Quizzinga! - The Asha Quiz 2012 Finals


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Finals of Quizzinga! - The Asha Quiz conducted on July 8th, 2012 at IIMB by Nexus

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  • a 1967 French film starring Catherine Deneuve as a woman who decides to spend her days as a prostitute while her husband is at work. The title is the French name of the daylily (literally: "daylight beauty"), a flower that blooms only during the day, but also refers to a prostitute whose trade is conducted in daytime. The film was directed by the Spanish director Luis Buñuel, based on the 1928 novel of the same name by Joseph Kessel.
  • Let it bleed by Rolling Stones; Delia Smith
  • The Elements of Style; Strunk and White; Stuart Little
  • Quizzinga! - The Asha Quiz 2012 Finals

    1. 1. presentsQuizzinga!
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    3. 3. Event partnersExclusive Radio Partner
    4. 4. FINALS• Metro – written round• Clockwise – 15 questions• QUIZZINGA!• Anticlockwise – 15 questions• ASHAQUIZ Quizzinga!
    5. 5. METRO• Written round of 8 questions, culled from designs based on metro maps• 5 points per question• Bonus of 10 if you get all correct Quizzinga!
    6. 6. 1. Name thetwo regions(2.5 each) Quizzinga!
    7. 7. 2. Whatis this? Quizzinga!
    8. 8. 3. This is a depiction of what molecular circuitry that takes place in the humanbody? Quizzinga!
    9. 9. 4. What’s this? Quizzinga!
    10. 10. 5. Keep the Faith? Quizzinga!
    11. 11. 6. A fine way of wishing patrons...Fill in the blanks. Quizzinga!
    12. 12. 7. One was the Titan god of forethought, and theother was the god of afterthought. Name both. Quizzinga!
    13. 13. 8. This is X, the third largest in a sense, after Y andKinshasa. Name X and Y. Quizzinga!
    14. 14. Exchange Sheets… Answers follow Quizzinga!
    15. 15. 1. Name thetwo regions(2.5 each) Quizzinga!
    16. 16. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne Quizzinga!
    17. 17. 2. Whatis this? Quizzinga!
    18. 18. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions Quizzinga!
    19. 19. 3. This is a depiction of what molecular circuitry that takes place in the humanbody? Quizzinga!
    20. 20. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions3. Cancer Quizzinga!
    21. 21. 4. What’s this? Quizzinga!
    22. 22. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions3. Cancer4. Alice in Wonderland Quizzinga!
    23. 23. 5. Keep the Faith? Quizzinga!
    24. 24. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions3. Cancer4. Alice in Wonderland5. Kabbalah Quizzinga!
    25. 25. 6. A fine way of wishing patrons. Quizzinga!
    26. 26. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions3. Cancer4. Alice in Wonderland5. Kabbalah6. This New Year’s Eve the metro will be up and running all night. Quizzinga!
    27. 27. 6. One was the Titan god of forethought, and theother was the god of afterthought. Name both. Quizzinga!
    28. 28. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions3. Cancer4. Alice in Wonderland5. Kabbalah6. This New Year’s Eve the metro will be up and running all night.7. Prometheus and Epimetheus Quizzinga!
    29. 29. 8. This is X, the third largest in a sense, after Y andKinshasa. Name X and Y. Quizzinga!
    30. 30. 1. A – Burgundy B. Champagne2. Google acquisitions3. Cancer4. Alice in Wonderland5. Kabbalah6. This New Year’s Eve the metro will be up and running all night.7. Prometheus and Epimetheus8. X – Montreal, Y - Paris Quizzinga!
    31. 31. Scores… Quizzinga!
    32. 32. AUDIENCE• Sometimes called i2K road by the geeks in Bangalore, what road in Bangalore has the official name of Mahayogi Vemana Road? Quizzinga!
    33. 33. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    34. 34. •Inner / Intermediate Ring Road Quizzinga!
    35. 35. AUDIENCE• When the history of marketing innovation is outlined, which 1450 event is regarded as the first and why? Quizzinga!
    36. 36. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    37. 37. • Guttenberg’s printing press• First mass production of brochures, flyers and so on Quizzinga!
