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Advertising theme

  1. 1. By: Nazila MazaheriInstructor: Prof. D. Annand
  2. 2. Table Of Content Advertising Theme & Appeal Theme definition Advertising theme Kind of theme Music Prestige Comfort Economy & Health Beauty & parental Fear Patriotism & Curiosity Is it time to change Change the theme
  3. 3. Advertising Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action
  4. 4. Theme & appeal Advertising include two parts :Theme: It is story include entire message that convey one meaningAppeal: The way which message is presented
  5. 5. Theme Definition  An advertising theme is a central, repetitive message that promotes brand awareness and is meant to provide an impact beyond just individual or disconnected ads.  A theme of advertising is a central idea intended to trigger desired action from customers. It is the heart of advertising copy
  6. 6. Cont… Generally, advertising utilizing a theme may not only use that theme in television advertising, but also in radio, print, and Internet ads as well. Themes may be readily recognizable as promoting a certain emotion, such as fear, but they can also be strictly humorous in nature.
  7. 7. Advertising theme The most important thing about an advertising theme is that it creates an association with the brand nearly immediately. Many companies use animals to do this, but others may use celebrities, objects, or even certain types of jokes.
  8. 8. Music Advertisers often use music to associate a message with a certain product or brand. The music may be a well-known song, or a jingle that plays with every, or almost every, ad that is broadcasted on television or radio. bringing what would likely be a familiar song to mind. That could lead to expanded thoughts about the product being offered. LG Advertisement music
  9. 9. prestige  Some advertising theme campaigns use prestige as a way to entice people to take a look at a product.  This theme of advertising is used to advertise luxury articles like motorcars, refrigerator, jewellery, videos, etc. The possession of such items provides a distinctive status and a sense of pride to their holders.
  10. 10. Comfort Comfort : Another popular advertising theme involves that of being comforted. This is a favorite of those promoting things such as bath products, household products, and certain types of foods. Using this approach, advertisers hope to show how using the product could make a persons life a little easier or more pleasant. This theme of advertising is used in the advertisements of air conditioners, fans also which help to make life comfortable.
  11. 11. Economy & Health Economy : This is a common theme in clearance sale and bargain offers. This theme of advertising is generally used to sale products of low value. Health : Drugs and food products are often advertised with this theme, e.g., For energy and vigor use i.e- Horlicks.
  12. 12. Beauty & Parental Beauty: Often used in the theme of advertising cosmetics, toilet soaps and perfumes, this instinct appeals particularly to young men and women. For instance Use Pears soap to keep the school girl complexion. Parental Affection: This theme of advertising is used to advertise products meant for children, e.g. toys, baby foods, baby dresses, tricycles, etc.
  13. 13. Fear Fear : Fear of death, accident, personal loss through fire, burglary, etc., is used in the advertisements of insurance, safety vaults, etc. The traffic police also make use of this theme to caution people, e.g., Keep off the road; shun the anguish of an accident.
  14. 14. Achievement Achievement: Giant concerns use this theme in their advertisements by emphasizing their contribution to the national economy, e.g., H.M.T Time keepers to the Nation. There is a desire to imitate or emulate distinguished people, e.g., successful men all over the world’
  15. 15. Patriotism & Curiosity Patriotism: Native firms use this instinct to induce people to buy their products in place of imported products. Curiosity : Human mind is basically inquisitive and variety is the species of life. The eagerness for new things is so strong that this theme can be used through advertisement of new designs, styles, package, etc.
  16. 16. Is it time to change? Drive time have shifted from their “humorous” or light-hearted advertising to ads designed to pull on one’s heart or convey compassion and understanding. DriveTime entered the market with a series of ads that were silly and good for a chuckle.Well see for yourself.
  17. 17. Change the theme If you find out that humor isn’t working and you’re audience isn’t connecting, you can change your message. There are costs associated but you don’t have to continue telling a story that doesn’t connect. DriveTime used emotional. these past few years have been a little rough economically for lots of families so DriveTime went worth were correct in changing their theme. Here is DriveTime’s new ad.
  18. 18. Cont… This company has switched to a different kind of appeal in their message. They’re no longer using humor but instead are attempting to connect on a different emotional level. The ads aim to connect to the heart by telling compassionate stories and how each brand was able to help families in tough situations. Consumers are then to make the leap that these brands will help their family too because they identified with the message.
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  20. 20. Tanks you