Cultural clout: The role of culture in consumer decision making


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Justin Gibbons, creative director at Arena Media, explains that all media have some cultural potency but in a fragmented era of digital over-supply and
dumbed-down content, newsbrands are the most compelling in terms of their effect on the
culture of the nation.

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Cultural clout: The role of culture in consumer decision making

  1. 1. Cultural cloutThe role of culture in consumerdecision makingJustin GibbonsCreative DirectorArena Media
  2. 2. We’ve learnt a lot about decision making
  3. 3. And we’re still learning
  4. 4. There is a new layer to consider: the role of culture
  5. 5. Brands sit at the heart of this new understanding
  6. 6. Brands exist in the cultural world of the consumer
  7. 7. What are ‘cultural texts’ ?
  8. 8. A plethora of academic research demonstrates the role of media context
  9. 9. Newsbrands are ‘the new cultural intermediaries’
  10. 10. Media with Cultural Clout support brands’ cultural ideals
  11. 11. Insert film here
  12. 12. 5 things to think about• What are the cultural ideals my brand could or should support?• What stories does my brand have to tell to support these ideals?• In media, where do these cultural stories exist?• Which media have the most cultural clout?• Are there ways of working with Newsbrands to leverage the cultural story?