    38. 38. CLOCKWISE 15 QuestionsInfinite Bounce: +10 on direct and pass No negatives
    39. 39. 1This WWII innovation was founded on scientific ground that theactual color of clouds perceived by a human on the grounddepends on what kind of light gets to them and what they arefloating next to.Since the actual amount of scattered blue light getting toclouds is very little and there may be diffraction by waterdroplets adding to cloud scattering, the actual color of cloudsshifts towards red or even shades closer of _____, orange orgreen.This made what innovation safer than what people assumedit would be? Quizzinga!
    40. 40. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    41. 41. Pink Spitfires as spy planes Quizzinga!
    42. 42. 2Lord Byron called them misshapen monuments and supportedtheir cause in the poem “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”Dull is the eye that will not weep to seeThy walls defaced, thy mouldering shrines removedBy British hands, which it had best behovedTo guard those relics neer to be restored.Curst be the hour when from their isle they roved,And once again thy hapless bosom gored,And snatchd thy shrinking gods to northern climes abhorred!Stephen Fry recently endeared himself outside of Britain insupporting this cause.What cause? Quizzinga!
    43. 43. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    44. 44. Repatriating the Parthenon/Elgin marbles toGreece Quizzinga!
    45. 45. 3Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, is said to have firstestablished formal rules governing qualification for this.The rules require one to have retired from the ArmedForces of Commonwealth realms with at least 22 yearsservice. Traditionally only NCOs from the Army, RoyalMarines and Royal Air Force are eligible, but since 2011,those from the Royal Navy are also eligible.In 2007, Moira Cameron became the first woman to beselected.Who/what group? Quizzinga!
    46. 46. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    47. 47. Yeoman Warders/Beefeaters guarding theTower of London Quizzinga!
    48. 48. 4The picture shows the famed Space Pod, also themedia broadcast box, at the Lord’s cricket ground.While TV and radio broadcasters traditionallyfollow the game through the glass of the SpacePod, one and only one window has been designedto open out and actually view the game directly.What special request was this design feature aresult of?(Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    49. 49. 4Quizzinga!
    50. 50. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    51. 51. On the request of the Test Match Specialradio broadcasting team. They wanted theirmicrophones to pick up sounds from thegame for the benefit of their listeners. Quizzinga!
    52. 52. 5If this picture is from Tirunelveli, what local favorite arethese people waiting in line for? Quizzinga!
    53. 53. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    54. 54. IruttuKadai (Dark Shop) Halwa in Tirunelveli. Theshop used to operate in candle light during the olddays and hence the name. Quizzinga!
    55. 55. 6Derived from the Latin term “full”, this word connotes ageneral meaning of completeness or being absolute.In religion and politics, it is used as a prefix for councils orassemblies that are attended by all members.As business executives or technology enthusiasts, we aremost likely to come across it in relation to portions of aconference/ seminar that are open to attendance foreveryone.What word? Quizzinga!
    56. 56. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    57. 57. Plenary, from “plenus” Quizzinga!
    58. 58. 7Connect the video and the pictures, and weave astory <Video of Pavarotti performing Rigoletto removed> Quizzinga!
    59. 59. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    60. 60. •Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto” (video) is based on Victor Hugo’s play Le roi s’amuse (The King Amuses Himself).•The play and the opera both ran into heavy censorship problems since they were supposedly parodying the ‘sex-capades’ of King Louis-Phillipe of France.•To placate the censors, Verdi replaced all references to the King with a then extinct noble family, the Gonzagas, from Mantua, Italy Quizzinga!
    61. 61. 8Twice a year, in some European capital, this firm organizesa secret meeting of representatives from various nations.Over two days, they will debate concepts, organizedroughly around a theme chosen in advance (this time, it’s“unity”), that they believe will be dominant in the nextSpring/Summer.The results are published in the firm’s $750 publicationpurchased by companies across the fashion designer,supermarket retail to the floral industry.2006’s winner was Sand Dollar, while 2009 was Mimosa.What firm and what title is the winner awarded? Quizzinga!
    62. 62. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    63. 63. PantoneColor of the year Quizzinga!
