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Lecture slides for MA Contemporary Art Theory and for MFA Visual Culture students at Edinburgh College of Art.

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  1. 1. ambient
  2. 2. Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings, 2007 Beyond Image and Son of Beyond Image were shot for a circular screen environment as part of their 1969 ICA exhibition 'Journey to the Surface of the Earth' and will be remixed live by Joan Hills and Sebastian Boyle to a live recording of Soft Machine from the Technicolor era.
  3. 4. Work No. 127: The lights going on and off 1995 Electrical timer switch Installation at Vistamare Associazione Culturale, Pescara
  4. 5. Bill Woodrow Mark Wallinger
  5. 7. SCANNER Surface Noise 12 - 14 November 1998 From St Paul’s Cathedral to Big Ben and vice versa, London SW1 – EC4 Taking the sights and sounds of London and the nursery rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down as a starting point for a walk through the city, sound artist Scanner gathered sound samples and visual material as ingredients for three evenings of live sound. Travelling on a London bus, which retraced his original rout between Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral and back, he created a series of live mixes, generating a surreal experience. The first in a series of projects entitled ‘INNERCity’ in which artists, writers and thinkers were invited to react to the city of London.
  6. 8. <ul><li>Rirkrit Tiravanija </li></ul><ul><li>Community cinema for a quiet intersection (against Oldenburg), Glasgow, September 1999 </li></ul><ul><li>Rirkrit Tiravanija set up a temporary four-screen cinema and Thai barbecue cafe which took over a crossroads in a residential area of Glasgow and showed films selected by the local community. This project was part of Glasgow's 1999 City of Architecture festival. The four screens showed Casablanca , A Bug's Life , The Jungle Book and It's a Wonderful Life simultaneously. The cinema was open on 26th September 1999. </li></ul>
  7. 9. Thomas Hirschhorn Altar to Raymond Carver Installed in Zurich.
  8. 10. OCTOBER: CONTEMPORARY ART IN ST. VINCENT STREET October presents the work of 31 Glasgow-based artists in the city-centre location of St Vincent Street. Each artist is assigned one day of the month of October 2001 in which they can make and show work in any site along the street: bars, cafes, banks, offices, waste-grounds, churches, pavements, walls… Presenting public art in this transitory way allows the artists the freedom to bring their practice into the public realm without the constraints of producing a permanent work. St Vincent Street runs from George Square across the M8 and into the residential area of Finnieston: from the heart of the city to its contrasting outskirts. Along the way, the overall look and atmosphere changes from high-class commercial outlets and the head offices of national corporations to small corner-shops and council flats. Rather than placing the art object in the gallery, October places the work of art within this social context that represents various aspects of the everyday. Artworks will include installation, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, text, and video. Not all of the artists have previously made public art, many work only in gallery spaces. These artists have been selected to represent a cross section of contemporary art practice in Glasgow, enabling a general engagement with the wider context of the city street.
  9. 11. Lucy Skaer Public Project in Amsterdam
  10. 12. David Sherry An Advancement into Retreat
  11. 13. Breadman Tatsumi Orimoto
  12. 17. Jim Medway
  13. 18. Paul Needham Waiting The artists home, Levenshulme, Manchester Paul Needham will be waiting for his phone to ring at his home in Levenshulme, South Manchester. He will wait for two periods of time, each one hour in length, for every week of Artranspennine03. The days and hours of waiting will alter with each week. By the end of Artranspennine03 Needham will have waited for his phone to ring for 24 hours. Needham will place small advertisements in the local newspapers throughout the transpennine region to announce his waiting. Neither the times of his waiting nor his phone number will be advertised. Adverts will be placed in some of the following local papers:- The Accrington Observer, The Glossop Advertiser, The Leigh Journal, The Stretford and Urmston Messenger, The Beverley Advertiser, The Town Crier, The Selby Star, The Barnsley Chronicle, The Todmorden News, The Wakefield Express, The Bury Times and The Hull Advertiser.
  14. 19. Twelve artists were invited to communicate by fax with a company of their choice. For 12 hours on Sunday 8th February 1998 artworks were sent repeatedly from 12 artists to 12 organisations - MI6 (Eva Rothschild), Models One (Will Bradley), Rio Tinto Zinc (Padraig Timoney), Maryhill Territorial Army (Chris Evans), The Adam Smith Institute (Brigid Lowe), The Sun (Anne-Marie Copestake), Roger McKinley (North West Water Board), James Thornhill (Saatchi), Paul Carter (The Vatican), Sarah Tripp (Gagosian Gallery - New York), Graham Fagen (10 Downing Street).
  15. 20. It may be preferable, for obvious reasons, to limit artworks to the mind, to allow them to exist in thought only. Dematerialized, planted in consciousness, they would exist solely in the imagination and might survive untarnished. Lothar Baumgarten: &quot;Status quo&quot;, 1987. Artforum 7 (1988), p. 108.
