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London conference


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Published in: Business
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London conference

  1. 1. LondonConference 1 As requestedIhave puttogetherthisreporttoshow youall the researchI have completedtoplanyour stay inLondon,so youcan attendthe conference atthe Excel Centre onthe 26/02/15 and 27/02/15. I conducteda surveywith10 people inthe office tofindouttheirpreferredmethodtotravel toLondon. I have put myfindingsinabar graph.The preferredmethodwasbytrain,I will review thistosee whether thismethodisthe more cost effective foryou. I have researched the distance fromSwanseatoLondon (187 one way) and differentwaystogetto there, howmuch it will costandhowlongthe journeys willtake. I alsoresearched3 differenthotels,howmuchitwould costto stay there eachnight and how far awaythe hotelsare fromthe Excel Centre. My researchhas foundhowmuch itwould cost fora daytravel passin Londonso youcoulduse the undergroundif needed. All researchhasbeenbookmarkedinDiigoforyouto review. Staff survey: As you can see below travelling to London by train was the staff preferred method.
  2. 2. LondonConference 2 Graph representationof travel surveyresults. Research and information: The pictures below are screen shots of the information I have gathered about the distance from Swansea to London, the time and duration of the journeys and also the price of the tickets/petrol. The route andthe distance from SwanseatoLondonby train. Datesand timesof travel. 3 2 5 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Car Coach Train Motorbike P e o p l e S u r v e y e d Travel Mathods Travel Survey Car Coach Train Motorbike
  3. 3. LondonConference 3 Thisshowsthe route and time optionstogetto London fromSwanseawhentravellingby coach. Datesand timesof travel. Thisshowsthe approximate distance fromSwansea to London (one way) whentravellingbycar.It alsoshows how longitwouldtake to getthere dependingonthe speedyoudrive.
  4. 4. LondonConference 4 These are workings out to show how much it would cost in petrol to drive to London from Swansea. (4.54609) roundedupto 5 Litresin 1 Gallon. 1 litre = £1.32 5 litres(1gallon) = £6.60 157 milesfromSwanseatoLondon 1 gallonof petrol does50 milesthereforewe need3.5gallons £6.60 x 3 = £19.80 half of £6.60 = £3.30 £19.80 + £3.30 = £23.10 It wouldcost£23.10 in petrol totravel 157 milesfromSwanseatoLondonusing3.5 gallonof petrol. In total it wouldcost£46.20 as it woulduse upthe same amountof petrol totravel back to Swanseafrom London. Hotel Choices: The 3 differenthotelsIresearchedandfoundare all nearto the Excel Centre andall similar inprice.These are the 3 bestsuitedhotels,the distance tothe Excel centre,the roomsize,the price forthe durationof the stay andalso a ratingof the hotel standards. Choice 1 IbisStylesLondonExcel Newham,London(0.1milesfromExCeLExhibitionCentre) Standarddouble roomwithbreakfastincludedforthe price of £254 for3 nights Score of 7.5
  5. 5. LondonConference 5 Choice 2 Prince RegentHotel Excel Newham,London(0.5milesfromExCeLExhibitionCentre) Standardsingle roomwithfull Englishbreakfastforthe price of £259.19 for 3 nights Score of 7.9 Choice 3 PremierInnLondonDocklandsExCel Newham,London(0.2milesfrom ExCeLExhibitionCentre) Triple roomwithbreakfastincludedforthe price of £283.25 for3 nights Score of 8.4
  6. 6. LondonConference 6 London travel passes for the underground information: The price of a ticket to use the Londonundergroundstartsfrom£12 perday. You will be inLondon from WednesdaynighttoSaturdaymorning,dependingonwhetheryouwouldlike to use the undergroundon all the 4 days itwouldbe a maximumcostof £48. The 3 choicesof hotelsIhave chosenfor youto stay at are all withinwalkingdistantof the venue wherethe conferencesis beingheldsoitiscompletelyoptional if you wouldlike touse the Undergroundornot. Expenses: You have £100 perday to spendonfood/drinkduringyourstayat London;breakfastisincludedinthe price for eachday inall 3 hotel choices.If youdodecidedtogetthe undergroundticketsyouwouldbe left with £88 perday forfood. Summary: While completingthisprojectIhave researchedinformationtomake yourstayat Londoncost effective for the company. My researchhasfoundoutthe best/mostpreferredwaystotravel toLondon,the cost of these methods and howlongit will take.Asyouwill needahotel for3 nightsIresearched3 hotelsnearthe ExCel Centre and have recommendedthe more suitableone foryou.Ihave also foundoutthe price of a day ticketfor access to use the LondonUndergroundif needed. From the staff travel surveyIfoundthe mostpreferredwaytotravel to Londonisby train.Travellingby trainwouldbe the most expensive optioncosting£80 fora returnticket,butitwouldbe the quickest optionas the durationof the journeywouldbe 3 hoursand 13 minutes.