    64. 64. 9In television, this term is applied alternately with the terms‘safe harbor’ or ‘adult time’ denoting the time periodduring which programs with adult content can air.Similar to the term’s original usage in the USA or Britain as‘the geographical feature dividing two drainage areas’, thisterm in television refers to the dividing line where contentfor families crosses over to content for adults.What term? Quizzinga!
    65. 65. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    66. 66. Watershed Quizzinga!
    67. 67. 10In 1950, a curious notice turned up in the New Yorkersummarized below:“The University of California Berkeley’s scientists havediscovered elements 97 and 98 in the Periodic Table andchristened them berkelium and californium respectively.These names indicate a lack of foresight because thescientists could have given these names to elements 99 and100. Instead they have forever last the chance toimmortalize the table with some sequence such asuniversitium (97), ofium (98), californium (99), berkelium(100).”Not to be outwitted, what did Glenn Seaborg and AlbertGhiroso of UCB give as their reason for naming elements97 and 98? Quizzinga!
    68. 68. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    69. 69. Seaborg/Ghiroso said that their choice was pre-emptive genius to sidestep the appallingpossibility that had they named 97 and 98“universitium” and “ofium”, University of NewYork scientists might have followed up with thediscovery of 99 and 100 naming them “newium”and “yorkium” Quizzinga!
    70. 70. 11It was born in 1914, when the War Office handed acommission to adapt the outfits worn by officers formodern use. After the war, it became popular withcivilians.The waterproofed material used to make them was alsoused synonymously with the item itself. In the height ofthe cold war it became associated with spooks. Paul Simonsings in America: Laughing on the bus playing games with the faces She said the man in the _________ ____ was a spy I said be careful his bowtie is really a cameraTwo parts – Name the item, and fill in the blanks. Quizzinga!
    71. 71. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    72. 72. •Trench coat•Gabardine Suits Quizzinga!
    73. 73. 12At first glance, these paintings present a flat black surface. Butlonger viewing reveals more than one shade of black and anunderlying geometric structure. These are by the artist AdReinhardt. When his black paintings were first exhibited atMoMA, in 1963, their reductive imagery and stark paletteshocked visitors, prompting Museum membership cancellationsin protest.Eleven years ago, in the eyes of Art Spiegelman these inspiredsomething else. His creation was printed in a fifth, black ink, ona field of black made up of the standard four colour printinginks, and the image was in keeping with the gloominess of thetimes.What? (Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    74. 74. Quizzinga!
    75. 75. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    76. 76. Quizzinga!
    77. 77. 13X is a German manufacturer of premium appliances(ovens, freezers, washers, rotary ironers, wine storageunits…). Since its inception in 1889, X has been afamily-owned and family-run business based inGütersloh, Germany.To promote its association with the food industry, X startedsomething for Asia, following the long-standing exampleset by Clermont-Ferrand, France based Y.What are X and Y? Quizzinga!
    78. 78. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    79. 79. Quizzinga!
    80. 80. 14How does this flower, the name of whichliterally translates to “daylight beauty,” connectwith the world of movies? Quizzinga!
    81. 81. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    82. 82. •The French name for the day lily, a flower that blooms only during the day, also refers to a prostitute whose trade is conducted in daytime Quizzinga!
    83. 83. 15This album cover (initialdrawing shown here) was styledlike a stacking record playerwith a clock face, pizza, film-reel can and a tyre piledbeneath a glace cherry-deckedcake. The cake itself was madeby a famous British cook and TVpresenter, who is also UKsbest-selling cookery author,with more than 21 millioncopies sold.What are we talking about?Name the cook. Quizzinga!
    84. 84. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    85. 85. Quizzinga!
    86. 86. Scores… Quizzinga!
    87. 87. AUDIENCEIn many swords/daggers/knives, a centralgroove is carved by artisans. What is thecommon name for this groove?
    88. 88. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    89. 89. Blood Groove/Blood Channel
    90. 90. AUDIENCEThe footwear shown is a type of athletic shoe witha canvas upper and rubber sole, developedoriginally by the Liverpool Rubber Company.The shoes acquired their popular nickname whenthe colored horizontal band joining the upper tothe sole resembled markings on a ship’s hull andalso indicated the line above which the wearer ofthe shoe could get wet.What nickname?
