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Kanban kata

A quick introduction through Kanban Kata and what it is about.

Inspired by the book: Kanban in Action.

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Kanban kata

  1. 1. @theNeomatrix369 Kanban Kata by Hakan Forss inspired by Toyota Kata
  2. 2. @theNeomatrix369 Retrospectives - once a sprint - gather improvements/actions for the next sprint - feedback is a bit delayed - improvement work is not always intermingled with ordinary work
  3. 3. @theNeomatrix369 What is a kata? From martial arts - it refers to the practice of doing a set of predefined movements, repeatedly, in order to create a muscle memory of the movements.
  4. 4. @theNeomatrix369 Why a kata? Ultimately to train us to do the right thing without thinking - automatic, intuitive, second nature.
  5. 5. @theNeomatrix369 What is Kanban Kata? - a way to implement process improvements - series of questions - help improve in small steps in a continuous flow - improvement work and ordinary work is intermingled
  6. 6. @theNeomatrix369 Kanban Kata is made up of... - Daily Kata—A way to start including improvement work in your daily meetings - Improvement Kata—A formalized way to improve your process - Coaching Kata—Focuses on improving the learners (the people in the team): a coaching technique
  7. 7. @theNeomatrix369 Daily Kata - questions to ask - What are we trying to achieve? - Where are we now? - What obstacles are in our way now? - What’s our next step and what do we expect? - When can we see what we have learned from taking that step?
  8. 8. @theNeomatrix369 Improvement & Coaching Kata - questions to ask - What is the target condition? - What is the actual condition now?* - What obstacles do you think are preventing you from reaching the target condition? Which one are you addressing now? - What is your Next Step? (next PDCA/experiment) What do you expect? - When can we go and see what we have learned from taking that step?
  9. 9. @theNeomatrix369 Improvement & Coaching Kata
  10. 10. @theNeomatrix369 Improvement & Coaching Kata
  11. 11. @theNeomatrix369 Improvement & Coaching Kata
  12. 12. @theNeomatrix369 Questions?
  13. 13. @theNeomatrix369 Thank you
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