user engagement metrics evaluation dwell time search absence time measurement aggregated search information retrieval recommender system inter-session metrics intra-session metrics native advertising advertising quality mobile advertising online news serendipity relevance saliency focus attention online multi-tasking thinking about diversity acting on segmentation optimizing for the right metric understanding intents reinforcement learning user intents reward functions spotify research voice open mindset focus mindset music a/b testing feature engineering ad quality post-click experience search experience reliability metric entity search social media relevance assessment mouse tracking web analytics positive affect models attention online metrics hcomp 2020 research at spotify human in the loop personalisation algorithms recommender systems engagement metrics clicks interpretaions making personalization transparent multi-armed bandits online learning causal inference observational study endurability contribution interaction involvement experimenations counterfactuals optimization push paradigm pull paradigm playlist user satisfaction modelling user intents co-clustering user type playlist type artists diversity personalization bandit algorithm pull vs push organize listening lean-back lean-in prefix query genre mood searching for fun satisfaction effort success push pull mindset intent online offline experimentation and evaluation of metrics optimisation for metrics taxonomy of online metrics map document trec query ncdg recall precision test collection short clicks feature anaysis html features ground truth editorial mobile frienliness conversions aesthetic appeal visual features reputation algorithms user perception trust sources expectaion predictive models online advertising large scale analytucs euro 2016 mobile analytics new year day brexit patterns app usage hyperlink reading behaviour storytelling ad offensive rate ad copy features pre-click experience ad preference offensive rate pre-click mobile advertis- ing survival analysis framework viewport time news reading long-term-value abscence time in-the-moment metric small- and large-scale measurement intra-session and inter-session messures beyond relevance and clicks. retrieval effecttivemess dwell time prediction native advertising; advertising quality entity versus search query features spark exploratory search user features prediction yahoo across sessions within sessions big data crowdsourcing validity subjectivity setting objectivity temporality scale web search downstream engagement click web traffic networks of sites news bias framing intuitiveness discriminative power diversity hyperlinking online multitasking switching between sites teleporting backpaging metadata entity networks interesting- ness information access automatic linking aesthetics. news sentiment interesting user generated content reading user study vertical selection questionnaire eye tracking self-reporting physiological measurement user interest gaze news domain user-generated content crowd-sourcing comments sentimentality network of sites network effect networked user engagement models of user engagement beyond relevance beyond session interactive ir online-multi-tasking towards engagement complex information spaces xml retrieval evaluation (basic) indexing (basic) subjective metrics emotion
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