    91. 91. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    92. 92. Plimsolls
    93. 93. QUIZZINGA!Choose a question for another team•If they get it right: +10 to them, - 5 to you•If they get it wrong, take a shot for (+10,-5)•If neither gets it right, other teams write: (+5,0)
    95. 95. MENSA QUOTIENTThis IQ exam dates back to World War II when thegovernment used it to select pilots for training.Consisting of 50 multiple choice questions to be answeredin 12 minutes, the test was coopted by coach Tim Landryto help him build his dream team.While doing well in the game itself has nothing to do witheffectiveness on the test, there is speculation that lowscores on the test give owners a chance to bail out on ahigh salary player.What test and for which game is it used as a mandatoryscouting measure? Quizzinga!
    96. 96. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    97. 97. Wonderlic TestAmerican Football - NFL Recruiting BACK Quizzinga!
    98. 98. Connect CINEMA PARADISO Quizzinga!
    99. 99. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    100. 100. All movies/films based on the annualjourney “The Way of St. James/El CaminoSantiago” undertaken by pilgrims to the sitewhere St. James’ bones are interred BACK Quizzinga!
    101. 101. GREEN DEBATESIn 1988, a member of a family owned hardwood loggingfactory authored a book published by the National OakFlooring Manufacturers’ Association.Offering a logging friendly perspective to ananthropomorphic tree known as the Guardbark, the bookconvinced the tree that logging was indeed environmentalfriendly and was efficient as a result of re-seeding of theground.What was the publication of this book a reaction to? Quizzinga!
    102. 102. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    103. 103. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – the logger friendlybook paralleled a conversation between theOnce-ler and the Lorax BACK Quizzinga!
    104. 104. DARK CONTINENTA city on the Atlantic coast of Benin, it was first capturedby the forces of King Agaja and then colonized by thePortugese, English, Dutch and French to protect theirslaving interests.The town came into public consciousness as the setting ofa 1980 novel loosely based on the life of Brazilian slavetrader Francisco Felix de Sousa, which was later adaptedinto Cobra Verde by Herzog starring Klinski.Name either the town or the 1980 novel. Quizzinga!
    105. 105. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    106. 106. Ouidah/The Viceroy of Ouidah BACK Quizzinga!
    107. 107. SORRY, CAN’T RIDEThis original attraction opened at Disneyland in 1955 andhas been a children’s favorite, containing 16 vehicles, allshaped similarly, connected to a rotating hub.One of the most famous stories associated with a rideinvolved Harry Truman, who visited the park in 1957 andtried many other rides, but politely declined testing thisride.What ride and why did Truman decline?(Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    108. 108. Quizzinga!
    109. 109. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    110. 110. Dumbo the Flying ElephantTruman declined because the elephant wasa Republican symbol BACK Quizzinga!
    111. 111. TURKISH DELIGHTSDespite some claims that this word came from Swahili, theorigins point to the Turkish/Persian region, where it wasused originally for an open sided summer house, many ofwhich survive in Istanbul as well as Greece.The word was taken to the Western Hemisphere and hasnow come to be used in the retail and information/enquiryrelated domains.What word?(Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    112. 112. Quizzinga!
    113. 113. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    114. 114. Kiosk BACK Quizzinga!
    115. 115. TO ERR IS HUMANAfter his ISP was ordered to block access to Pirate Bay, aUK blogger found that he received the “403 Forbiddenerror” which implied that Pirate Bay – not the government– was denying him access.The blogger found that both the 403 and 404 error codeswould not fully explain the case when the government waspreventing a connection.A Slashdot commenter IonOtter suggested something as atribute to this issue.What? Quizzinga!
    116. 116. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    117. 117. Error code 451 in honor of Ray Bradbury’s“Farenheit 451” about governmentcensorship BACK Quizzinga!
    118. 118. THAI GRABThe confluence of the Mekong river with the Rukak riveris a popular tourist spot where visitors get to see acrossthe river into Laos and Myanmar.The Thai tourism department uses what evocativeterm, popular until the early half of the 21st century, topromote this tourist spot?(Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    119. 119. Quizzinga!
