTS AND TRANSFER OF FUNDSMan-in-the-middle attacks have made it obvious thatconventional authentication tools may not be enough foradequate protection. VASCO®addresses this gap with itse-signaturesolutionintendedtoverifytransactionauthenticity.PICK A SOLUTION THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR GAMERSVASCO’s two-factor authentication solutions are available inhardware, software, and mobile forms.Multiple customization options are available for DIGIPASS authentication devices.
  2. 2. www.vasco.comDIGIPASS BY VASCODIGIPASSVASCO designs, develops, markets and supports patented DIGIPASS®, DIGIPASS PLUS®,VACMAN®, IDENTIKEY®and aXs GUARD®authentication productsfor the financial world, remote access, e-business, and e-commerce.With tens of millions of products sold,VASCO has established itself as the world leaderin Strong User Authentication for e-Banking and Enterprise Security for blue-chip corporations and governments worldwide.About VASCOVACMAN®, IDENTIKEY®, aXs GUARD®, and DIGIPASS®are registered trademarks of Vasco Data Security. All trademarks or trade names are theproperty of their respective owners. VASCO reserves the right to make changes to specifications at any time and without notice. The informationfurnished by VASCO in this document is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, VASCO may not be held liable for its use, nor forinfringement of patents or other rights of third parties resulting from its use. © 2008 VASCO. All rights reserved.BOSTON (North America)phone: +1.508.366.3400email: info-usa@vasco.comSYDNEY (Pacific)phone: +61.2.8061.3700email: info-australia@vasco.comSINGAPORE (Asia)phone: +65.6323.0906email: info-asia@vasco.comBRUSSELS (Europe)phone: +32.2.609.97.00email: info-europe@vasco.comwww.vasco.comFEATURESUSER AUTHENTICATIONThe authenticity of the player is verified via the use ofone-time passwords that change every 32 seconds.A new password is required at each login, making keyloggerviruses and password theft ineffective.SCALABILITYBenchmarked at 9,000+ authentications per second, thebackend system is capable of processing heavy volumes ofauthentication requests and supporting mass deployments.• Easy to add more users and/or game titles• No need to rebuild the backend infrastructureTRANSACTION VERIFICATIONVASCO’s e-signature solution uses input data such asaccount numbers, transaction amounts, and timestampsto create an alphanumeric sequence unique to eachtransaction. It becomes invalid if any elements of atransaction are changed after it has been signed, thuseffectively fighting man-in-the-middle and phishing attacks.MULTIPLE END-USER DEVICESMultiple end-user devices are supported on the samebackend platform:• One-button hardware authenticators• Software authentication• Mobile authenticationBENEFITSLOW TOTAL COST PER CUSTOMERVACMAN Controller is a cost-effective API solution thatleverages your existing IT investment.• Native integration• No additional infrastructure required• No need for separate authentication servers and replicasPOSITIVE COMPANY IMAGETwo-factor authentication helps create a security-consciousimage for your games.• Positive effect on the customer retention rates• Decrease in operational costs due to the reduced impact of fraudulent attacks• Protectionofpublicinterestsduetothedecreasingnumber of fraud opportunitiesKEY CHARACTERISTICSVASCO’s two-factor authentication solutions consist of two components: server-side VACMAN®Controller and client-sideDIGIPASS authentication devices.CUSTOMIZE YOUR DIGIPASSFocus on your core business and let VASCO take careof your two-factor authentication deployment. • Branding – custom colors and design of hardware authenticators • Fulfillment – custom packaging, design and production, inventory management, and mailing to the end-usersFind out more at