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iAnnotate 2016 - Demo Pundit web annotator


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Slides of the presentation of Pundit web annotation tool held at iAnnotate 2016 in Berlin.

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iAnnotate 2016 - Demo Pundit web annotator

  1. 1. Giulio Andreini @_thepundit WEB ANNOTATION USE CASES Demo Pundit web annotator
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE Facing
  3. 3. The user at the center User experience design Technology Around the user Use cases Test, iterate, learn!
  4. 4. PUNDIT? What is
  5. 5. Annotation Server Pundit Annotator thepundit/annotator Pundit Annotator Pro thepundit/annotatorpro Pundit Dashboard thepundit/app More info:
  6. 6. PROJECTS using Pundit
  7. 7. Burckhardt Source Looking at words through images StoM (Semlib to Market) Unicoop Tirreno Ampere Correspondence Geolat Europeana Sounds
  8. 8. USE CASES let’s have some fun!
  9. 9. Persona Investor or associate of a company or cooperative. User needs The company publishes a public annual report on the website. Investors and associates want to have the possibility to comment, discuss and ask questions about the reported data. They want their opinion to be heard and possibly contribute to bring some improvements for the years to come. THE ANNUAL REPORT Use cases
  10. 10. Persona User interested in the quality of data in a digital archive. User needs The user browsing the archive might notice some inaccuracies in the data and might want to suggest some improvements. This is even more relevant if the user is specifically interested in the quality of data, like he is a contributor to the digital archive or is the owner of the data. The suggestion might be provided with an easy tool that allow the user to select the wrong data and suggest the correction. Other users might want to reply to that suggestions with comments or endorsements. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF A DIGITAL ARCHIVE Use cases
  11. 11. Persona Scholar studying a correspondence of a particular author. User needs On each text of the corpus the scholar wants to state that certain parts of text are talking about entities like persons, places, bibliographical resources or other parts of text. This action must be performed very quickly while reading and it must be possible for other scholars to review and rate the work already done. This enrichment could later be used to perform a more accurate search among the whole corpus and visualise the relation between text, persons and places. STUDYING A CORRESPONDENCE Use cases
  12. 12. Giulio Andreini @_thepundit THANK YOU for watching!