    120. 120. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    121. 121. Golden Triangle – also synonymous with theopium/drug production regions of SouthEast Asia BACK Quizzinga!
    122. 122. Scores… Quizzinga!
    123. 123. AUDIENCEThis Thai word with local roots literally meaning “fivecolors” is used to refer to a kind of painted porcelain withrepetitive decorative forms, usually geometric or flower-based.The designs are usually in many more than 5 colors andinclude flora, plant, and flame designs as well as culturalsymbols like The Garuda and the emblem of Thai kings.What word, which is much familiar in anothercontext, to folks in Chennai and Bangalore?(Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    124. 124. Quizzinga!
    125. 125. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    126. 126. Benjarong Quizzinga!
    127. 127. AUDIENCEThe book gives a chemist’s perspective on thiscrowd puller that draws millions of visitors toview it every year.The author led a team of 24 researchers inanalyzing the subject of the book and backed uphis conclusions with microscopy, chemicalanalysis and scientific arguments.What was being analyzed?(larger picture follows)
    128. 128. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    129. 129. Shroud of Turin Quizzinga!
    130. 130. ANTI-CLOCKWISE 15 QuestionsInfinite Bounce: +10 on direct and pass No negatives
    131. 131. 1This is a shot at the Gulf of Alaska. What causes thiseffect? Quizzinga!
    132. 132. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    133. 133. •Melting glaciers are composed of fresh water. The ocean has a higher percentage of salt.•When the two bodies of water come together, they have different densities and therefore makes it more difficult to mix. Quizzinga!
    134. 134. 2He was an American writer, and a long-timecontributor to The New Yorker and a co-author of thewidely-used language style guide, X, which in the veinof books such as Wren-Martin, is commonly knownjust by the names of the authors.In the late 1930s, he turned his hand to childrensfiction on behalf of a niece. His first childrens book, Ywas published in 1945. Talking about how he got theidea he says, "...many years ago I went to bed onenight in a railway sleeping car, and during the night Idreamed about a tiny boy who acted rather like amouse.”Name X (or the authors) and Y. Quizzinga!
    135. 135. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    136. 136. Quizzinga!
    137. 137. 3Four Armenian brothers, the Sarkies fromJulfa, leased a 10-room bungalow and in1887, renamed it. The owner of the property wasan Arab who later improved it. The Japaneseoccupation ran it down, but it was renovated, andlater declared a National Monument in 1987. Weknow it better perhaps through a Ngiam Tong Booncreation that combines fresh Sarawak pineapplejuice and a liqueur, Cherry Heering.Two parts – which place, and what did Booncreate? Quizzinga!
    138. 138. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    139. 139. •Raffles Hotel•Singapore Sling Quizzinga!
    140. 140. 4They are called three-inch golden lilies orsan-tsun-gin-lian, and as a connoisseur puts it, theowner moved ‘like a tender young willow shoot in aspring breeze.’ They were meant to induce a feelingof protectiveness in the onlooker. Many also foundthem erotic.What is being described? Quizzinga!
    141. 141. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    142. 142. •The practice among Chinese women of binding feet. Quizzinga!
    143. 143. 5It was approximately 200 miles long, and stretched fromSwitzerland to the vicinity of the Belgian frontier nearMontmédy. The manner in which it was overcome was ahuge shock to those who made it.Kasparov referred to it during the Anand-Gelfand match,when he saw drawn games loaded with theory, artificialtension and a conscious effort to stay away from trouble asthe characteristic features (of the match).What? Quizzinga!
    144. 144. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    145. 145. •The Maginot line Quizzinga!
    146. 146. 6Linnaeus gave a name to the bird on the left, basedon the Greek myth character on the right. What isthe name and why was it given? Quizzinga!
    147. 147. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    148. 148. • The Sarus Crane is called Antigone, after the daughter of Oedipus who hung herself• The reference is to the bare skin of the head and neck on the Crane Quizzinga!
