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Net4’s EasySite Builder Web Presence Builder


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Net4’s EasySite Builder Web Presence Builder (further referred to as Builder or editor) is an easy and intuitive means of creating websites for small businesses and individuals.

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Net4’s EasySite Builder Web Presence Builder

  1. 1. Create your Website in Just4 Eaasyy Steps! Select a Domain Name Create Your Website with Easy-to-use Website Builder Tool Optimize your Website to GenerateLeads Publish and Get Your BusinessOnlineMaking a Websiteis now VeryEaasyy! WebsiteBuilder Tool2 Email Ids of 1GB Each250 MB Free Hosting SpaceRs. 2500 Google Adwords CreditsName*Phone: 1800-108-4444E-mail: pallavi.v@net4.comQuick EasyWebsite inMinutes @ JustRs. 449/-Net4 EasySite PackageIncludes:Net4www.net4.inYour Website Builder Tool has allthe features to create your profes-sional looking website .1. In-built Template Gallery based oncategory/service industry2. Easy to use modules to add edityour content, colors and images3. Social connecting tools like FB,Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter,Pinterest4. Drag-n drop modules like videogallery, photo gallery, documents,blogs etc…5. SEO friendly modules to addmetas, define urls, integrate googleanalytics etc..6. Ecommerce FeaturesRefer a Friend Get 10% Credit per Re-ferral Your friend gets 5% off Simple Process No strings AttachedGet Started
  2. 2. Net4’s EasySite Builder Web Presence Builder(further referred to as Builder or editor) is aneasy and intuitive means of creating websites forsmall businesses and individuals.To start creating a website with Builder, you firstneed to select your website topic, specify web-site name, and select a language. Please note thatthe language is selected for your website, notfor the Builder editors interface. The Buildereditors interface language can be changed onlythrough Net4’s EasySite.You will be prompted to provide informationabout yourself to prefill your website with infor-mation. Please note that the information youprovide will not be stored or used anywhereelse, it will be used only for filling your websitecontent, such as "About Us" and "Contact Us"pages. You can change or remove this infor-mation at any time later. When the necessaryinformation is provided, Builder generates a web-site with the unique design. The website designconsists of a number of ele-ments. Each time Buildergenerates a website design, arandom set of element de-signs is used, so you can besure that the website designyou receive is never repeat-ed.Getting FamiliarThe Builder editors interfaceconsists of two major parts:your website and main menu.A website consists of a num-ber of elements, or modules.Each module can be editedseparately. Here we will famil-iarize you with basic principlesof website modules editingsimilarfor all modules.The website modules can beof two basic types: Simple modules. These modules appear onlyon one website page, such as a simple textblock. Sitewide modules. These modules appear onall website pages, such as the website head-er or navigation.To locate a website module, hover the mousepointer over the part of the website you wantto change. A dotted frame will appear aroundthe module. A control panel prompting to move,edit, or remove/hide the module will appearnext to the dotted frame.The dotted frame around simple modules is darkgrey, around sitewide modules it is purple.To edit a website module, click anywhere on themodule. A dotted frame will appear around themodule. A context menu with module editingoptions will appear next to the dotted frame.The editors main menu offers website ed-iting options grouped under six tabs:Modules. Here you can choose necessary mod-ules and drag them to any place on thepage to fill your website with content.Contact Person: pallavi.v@net4.comDomain Name*2 Email Ids of 1GB Each250 MB Free Hosting SpaceRs. 2500 Google AdwordsCreditsLayout. Here you can select the numberof sidebars on the page, width of the page,sidebars and margins, and fixed or liquidtype of layout.Style. Here you can select base colorscheme for your website, change colors ofseparate elements, select fonts and stylesof borders for your website.Pages. Here you can add and delete pages,rename them, edit such page metainformation as description and keywords,mark page as hidden, so that your visitorscannot access it from the site menu.Documents. Here you can upload yourdocuments, images, and other files in vari-ous formats to your hosting account. Youcan then easily insert links to these docu-ments into your website pages. Or, you canjust keep the files on the hosting accountfor your own needs.Settings. Here you can edit your websitename, description and keywords for searchengines, upload a site icon (favicon), opti-mize ranking of your website in search en-gine results, and add a copy of your site to aPhone: 1800-108-4444E-mail: pallavi.v@net4.comCall our supportteam to help youbetter!Your little steps toyour online pres-ence!Net4’s EasySiteBuilder