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Nov. 4 newsletter


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Nov. 4 newsletter

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Big Rapids, MI November 4, 2013 Mrs. Nawrot’s Classroom News  Spelling AR Goals- Students have new AR goals for nd All students should be at 10% of their reading goal this Friday. November Book-It will be awarded to students who are at 30% by Nov. 26. Conferences- Conference confirmations were sent out last week. If your time for Parent Teacher conferences will not work please let me know and we will make other arrangements. See you next week! Harvest Party- Our Harvest Party is Friday from 1-3:15.. I am excited to celebrate as a class! Cougar Den- 4th grade is organizing a school store on Nov. 7. Students can purchase items ranging from a pencil for a quarter to cougar sports sacks and school pride merchandise. I would love to have adult volunteers to assist with totaling merchandise and helping students make change. Could you help? Mr. Milam and Mrs. Bartell are coming in, but we could use more help if you are available! Tenmarks- Students can utilize a Math program at Each student has their own password and assignment track. Class News Marking Period. the 2 We will not be doing a Spelling assessment this week. Students will be asked to practice their missed words in class this week. Reading We are moving right along with Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Mrs. Frisby has just met the rats and we will see if they are able to help her family!  This Week’s Academics Writing This week our goal is to develop our piece of writing a little bit more and begin conferencing with Mrs. Nawrot. Some students may be publishing their pieces by the end of the week! Math Our Decimal test was a little bit difficult on Friday. All students are asked to make corrections to their test and get their test signed. Our new unit is focused on fractions. We will be working to draw, use words, and eventually add, subtract, and compare fractions.   Social Studies- Our new unit is all about Economics. We will have a hands-on lesson in Economics this week with the Cougar Den school store and students received paperwork today about our annual 4th Grade Craft and Bake Sale. Proposals are due by Nov. 12th. • Donuts with the PrincipalDONUTS… Parents who would like a chance to talk with Mr. White and receive a donut should stop by on Nov. 13. Students can be on the playground from 7:15-7:50 while parents enjoy a donut and an opportunity to chat with Mr. White! Check out our class blog at  Upcoming Events • Nov. 7- Cougar Den School Store – 1-3:15 • • • • • • Nov. 8 – Class Harvest Party 1-3:15 Nov. 12 – Social Studies Craft and Bake Sale Proposals are due Nov. 11-14 – Week of Parent Teacher Conferences Nov. 13 – Donuts with Mr. White (for parents from 7:15-7:50) Nov. 15 – No School Nov. 26- All Box Tops due *The class who brings in the most each month gets a treat from PTO