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Pundit at DiXiT Convention 1: Technology, Software, Standards

Here are the slides of the presentation of Pundit at DiXiT Convention 1: Technology, Software, Standards held at Huygens ING in The Hague. It's an overview of the Pundit client and Annotation server and some insights into what's coming in the future.

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Pundit at DiXiT Convention 1: Technology, Software, Standards

  1. 1. Giulio Andreini DiXiT Convention 1: Technology, Software, Standards 14—18 September 2015, The Hague A WEB ANNOTATION TOOL TO MAKE YOUR JOB AND RESEARCH ACTIVITY EASIER Francesca Di Donato @_thepundit
  4. 4. THIS IS PUNDIT Full page annotation Text fragment annotation Image annotation Image fragment annotation
  6. 6. WHY DO YOU NEED PUNDIT? Reuse The LOD Share and reuse Create Knowledge Enrich the web of data
  7. 7. PUNDIT COMPONENTS Pundit Annotator Pro Annotation
  8. 8. PUNDIT ANNOTATOR PRO ‣ Web application running in the browser ‣ Allows the creation of semantic annotations using text fragments of web pages or whole web pages ‣ LOD entities can be used to compose triples ‣ LOD entities and text fragments can be stored in MyItems
  9. 9. ANNOTATION SERVER Web Annotation Data Model defined by the Web Annotation Working Group of W3C Annotation
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY Pundit Annotator Pro • HTML, CSS (LESS), Javascript, Angular JS ! Annotation Server • Java, Symfony, Sesame (GraphDB™ Standard Edition), MySql, Solr
  11. 11. KORBO ‣ It’s a LOD resource repository and manager ‣ Creation of custom entities ‣ Connection of custom entities with LOD repositories ‣ Import of data from LOD repositories ‣ Full Pundit integration ‣ Multilingual
  12. 12. PROJECTS USING PUNDIT •StoM (SemLib to Market) •Europeana Sounds •ERC-ADG-Looking at words through images •ERC-ADG-The European Correspondence to Jacob Burckhardt (just released!)
  13. 13. COMING SOON
  14. 14. PUNDIT COMPONENTS Annotation
 server Pundit Annotator Pro Pundit Annotator Light Annotations Manager
  15. 15. PUNDIT ANNOTATOR LIGHT Comment Comment Save comment in July Notebook ! Write your comment! ‣ Easy and friendly interface ‣ Less features than the Pro version ‣ Fast textual comments creation ‣ Text highlight features ‣ Total integration with the Pundit environment ‣ Social features
  16. 16. ANNOTATIONS MANAGER ‣ Centralized annotations management ‣ Notebooks management ‣ Integration with both Annotator Pro and Light ‣ Advanced search tools and search result filtering ‣ Semantic tools for advanced search performance
  17. 17. MORE FUTURE FEATURES • Templates
 Faster annotation • Ann-o-matic
 Entity extraction • Image annotation • Image fragment annotation
  19. 19. PUNDIT PRODUCT #PUNDITLAB It’s a bundle of tools: • Pundit Annotator • Pundit Annotator Pro • Pundit Annotations Manager These will provided as a Software as a service (SAAS) with different plans. Tailor made projects made starting from the Pundit core. We can modify Pundit to respond to any special requirement. E.G. For Europeana Sounds and Ampere we are implementing some special features.
  21. 21. ‣ Fastest and easiest way to install and use Pundit Annotator. ‣ Best for personal use and productivity. ‣ Auto updates, new features coming for free. ‣ Stores annotations on central Pundit server. ‣ Can be installed here: http:// CHROME EXTENSION
  22. 22. ‣ Pundit code is hardcoded/embed in HTML pages. Pundit launches automatically. ‣ Best solutions for Digital Libraries where we want to use Pundit. ‣ Best solutions for Magazines and Newspapers where we want to start social interaction among users, based on annotations and comments. ‣ More info here: EMBED PUNDIT ANNOTATOR
  23. 23. ‣ Allows to launch Pundit in web pages without the Chrome Extension and without code embedding. ‣ The URL of the page is appended to the URL: http:// ‣ Allows to easily select a configuration for Pundit and even a Pundit version. ‣ Best solutions for web applications where we want to use Pundit without embedding the code (allowing to visit pages also without Pundit). ‣ More info here: FEED.THEPUND.IT
  24. 24. CONTRIBUTE !
  25. 25. START USING PUNDIT TODAY Go to this link: …install the Chrome Extension and use it! Enrich the web with your semantic annotations!
  26. 26. EMBED PUNDIT IN YOUR PROJECT Go to this page: and learn hot to embed Pundit in your Digital Library or web site. Contact Net7 for support!
  28. 28. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Pundit website Chrome Extension Developers site Pundit presentation video Giulio Andreini Francesca Di Donato Net7, Pisa Giulio Andreini Francesca Di Donato @_thepundit