  16. 21. Xu Zhen 8848 Minus 1.86 2005 Video and mixed media installation
  17. 22. Michael Baldwin – Remarks on Air Conditioning
  18. 23. David Bainbridge and Howard Hurrell: &quot;Loop&quot; (1967) [Electrisch veld; bezoekers krijgen detectoren.]
  19. 24. Robert Barry: Inert Gas Series , 1969. Krypton, Argon, Xenon, Helium. Specified quantitities of each gas released into the atmosphere at specific times on specific locations.
  20. 25. Robert Barry: 90 mc Carrier Wave (FM), 1968.
  21. 26. Robert Barry: Telepathic Piece, 1969. &quot;During the Exhibition I will try to communicate telepathically a work of art, the nature of which is a series of thoughts that are not applicable to language or image.&quot;
  22. 27. Statements (October 12, 1969) Lawrence Weiner The object – by virtue of being a unique commodity – becomes something that might make it impossible for people to see the art for the forest. THROW ONE STANDARD DYE MARKER INTO THE SEA
  23. 28. Culture Jamming The act of using existing mass media to comment on those very media themselves, using the original medium’s communication method. It is based on the idea that advertising is little more than propaganda for established interests, and that there is little escape from this propaganda in industrialised nations.
  24. 30. <ul><li>INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY: Pastor Dick Rains On Your Hit Parade </li></ul><ul><li>Over the past thirty years, I have been inspired by the work of such great evangelists as Bob Larson, Hilly Marmon, and Jack (and Rexella) Van Impe. From generation to generation, their bold condemnation of rock music has sent a strong message to young and old alike. From the Beatles to the Beastie Boys, from Woodstock to Whitesnake, these dedicated men of God have risked their lives and careers taking on the commercial music industry and its blatant (and successful) attempt to manipulate and control the lives of modern-day youth. </li></ul>
  25. 34. StreetWriter is a modified cargo van, capable of printing messages on to the pavement while driving. The system is capable of rendering messages that are legible from tall buildings and low flying aircraft and is capable of rendering message that are several hundreds of feet in length. Contestational Robotics
  26. 35. Michael Rakowitz paraSITE (1998-) Smartcard Reader/Writer - $49 From Hackers Home Page
  27. 36. Rtmark - Barbie Liberation
  28. 37. http:// /
  29. 39. Wang Peng Passing Through New York 1997 (above) Passing Through: Beijing 2006 (right) Video
  30. 42. David Belle and Le Parkour
  31. 43. Diabolical Liberties court case in Camden, September 2004 Milk Media Ticketmedia Bagmedia Diabolical Liberties – Glastonbury / Q Magazine Campaign
  32. 44. Captive View
  33. 47. Word-of-mouth marketing programs align your advertising campaign messaging with local market. Influencers, Trendsetters, and Tastemakers to craft mass opinion and purchase behaviour. Effective word-of-mouth advertising campaigns reach Influencers and Trendsetters who initiate consumer trends (e.g. fashion trends, automobile purchase trends, consumer product trends, entertainment trends, food and beverage trends) that are followed by mainstream consumers. Alt Terrain custom-tailors word-of-mouth and influencer marketing programs (online and offline) to spread consumer product buzz to the masses through proprietary word-of-mouth networks such as DJs, salon workers, retail shop owners, magazine writers, restaurant staffs, online community leaders, bartenders, magazine photographers, musicians, webmasters, and nightclub promoters.
  34. 50. RFID R adio F requency ID chips embedded in clothing to track inventory. These tiny tags which cost less than 1 cent each, are somewhere between the size of a grain of sand and a speck of dust. They are to be built directly into food, clothes, drugs, or car-parts during the manufacturing process. They remain active after you leave the store.
  35. 51. Drive a car more than a few hundred metres Buy anything with a credit or debit card Go into any major shopping complex Use any public transport system Walk down the street in town Borrow a library book Vote in an election Make a phone call Use the Internet Spend money
  36. 55. The mobile phone is equipped with a 13.56 MHz RFID reader. The reading range is very close, about 1-2 cm. This facilitates touch-based interaction - the TouchMe physical selection paradigm. This demonstration is created in VTT Electronics in co-operation with Nokia. The tags have various directions or commands for the mobile phone. These include actions such as: Initiating a phone call to a number specified in the tag Adding a phone number to the address book Opening a WAP page Opening a WWW page Sending an SMS
  37. 57. RFID in Libraries
  38. 60. RFID Smart Shelves
  39. 64. Sun Microsystems opens a testing center in Dallas to take advantage of Wal-Mart's RFID compliance deadline.
  40. 67. The MIFARE system uses one of the Industrial Scientific Medical licence free frequencies at 13.56 MHz. Developed by Phillips Semiconductors, currently used by London Underground’s OYSTER cards.
  41. 68. RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode when microwaved RFID Tags placed in new ‘Squealing Euros’ by Hitachi and European Central Bank 2005