    149. 149. 7The brand Christy, at one point used to make these for QueenVictoria. This year, they made 99,500 of these, of which 6000were earmarked for specific use over a2-week period.The colors change every year; this year, the ones given tomales have letters in a color called “buttermilk”, while theones given to women have raspberry, purple and buttermilkcolors.Given that an Indian company owns Christy since 2006, thesewill finally be available in India only from next year.What? Quizzinga!
    150. 150. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    151. 151. •Wimbledon Towels Quizzinga!
    152. 152. 8In 1981, TV presenter Kieran Prendiville on a popular BBC TVshow was trying to explain the indestructible quality ofCompact Discs, by using a Bee Gees CD.What did he do, which became a major marketing /positioning statement for CDs?Which show did this happen on – an iconic BBC show thatintroduced to the British, technologies such asATM, Breathalyser, digital watch and vacuum cleaner amongothers? Quizzinga!
    153. 153. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    154. 154. • Tomorrow’s World• He spread strawberry jam on the CD! Quizzinga!
    155. 155. 9In 1939, François E. Matthes introduced this term intoscientific literature to describe a period mainly around the17th century where there was increased activity aroundglacial advances round the world and a general drop intemperatures.Today, scientists believe that this period with its colderwinters and cooler summers, produced slower tree growth,which in turn led to denser wood.What did Matthes call this period?Scientists attribute this climatic change as the reason for theefficacy of what item from this time period? Quizzinga!
    156. 156. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    157. 157. •Little Ice Age•Superior quality of Stradivari instruments Quizzinga!
    158. 158. 10Though this person’s name meant “without sorrow”, his mostfamous act came from sorrow. The name by which he calledhimself later means “The beloved of the Gods, who bringsjoy”Jawaharlal Nehru paid tribute to this person, in possibly threeways – two official and one personal.Who and what did Nehru do? Quizzinga!
    159. 159. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    160. 160. • Ashoka• The Ashoka’s Lion Capital as the symbol of India; Ashoka’s chakra on the Indian flag• Nehru also named his daughter Indira Priyadarshini, (possibly) after Ashoka’s other name, Devanamapriya Priyadarshi Quizzinga!
    161. 161. 11One of the most iconic ad campaigns in the US, it was for aproduct of the Morton Company. The graphic clearlyportrayed the product’s flowing ability; their famousregistered slogan came about when took an old proverb andremoved the negativity in it!Also, the Morton Company is credited as the first to introducea product variant as an express result of the request of the USgovernment to deal with the soil conditions in the GreatLakes and in the Pacific Northwest.Name the character, the slogan and what did theyintroduce? (Image on next slide) Quizzinga!
    162. 162. Quizzinga!
    163. 163. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    164. 164. • Umbrella Girl• When It Rains It Pours• Iodized Salt Quizzinga!
    165. 165. 12This cricketer held the world record for the highest testscore from 1903 to 1930, having scored 287* on debut atthe SCG (this remains the highest score by a debutant inTest Cricket till today).When this book was first published in 1909, it was assumedthat the author based his hero on this player.The author maintained that this early work was his best andthat “the book to him still captured the ring of a ball on acricket bat, the green of the pitch, the white of the flannels,the cheers of the crowd”.Name the cricketer, the author and the novel(Image of cricketer on next slide) Quizzinga!
    166. 166. Quizzinga!
    167. 167. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    168. 168. • RE ‘Tip’ Forster• PG Wodehouse’s Mike Quizzinga!
    169. 169. 13One of the earliest references to this comes from the 14th centurybestseller, The Voyage and Travel of Sir John Madeville “In that countryand by all Inde be great plenty of _____, that is a manner of a longserpent, as I have said before. And in the night they dwell in the water,and on the day upon the land, in rocks and in caves. And they eat nomeat in all the winter, but they lie as in a dream, as do the serpents.These serpents slay men, and they _______; and when they eat theymove the over jaw, and not the nether jaw, and they have no tongue”Recent research has shown that there is no sentimentality involved;rather, it is a protection against potential debris from the thrashing ofthe prey, or a mere stimulation of glands caused by the movement ofbiting.What falsity is being described? Quizzinga!
    170. 170. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    171. 171. • Crocodiles weeping while eating their prey Quizzinga!
