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Cinema history


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Cinema history

  1. 1. What is cinema?Cinema is a short form for cinematograph(er)IThis is the technique of projecting photograms in a fast and successive way to create the sense of movement.
  2. 2. The origin of cinemaCinema was made possible thanks to the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumière Brothers in the of the 19th century(On December 28,1895), in the basement lounge of the Grand Café on the Boulevard de Capucines in Paris.
  3. 3. Louis LumièreThey accomplished the first public cinema exhibition: a series of ten films, with a duration from 40 to 50 seconds each, since the film rolls had fifteen meters length. A Lumiè ugust re
  4. 4. Until today,titles like ``The arrival of the train at the Station´´ or ``Leaving Lumière factories´´, wich were first presented in this early cinema session, are still famous. ``Lea ing t Lumiè fa or ´´ v he re ct ies ``T ar a oft ta a t St t he riv l he r in t he aion´´´
  5. 5. Silent CinemaFor 30 years, cinema was made without the use of sound. Silent film actors use de body language and facial expression so that the audience could better understand what an actor was feeling.
  6. 6. Sowings of silent films almos always featured live music, starting with the pianist at the first public projection of movies by the Lumière Brothers. From the beginning, music was recognized as essential.
  7. 7. In silent films the subtitles are usually used to explain the viewer the situations and the place were the film is located or to perform a dialogue.
  8. 8. 9 better silent movies ``LaPa etl M t ssion a or ``Da Ca des Dr Caigai´´ s binet . l r de J nne dÁ ´´ ea rc ``Greed´´``CIT LIGHT Y S´´ ``NOSFER T AU´´ `T GOLD R HE USH´´``T GENER L´´ HE A ``SUNR ´´ ISE ``M R ET OPOLIS´´
  9. 9. SONOROUS CINEMAOn October 6, 1927 there was the premiere ``The jazz singer´´ and with it, there comes the end of the age of the silent cinema. During the film, it was listened to sing the actor Al Jolson.
  10. 10. Cinema in colourIn the 50s the cinema made a big jump: it was projected in color and the sound turns in estereo.
  11. 11. Last decadesIn the last decades new styles of movies have interfered, between them, the movies about superheroes. Also the cinema has appeared in 3D,that allows to see the movies in three dimensions.
  12. 12. Who makes cinema?Actors:-In cinema, an actor is the person who creates,interprets and roleplays a dramatic action based on texts, visual, sound and others effects, previously created by an author or producer.
  13. 13. The best actors of the history of the cinema.Kahaine Hepbur t r n J Fost odie er Ingr Bergma id n Debr W a inger M ylSt er reep R tde Niro ober A Pa l cino M ron Br ndo al a J ck Nichol a son JohnnyDepp
  14. 14. Who makes cinema?Cinema Directors:-The cinema director is considered, in general terms, the creator of the cinematographic work. Although his role varies from one to another film director( strategies, method...), the movies director ´s work is one of supervision and guidance.
  15. 15. The best directors of cinema Alfred Hitchcock: He was a british director of cinema. For his great way of making cinema, a cinema very worked even the smallest detail, his films went on the history of cinema. Martin Scorsese. He is an american director, scriptwriter, actor and producer. He has the best prizes of the world of cinema and he was called for the Oscars. He was the manager of directing a documentary about the Beatles.
  16. 16. Steven Spielberg.He is an american producer, director and scripwriter. His films always are successful from the beginning, as: ``E.T``, ``Indiana Jones``, ``Jurassic Park``...Francis Ford Coppola. He is an american scripwriter, producer and director. He is the creator of ``The Godfather`` and his films had five Oscars.
  17. 17. Orson Welles. He was an american actor, producer, director and scripwritter. He reached the reputation thanks to his mythical film Citizen Kane,one of the movies more distinguished of the cinema.James Cameron. He is a canadian director, actor and producer. He is known by his films ``Terminator``, ``Titanic`` and ``Avatar``, these two last head the list of films with more collection in ticket office.
  18. 18. Types of Cinema Silent films: -A silent film is a film that doesn´t have an accompanying soundtrack that corresponds directly to the exhibited images, being this gap usually replaced by music or rudimentary sound effects produced during the exhibition.
  19. 19. Science fiction:Science fiction is a genre of fiction which the stories oftentell about science and technology of the future.
  20. 20. Horror films:Horror films are unsettling movies that strive to elicit the emotions of fear, disgust and horror from viewers. ...
  21. 21. Suspense films:Thriller is a genre of literature, film and television that uses suspense, tension and excitement as the main elements. The primary subgenres of thrillers are: mystery, crime and psychological thrillers. ...
  22. 22. Second world war films:Films that treat about the second world war.
  23. 23. The western:The Western is a genre of art that may be found in film, television, radio, literature, painting and other visual arts. Westerns are devoted to telling stories set primarily in the latter half of the 19th century in the American Old West. ...
  24. 24. Cartoon films:They are movies generally for children done by computer based on drawings.
  25. 25. Fantasy films:Fantasy films are films with fantastic themes, usually involving magic, supernatural events, make- believe creatures, or exotic fantasy...
  26. 26. Dramatic film:A drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes. ...