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Top 8 features of bizmail that you cant miss


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Professional emails are a must for your business communication. Professional Emails make your communication more professional, reliable and brandable.

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Top 8 features of bizmail that you cant miss

  1. 1. Professional emails are a must foryour business communication.Professional Emails make yourcommunication more professional,reliable and brandable. Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 2
  2. 2. Economail Promail Bizmail Exmail Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 3
  3. 3. More Anti Virus & More Email attachment AdvancedSpace: 1 GB Size: 50MB Anti-SpamCustomized Catch-All MailMailbox Size Account Monitoring Mail Customizable Grouping Web mail Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 4
  4. 4. Mailbox SizeI. Economail : 500 MBII. Bizmail : 1 GBMore mailbox means you can send orreceive more mails, save more files, andfolders. Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 5
  5. 5.  BizmailPlus Mailing solution Offers an Attachment size of 50MB Send more and bigger files Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 6
  6. 6. Bizmail gives you: Anti-Virus Advanced Version of Anti-SpamSend and receive secure mails.No spam or advertising mails in inbox Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 7
  7. 7.  Bizmail allows you to customize your mailbox so that you can increase or decrease mailbox size for email ids. Optimize the total mailbox size for best use. Add convenience of use Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 8
  8. 8.  Catch-all account allows you to receive all mails that might otherwise be missed for wrong spelling Saves you from the loss of any important mail Get all mails in a catch-all account created in the admin panel Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 9
  9. 9.  Monitor all out-going and incoming mails from any mail id you want to monitor Track any email id that you might find suspicious Ensure secure exchange of communication and prevent loss of intellectual property Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 10
  10. 10.  Send group mails to important departments like HR, operations, marketing, legal etc. Save yourself from the hassle of sending individual mails. Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 11
  11. 11.  Bizmail is 100% white-label Email solution Use your own logo Get an admin panel to manage mails Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 12
  12. 12. Net4 IndiaD-25, SECTOR-3NOIDA, Net4 India Limited 1/4/2013 13