    172. 172. 14The pastry shown is called a Pfannkuchen or Ballen.Occasionally, the name of the city is added before itsname.Len Deighton in his 1983 book, promulgated a mythclaiming that 20 years back, a famous person hadblundered by referring to this dish rather than hisidentity.Name the book and what is the myth?(Images of pastry and book on next slide) Quizzinga!
    173. 173. Quizzinga!
    174. 174. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    175. 175. • Berlin Game• The myth was that JFK’s famous “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech was wrong – something that linguists have subsequently debunked Quizzinga!
    176. 176. 15In English, the word initially just meant “tax”.The phrase was first used in reference to municipaltax levies. Each person in a town would be obligatedto pay a share of the ____ (tax), which was calledtheir “lot”. In some areas, you also were not allowedto vote unless you paid your lot of the ____. Thosewho didn’t pay, such as the poor or those wealthyindividuals that could get out of it, were then gettingout of paying taxes.What phrase? Quizzinga!
    177. 177. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    178. 178. • Scot Free Quizzinga!
    179. 179. Scores… Quizzinga!
    180. 180. BUZZ, WRITE, Wait 8 Letters on a grid Answers may START or END with the letter Buzz for +10/-10, written Pounce for +7/-7 writtenWait and answer for +4, no negatives on Infinite Bounce
    181. 181. A S H AQ U I Z Quizzinga!
    182. 182. AWho is the publisher – described as a literarymagazine of new writing? Quizzinga!
    183. 183. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    184. 184. • GrantA BACK Quizzinga!
    185. 185. SA movie about the rumored affair betweenCoco Chanel and who? The set painting on the riteis a clue Quizzinga!
    186. 186. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    187. 187. •Igor Stravinsky – the painting was by Nicholas Roerich for the set of The Rite of Spring BACK Quizzinga!
    188. 188. HFrom the world of Harry Potter, what’smissing from this list of Spells? 1. Transfiguration 2. Charm 3. Jinx 4. Curse 5. Counter Spell 6. Healing Spell 7. ? - Consistently affects the object in a negative manner; has a connotation of dark magic, but more so than a jinx. Major inconvenience to the target. Quizzinga!
    189. 189. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    190. 190. • Hex BACK Quizzinga!
    191. 191. AIn Greek mythology, Dionysus, the god ofintoxication, and of wine, was pursuing a maidennamed _______, who refused his affections. Sheprayed to the gods to remain chaste, a prayerwhich the goddess Artemis answered, transformingher into a white stone. Humbled by her desire toremain chaste, Dionysus poured wine over thestone as an offering, dyeing the crystals purple.Who / what? Quizzinga!
    192. 192. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    193. 193. •Amethyst / Amethystos BACK Quizzinga!
    194. 194. QFrom the world of business – what? Quizzinga!
    195. 195. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    196. 196. •Quetzal – the national bird and currency of Guatemala, also found on its flag BACK Quizzinga!
    197. 197. UIdentify this Giant Rock monster from the9th Wonder! – a meta-fiction comic book in theHeroes series Quizzinga!
    198. 198. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    199. 199. •UlurU BACK Quizzinga!
    200. 200. IWhich Latin Phrase connects? Quizzinga!
    201. 201. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    202. 202. •Memento MorI BACK Quizzinga!
    203. 203. Z• Which Olympic destination – they now have a trademark on “Top of the World”? Quizzinga!
    204. 204. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    205. 205. •St. MoritZ BACK Quizzinga!
    206. 206. Quizzinga!
    207. 207. AUDIENCEName this character.What was she themascot for? Quizzinga!
    208. 208. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    209. 209. SuperkudiOfficial mascot for ComicCon India
    210. 210. Thank you! Quizzinga!
    211. 211. TIEBREAKERThis suffix can be found in prominent city names inAustria, South Africa, UK and the US, and means afort or fortified settlement from Germanic roots.Fortified places were often towns or cities whichmade the term synonymous with both forts andcities. So, the town in Austria, for e.g. means “SaltCity”Name it Quizzinga!
    212. 212. Answer follows… Quizzinga!
    213. 213. • “Burg” – as in Salzburg, Pittsburg, Johannesburg Quizzinga!