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General description of the UGA Career Center and the services and resources it offers students.

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UGA Career Center

  1. 1. Nicole PetersonCareer Development Intern
  2. 2. Career Center Located in Clark Howell Hall, 2nd FloorAs students at UGA, we know how manystudents are unaware that we even have aCareer Center on campus, let alone how manygreat resources there are for students. The UGACareer Center has so much to offer you in yoursearch for a major, an internship, a job, andcareer development. There is a CareerConsultant for each major and they have somuch information to share with their studentsto help you succeed.
  3. 3. How to Get an Internship Internship
  4. 4. Finding Jobs/InternshipsDAWGLINK• Hosts many job postings and internship opportunities on campus as well as in the Athens/Atlanta area• Simply visit the Career Center website at and sign into Dawglink with your UGA ID and password Dawglink
  5. 5. UGA Career Consultants
  6. 6. One-On-One Appointments • If you need help discovering internships related to your major meet with your career consultant. (ex. Terry Team, Grady Consultant, College of Agriculture, etc.) • To make an appointment with your Consultant call the front desk at 705-542-3375.
  7. 7. Career Fairs • Great way to walk to recruiters and personally hand in a resume  Possibly give feedback on how to improve/alter resume to earn an internship/job• Ask for their business card, to send a thank you email and discuss internship/job
  8. 8. CAMPUS LIFE• Major related – Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) – Terry Ambassadors• Philanthropy – UGA HEROs – Relay for Life• Additional Organizations – Multicultural Business Student Association (MBSA) – Professional Entertainment and Sports (PESA)
  9. 9. Additional Search Options• Company websites contain links for intern and job applications• Other company websites, such as Time Warner, will ask you to create a profile where you can upload different resumes and cover letters• Apply to different Organizations/Foundations:
  10. 10. Applying to Internships• Its BEST to submit both a resume and cover letter• Tailor your information to match qualifications of the job description
  11. 11. Unpaid v$ Paid• CDI Blog – Unpaid internships are great If the company is likely to hire interns – Paid internships can result in administrative clerical duties – Unpaid internships usually require students to pay tuition to earn academic credit. – Paid internships allow interns to gain valuable experience while being paid for their efforts
  12. 12. Mock Interviews• Before engaging in a real interview with a company participate in a mock interview with a consultant or intern at the Career Center• It will last about 30-40 minutes and afterwards you can receive feedback on what you did well, as well as areas where you can improve
  13. 13. Recent NewsUS Department of Labor recently reported young people age 18-29 have an unemployment rate = 11.8% • Latino: 12.1% • Women: 11.6% • African American: 21.0%Many College graduates are struggling with underemploymentand unemployment.
  14. 14. START WORKING TODAY !!However the unemployment rate for college graduates has dropped to 7.5% • Earning a job or internship consists of a process rather than one-day results • Research different companies • Consider different geographical locations • Network with recruiters and employees on LinkedIn or during career related events
  15. 15. QUESTIONS ?