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Industrial Products Supplies by NEIS


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Looking for the industrial supplier in Australia? Don't look further, find the range of industrial products at NEIS online store. We are stokist/supplier of quality tools.

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Industrial Products Supplies by NEIS

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS SUPPLIES By: North East Industrial Supplies
  2. 2. Introduction to North East Industrial Supplies is based in Heidelberg West, Melbourne. We are trusted quality machine parts supplier for Australian manufacturers since 1988. A wide range of industrial products supplied by NEIS, offering our customers a cost-effective solution for achieving the maximum prospective production level.
  3. 3. Products We Supply at  Industrial Abrasives  KIPP Operating Parts  Cutting, Drilling and Threading Tools  Fasteners  Airline Hose and Fittings  Industrial Consumable Products  Deb Stoko Workplace Skincare Products  Other Tools – Hand Tools, Measuring Tools, etc. At NEIS, we are supplying a wide range of industrial products listed below:
  4. 4. Let’s Explore
  5. 5. Industrial Abrasives  Abrasive Accessories  Blaze Coated Fibre Discs  Flexovit Cut Off Wheels  Flexovit Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels  Norton Bear-Tex Hand Pads  Flexovit Flap Wheels  Flexovit Flap Discs  Flexovit Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels  Norton Metalite Cloth Handy Rolls  Norton Sanding Sheets  Speed-Lok Discs NEIS is one of the leading suppliers of industrial abrasive products. We are trusted stockiest/ supplier for Australian manufacturers. Get free shipping Australia wide. Range of Abrasive Products we Supply:
  6. 6. KIPP Operating Parts  Clamping Levers, Tension Levers & Cam Levers  Grips, Knobs & Knurled Fasteners  Toggle Clamps & Power Clamps  Ball Lock Pins  KIPP Support Elements  Tube Connector Elements  Machine & Fixture Components  KIPP Magnets  Rubber Buffer Elements NEIS is trusted Australian agent for KIPP. We have a range of high-quality KIPP parts and tools available. Get free shipping Australia wide. Call on 03 9459 4811. Range of KIPP Products we Supply:
  7. 7. Cutting, Drilling and Threading Tools  Button Dies  Die Nuts  Drill HSS  End Mills  Carbide Burs  Needle Files  Reamers  Hand & Machine Taps  CNC Cutters  Recoil  Noga Deburring Tools NEIS is trusted distributor of high-quality cutting tools from Sutton Tools. We supplying tools such as Button Dies, Drill Bits, Die Nuts, End Mills and many more. Explore our online store today. Industrial Cutting Tools we Supply:
  8. 8. Fasteners  Allen Keys – Hexagon Wrenches  Pressure Plugs Tapered  Unbrako – Socket Head Screws  Countersunk Socket Screws  Socket Head Cap Screws  Wing Grips for Hexagon Socket Screws  Socket Head Shoulder Screws At NEIS, we have a strong & long-established partnership with Unbrako. Find the wide variety of industrial fasteners at our online store. High Quality Fasteners we Supply:
  9. 9. Air Line Hose and Fittings  Couplings  Adaptors  Elbows and Y Pieces  Hexagon Nipples  Tailpieces  Jamec PEM  Recoil Air Hose  Reducing Bushes - Sleeves - Plugs  Manifolds  Jamec T Pieces Looking for the Air Hoses & Fittings online? At NEIS, you will find the wide selection of air hose fittings. Get free shipping Australia wide! Air Hoses & Fittings we Supply:
  10. 10. Industrial Consumable Products  Lubricants - Oils - Cutting Oils  Safety & Protective Wear  Silver Steel  Vee Belts Buy from an extensive range of industrial consumables at NEIS with free shipping Australia wide. Call us on 03 9459 4811 for consumable supplies. Consumables we Supply:
  11. 11. Workplace Skincare Products  Skin Protect Cream  Hand Cleanser  InstantFoam Sanitiser  Restore Cream  Dispensers  Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes Protect your skin at workplace by the range of effective skin care products supplied by NEIS. Get in touch with us for more details about all the below products. Range of Skincare Products we Supply:
  12. 12. ANY QUESTIONS? Contact North East Industrial Supplies : (03) 9459 4811 : (03) 9459 2311 : :