  7. 7. LondonConference 7 TravellingbyCoachisthe cheapestoptioncostingjust£21.99 for a one wayticket,soit wouldbe a total cost of £43.98 butit wouldtake thatlittle bitlongertoarrive as the durationis4 hoursand 30 minutes. If youwantedto travel bycar, the costfor the amount of petrol youwouldneedtotravel toLondonand back wouldcome to £46.20. I have roundedthe estimatedtime of travel to5 hours,thisgivesalittle bitof extratime if the trafficisbad. Withall thisinformationinmindIhave come to the conclusionthe bestmethodof travel isbyCoach. Althoughittakes1 hour and 18 minuteslongerthantravellingbytrainitis £36.02 cheaper. The hotel I have chosenforyou to stayat is The Premier InnLondonDocklandsExCel.The price tostayat thishotel is of £283.25 for 3 nights,itis £30 more thanthe other2 choicesbut ithas the bestrating witha score of 8.4 and isonly0.2 milesfromthe ExCel centre.The moneyyouhave savedintravellingcosts makesup the price difference inthe costof the hotel. The price of a day travel passto use the LondonUndergroundis£12, if youdecide thatyou needtouse the undergroundforall the 4 days of the durationof yourstay it wouldbe a maximumcostof £48. This would meanthat it wouldtake your£100 dailyallowance downto£88 per dayfor foodexpenses,asbreakfastis includedwiththe roomthiswouldn’tneedtobe takenoutof the £88. Costsbreakdown: Coach Hotel Underground Expenses Total costs £43.98 £283.25 £48 £400 £775.23 5.7% 36.5% 6.2% 51.6% Total Percentage Costs Coach Hotel Underground Expenses
  8. 8. LondonConference 8 I have alsoattachedthe sourceswhere Ihave got myinformationfrom. I hope youare pleasedwithall thisinformationandhappywiththe choicesIhave made foryouto make your stayat London the mostenjoyable possible. The table and pie chart above showthe total percentage costof all arrangementsmade forthe conference. Sources 8#q=local+petrol+garages+in+swansea&spell=1 gb.html?aid=318615;label=New_English_EN_GBIE_5226315025- CjikBCfb7dsgl%2Aw4ETKCPgS46932888265%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%25;sid=5ba159a627269910b 8ef7a10dfde51a8;dcid=4;checkin=2015-02-25;checkout=2015-02- 28;ucfs=1;srfid=989890ab9d058038ace5d40739ae3a88ee0365eaX11;highlight_room=23010411 gb.html?aid=318615;label=New_English_EN_GBIE_5226315025- CjikBCfb7dsgl%2Aw4ETKCPgS46932888265%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%25;sid=5ba159a627269910b 8ef7a10dfde51a8;dcid=4;checkin=2015-02-25;checkout=2015-02- 28;ucfs=1;srfid=989890ab9d058038ace5d40739ae3a88ee0365eaX8;highlight_room=35653104 gb.html?aid=318615;label=New_English_EN_GBIE_5226315025- CjikBCfb7dsgl%2Aw4ETKCPgS46932888265%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%25;sid=5ba159a627269910b 8ef7a10dfde51a8;dcid=4;checkin=2015-02-25;checkout=2015-02- 28;ucfs=1;srfid=989890ab9d058038ace5d40739ae3a88ee0365eaX6;highlight_room=22549914 gb.html?src=landmark&nflt=&ss_raw=&landmark=872& andmark%2Fgb%2Fexcel-exhibition-centre.en- gb.html%3Faid%3D318615%3Blabel%3DNew_English_EN_GBIE_5226315025- CjikBCfb7dsgl%252Aw4ETKCPgS46932888265%253Apl%253Ata%253Ap1%253Ap2%253Aac%253Aap1t1%2 53Aneg%3Bsid%3D5ba159a627269910b8ef7a10dfde51a8%3Bdcid%3D4%3Binac%3D0%26%3B&aid=31861 5&dcid=4&label=New_English_EN_GBIE_5226315025- CjikBCfb7dsgl*w4ETKCPgS46932888265%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac% 8#q=accommodation%20near%20the%20excel%20centre%20london
  9. 9. LondonConference 9,+UK/Swansea,+UK/@51.5190999,- 4.2341709,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d8a00baf21de75:0x52963a5addd52a99!2m2! 1d-0.1277583!2d51.5073509!1m5!1m1!1s0x486e45555a4e97b1:0x3d77128e2fe7cb74!2m2!1d- 3.943646!2d51.62144 detail/story.html